Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


3. 3

Valerie's P.O.V

"YOUR ZAYN!?" I say frantically " Yeah got a problem with that babe?" Zayn asks with cockiness in his voice " No.. I was just wondering" I say shyly, after a few minutes of awkward silence louis finally says " so how has everyones day gone?" I was about to reply when I was rudely interrupted by none other then Zayn. " I had a fantastic day, except for first period when this girl had the decency to talk back to me she had long brown hair, brown eyes, a white shirt, jean shorts, and vans on." He says with a smirk everyone at the table turns and stares at me so in the heat of the moment I say "Well I had the best time in first period, except I met a jackass, with a black quiff, leather jacket, black skinny jeans, black boots, a bunch of piercings and tattoos with no manners and apparently this "guy" said I had a crush on him, but let's face it who would have a crush on a guy like him" all the boys at the table were hollering now, which got the attention of the whole lunch room. Zayn was now glaring at the boys which made them shut up. " Hey don't talk to Zaynie like that, you bitch!" Said this skank with barely any clothes on "Hey don't talk to Valerie like that!" Liam said angrily I go over to Liam and hug him tight " Thank you" I whisper " no problem babe" he replies

Zayn's P.O.V

After Madison called Valerie a bitch Liam spoke up and defended her. But when I saw her hug him I got a weird feeling in my stomach I don't know, woah am I ok? I never get that feeling? Am I jealous? No! Why would I be jealous I never like anyone, especially not her! Focus Malik, focus. " I gotta go" and with that I leave the lunch room with Madison following behind. " Zaynie what was that about?" Madison asked " You never back out of a fight, especially from girls!" Madison was getting on my last nerves " GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! GO!" And with that she scurried back into the lunchroom leaving me and my thoughts.

Valerie's P.O.V

What the hell was that? Well it looks like mr. Tough guy isn't so tough after all. " where did Zayn go?" Naomi asked " I don't know, I've never seen him run away like that, never" " wow he must really like you" Harry states , Liam starts glaring at Harry. " He doesn't like me! He hates me!" I practically yell " Not from the looks of it" Niall argues " I'm done with this conversation" and with that I storm out of the cafeteria, grab my bag and head home. I've had enough drama for one day, as I'm walking home I decide to walk over to Starbucks and get a vanilla bean frappe and that's when I spot Zayn throwing rocks at a guy.


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