Love at First Sight


4. My New Room Mate, Harry

Zayn's POV

I was looking at the map that the lady in the office gave me. Finally I found my way to the dorm rooms. Okay room 19a. Finally I found it.

I opened the door and suddenly a mop of curls just pop out. He had green eyes and a smile that could get you almost anywhere you wanted. He held out his hand and said "Hey, I'm Harry your new roomie!

Harry gave me first picks on the bed. I chose the one to the right closest to the window. I set up my stuff and l lied down on my bed. Harry and I talked for a while before leaving to class. He told be a lot of him I mean almost everything. All I told him was my name, ethnicity, and birthday. I thought to myself.. Dang he has a motor mouth. But I liked it.

Niall's POV

I ran into Zayn. He had the same class I did, English 101, Mr. Johnson's class. Zayn sat down in the back and I sat in the middle row. Mr. Johnson was just blabbing his mouth away and I was dosing off.

After I while I I grabbed my phone out my back pocket and texted Zayn.

Me: Hey :)

Zayn: Vas happening bro

Me: Aye there's gonna be a party at 9:30.. Coming ??

Zayn: Cool I'm down :)

Me: Nice... I'll pick you up at your dorm around nine-ish

Zayn: kk ;D

Zayn's POV

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. It was from Niall asking if I wanted to go to the party tonight. I was pretty excited that I was going to a party. Especially with Ni! That just made my day. The rest of the period I just kept smiling. I mean I could not stop!

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