Love at First Sight


5. Party Time ! Time To Get Dirty

It was almost 9:30. I was so nervous should I dress up? Should I go casual? I throw on a white v- neck and some black tight tight skinny jeans. I asked Harry how I looked he gave me a smile and said "PER-FECT."

After a few minutes I heard a knock on my door. It was Niall! I almost screamed. After I answered the door Niall asked "Are you ready?" I said "Yea, hold up,"grabbing my phone. Harry grinned and said "Go get 'em tiger," and meowed at me.

Niall and I walked over to the frap house and there was music, beer everywhere, people dancing, yiking, twerking, and I yelled "HELLO COLLEGE PARTY LIFE!

Niall's POV

I walked into the house and damn.. It was hardcore partying! I yelled "WHOOOP!"

I grabbed Zayn and we took a couple of shots. Then we played some beer pong. Damn was Zayn drunk. I mean shit!

After we started dancing to some yiking music in the center and I felt something hard behind me. It was Zayn. He grabbed me on my hips and he pressed my ass against his dick. "Damn that felt good!" I just went with it.

Everyone at the party was hella drunk and doing hella stupid shit.

Zayn's POV

Everyone was dancing and all of a sudden yiking music comes on. I'm like this is my chance. So I go behind Niall and start yiking on him, I had a boner too! It felt so good on Niall's ass. I had to admit that! I'm surprise that Niall just went with it and grinded on my dick even harder!

After Niall and I started kissing. His lips were so soft. And then I felt Niall's tongue on my lower lip. He wanted in! So I opened my mouth and let him explore. He sucked on my tongue and I moaned really loud.

His tongue explored my mouth and did things that shouldn't be possible but he did it.

He kissed me so hard that my whole entire face turned red.

Niall's POV

Zayn's lips were so perfect and soft. I admit I knew what I was doing and I wasn't that drunk. I licked his bottom lips and he opened up and let me explore. I stuck my tongue everywhere and explored his mouth. Damn did he taste good.

We found our way to an empty room. We both knew what we were doing there.

I tackled Zayn and pinned him to the bed he screamed and tried to get up and I shut him up by kissing him very hard on his mouth. Then I pulled off his shirt and kissed him from the head down and met his pants. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them off. Surprisingly he didn't wear boxers underneath. I sucked him really hard and he moaned hella loud.

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