Love at First Sight


3. That Voice!

I walked out the office and I heard a couple of guys laughing very loudly. After a while I heard the sweetest voice in the world, it was a Dublin, Ireland accent. I thought to myself. No, it couldn't be, it can't be, it is! I turned around and saw a blond boy in the back of me. He ran up to me and jumped on my back, yelling "Hey Zayn, remember me, Niall Horan, from high school!"

I pretended to think a little bit before I answered and I said "Oh yea I remember you!" He let go of me and I looked straight into those big blue eyes of his. He smiled and I blushed a bright shade of red.

Niall's POV

I was hanging out with some of the guys I met on campus earlier and I saw this familiar face walk by. I thought to myself, it couldn't be, it wasn't , omg it is! It was Zayn Malik! I had a huge crush on him back in high school. He was soooo cute. His big chocolate eyes, his spoofed up hair, his strong muscular body, and his deep British accent that always got to me.

I wanted him so bad but was to afraid. I didn't even know if he was gay or bi, but he didn't show any sexuality towards guys though.

He turned around and looked at me and suddenly my body tingled all over! I ran up to him and jumped on his back yelling "Hey Zayn, remember me from high school, Niall Horan!"

After I got off his back we just stood there for a moment and looked into each other's eyes and Zayn stared into mine and we both blushed a very bright red. He chuckled a little before we broke contact.

After that we started talking, A LOT. Anyways, Zayn passed me a paper with his number before leaving to find his dorm.

The guys were waiting for me still and they all busted out laughing when I came back. Louis said "What was all that about Niall?" He asked giving me a smirk.

I said "Oh... I-I-I knew him in high school." "He's so sexy!" I said loudly slipping out my mouth. Louis and the rest of the guys were teasing and chanting "Niall's got a boy crush, Niall's got a boy crush!"

I snapped and said "shut up" punching Louis playfully, blushing really hard.

Jordan said "If you like him so much ask him out." I wasn't sure about that. Plus he wasn't gay or bi so... Yea.

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