Love at First Sight


7. The Hang Over and a Surprise

Third Person POV

Everyone was all passed out all over the floor and anywhere else that was possible to pass out. Everyone was sweaty. There were guys spooning each other, there were girls spooning each other and the whole entire house was trashed. There was shit everywhere.

Some people just woke up and left immediately. They could barley get up and walk in a straight line.

Everybody else was still tired and slept for like an hour or two. If you walked in there it would smell like sweat, balls, feet, and ass and all you would hear is groaning and hella people vomiting up all the beer.

Zayn's POV

I woke up with a massive head ache. I couldn't feel anything. I struggled to open my eyes. But I did it. Niall was wrapped around me sleeping. "Awwww." I thought he was so cute when he was sleeping. I took a quick picture of him.

I struggled to get out of his arms. He was just so attached. After I got up I fell back down waking Niall up. I was so dizzy. Niall looked at me and said "Morning babe." Then I joked and said "More like moaning babe." He looked at me and chuckled "Not funny."

Niall's POV

I woke up to the feeling of Zayn trying to get up but falling straight onto me. I told him morning and all of a sudden we both have the same look on our face like oh shit I'm gonna throw up! We both run to the bathroom and lift up the lid and we threw up chunks of food (mostly beer)

Zayn had his hand on my back rubbing it, I did the same to him. Zayn said "I doesn't taste as good as it did the way in huh?" ........ I agreed with him

After a long period of silence Zayn broke the silence and asked me "Do you wanna go out?"

I said "Like go out or like you want be to be your boyfriend?"

Zayn said "Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

I jumped up with excitement and then said "Yes,yes, yes, a million times yes!!"

Zayn said "Great, you are now a officially mines and mines only!"

I said "awe your so sweet babe!" and I pecked his soft lips.

Zayn's POV

I can't believe I just asked Niall out! And he said yes! He's finally mine! Oh I love him so much!

After me and Niall went to my dorm. Surprisingly Harry was still sleeping. Me and Niall went to my bed and both cuddled and fell asleep into each other's arms .

Harry's POV

I woke up and I found the cutest thing ever! Zayn and Niall were sleeping in each other's arms spooning each other. I thought "awwwe.." So cute!

I got up and checked my Twitter on my phone. I was scrolling through everything when I came across this video with Zayn and Niall. One of my friends had sent it to me. So I clicked on it and all you hear is moaning and skin slapping against each other. I saw Zayn pounding the shit out of Niall too!

I quickly ran over to Zayn's bed and shook them awake really fast. They asked what was wrong with me and I showed them the video on my phone.

Zayn and Niall's mouth dropped open and just stayed there not knowing what to do.

Zayn said "You liked that didn't you Ni?" In a teasing voice.

Niall blushed and I said "What are you guys gonna do about this?"

Niall said "I don't care, the only thing that matters is Zayn.

Zayn's POV

Awww. Niall was so cute and adorable. He said the only thing that matters is me.

Me and Niall decided not to go to our classes today and just stay and hang out in my dorm.

I decided to make Niall breakfast before he woke up again. I took Niall's breakfast and brought it up to him and fed him myself. It made him feel like royalty.

Niall's POV

Zayn is so thoughtful and loving. I woke up to him feeding me breakfast. He's the best boyfriend I've ever had, well he's the first boyfriend I've ever had.

After breakfast me and Zayn sat on the couch. Zayn popped in a scary movie. It was night time by then. Right as soon as the movie started I already had gotten scared. Zayn just pulled me closer and cuddled me.

Zayn's POV

Me and Ni just sat on the couch and popped in a scary movie with some popcorn. Right as soon as I popped it in Niall had already got scared. I pulled him closer and cuddled him. Niall wanted some popcorn and told me feed it to him. I fed him one. Then I snuck some popcorn in my mouth and leaned in for a kiss. After that I pushed the popcorn into his mouth and he turned red and ate it. After he smiled and nuzzled into my neck.

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