Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


27. 27

Valerie's P.O.V

" I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!" I yell into the darkness. Zayn appears from the darkness and looks scared. "NO VALERIE!! DON'T LEAVE ME IT WAS MISTAKE!!" Zayn yells as a girl appears. I don't see the girls face because she was in the darkness, she grabs his hand and he grabs hers. I breakdown and cry, " WE'RE DONE ZAYN!!" I run into the darkness not knowing where to go, I turn around as someone grabs me.

I open my eyes and I'm sweating, it was just a dream I say to myself as my breathing slows down. I finally get my breathing in control and I look over at the clock, it was 6:00 I decide to get up and get ready for the day.


I arrive at school and go to my locker, I can't help but think that the dream was a sign. I decide to shake it off and head to first period. I arrive in science class and sit next to Naomi, " hey!" Naomi says as she hugs me. " hey!" I say, we start talking about school and Harry and that's when Liam arrives. " LI!!" I say as I jump up and hug him. We hug tightly for a few moments until I break the hug, " Li where were you these past days?" I say questioningly. " I was taking care of my grandma, she was sick with a cold" he says smiling. It didn't seem so believable but I didn't want to bother him with questions, so I smiled. We sat down and that's when Harry arrived, he looked over at Liam and I and smiled, but when he looked over at Naomi his eyes sparkled it was like he hasn't seen her in ages but in reality he saw her yesterday. Everything about there relationship was perfect it was like they never fought, which I'm pretty sure they didn't. I noticed I was staring at the two of them and I quickly stopped and looked over at Liam who was texting someone. " who are you texting?" I asked curiously " no one" he says as he puts his phone back into his pocket. Our teacher came in and class was about to begin.

We were talking, having no clue what the teacher was talking about. When a girl walked into class, " Ms.Pareja, so nice of you to join us" my teacher said smiling. " class this is Analina she's new to school" she waved and we all said hi. " Ms. Pareja you can go sit over there where Ms. Neyra is sitting, Ms. Neyra please raise your hand" I rose my hand and she walked over to me. " Hey Analina I'm Valerie nice to meet you" I say kindly " hey Valerie" she said smiling, I could see she was kind of nervous so I decided to break the ice. " Analina meet Liam, Naomi and Harry " we all said our hi's and started asking questions. I found out she just moved here from New Jersey because of her parents job. Class went on as usual and it was fun, we were all laughing including Analina. " Hey wanna eat lunch with us?" I ask " sure!" She says smiling. The bell finally rings and we are off to our other classes.

** Lunch time**

I enter the cafeteria and find Louis and Niall already sitting at our table, I smile and walk over to them. " hey boys!" I say as I sit down. " hey!" They say together. " so what's up? Anything new happen?" " well I'm dating a cheerleader! Her name's Eleanor" Louis says smiling at the thought of her. " aww that's cute louis! I can't wait to meet her!" I say and he blushes, " what about you Niall, any special lady in your life?" I say eager to know. He sighs "no, I guess I just haven't met the right girl" " aww Niall don't worry you'll find her soon!" "I hope so" we start talking for a while and that's when Analina comes into the cafeteria, she's looking around and I wave my arms signaling her to come over. She sees me and smiles while walking over, " hey Valerie!" Analina says while sitting down next to me. " hey Analina! I would like you to meet Louis and Niall!" " hey!" Nial and Louis say and I can't help but see Niall staring at Analina, hmm interesting. " so you're new?" Niall says smiling at her, she smiles back " yeah, I moved here from New Jersey" " cool" Niall says still staring at her. Me and Louis look at each other and smirk, Niall's is in love! We continue to talk and we start to learn a lot about each other. Finally Zayn, Harry, and Naomi walk into the cafeteria. They come over and smile, I see Zayn staring at Analina and I can't help but feel jealous. Zayn sits next to me and try's to kiss me on the lips but I move so he kisses me on the cheek, he raises an eyebrow at me but I choose to ignore it. We all continue our conversations until the bell rings signaling the end of the lunch period. We all get up and Zayn and I are the last to leave, " Val why wouldn't you kiss me?" Zayn says looking down at me. I shrugged " I don't know" I say as I proceed to walk out of the cafeteria, he grabs my arm and makes me face him. " tell me" i sigh "I saw you staring at Analina and I got jealous" when those words left my lips Zayn started smirking. " aww you were jealous!" He says hugging me but I push him off " Zayn stop I don't like it when you stare at other girls, you're my boyfriend!" I say getting serious and he sighs " Valerie I'm sorry, I'm not used to dating, I'm used to staring at girls and using them! But I'm trying!" He says as he runs his fingers through his hair. I know he's not used to dating people and I know that he's trying but I can't help but feel jealous, he has history with basically every girl in this school and that bothers me. " ok" I say hugging him and he smiles. " good now let's get to class" I smile and we go to class hand in hand. Zayn has my heart in his hands, he better take care of it.


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