Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


25. 25

Valerie's P.O.V

Naomi and I walked over to my house, talking about school and stuff. " Val why were you and Zayn making out?" I blushed. " I don't know?" She smirks " are you two 'dating'?" She says putting quotations around dating. " why did you put quotations around dating?" I said oddly. She shrugged " it doesn't feel like you guys are dating, it's like you guys aren't even a couple" she's right, it's like we aren't even a couple. I mean we went on a date and we have kissed a couple of times but nothing else. I frown at the thought, I'll have to talk to him about that later. We enter my house and we walk into my bedroom, setting our bags down. " so.. Do your parents know that you're dating Zayn?" Naomi says spinning in my chair, I tense at the thought of Zayn meeting my parents, they would hate him. " no.. And I really don't want them to find out" I say fiddling my fingers. " well you're gonna have to tell them sooner or later" Naomi states. " well are you gonna tell your parents that you had sex with Harry?" I say raising an eyebrow, she turns red. " no" " that's what I thought" I say laying back on my bed. We stayed there in silence, it wasn't awkward silence it was peaceful. We decided to watch pitch perfect and do homework, it was 8:00 and Naomi decided to leave. We said our goodbyes and she left, I decided to go take a shower and just go on Instagram. *Beep* I check my texts and see I got a text from.. Zayn!

Z- hey babe

V- hey!

Z- so what are you doing? ;)

V- nothing, just on Instagram How about you?

Z- I'm actually heading over to a party right now, wanna come?

V- um.. No thanks I'm fine on just staying home, thank you very much :)

Z- oh come on! Mrs. Goody two shoes can't take one minute from her homework to spend time with her boyfriend?

I get tingles in my stomach, I feel like it's a dream. Zayn and I, boyfriend and girlfriend.

V- I don't know

Z- oh come on it'll be fun! ;)

V- well..

Z- please!

V- fine!

Z- yay!

V- pick me up in 15 minutes at my bedroom window so my parents won't find out

Z- ooh good girl gone bad ;)

V- shut up Zayn!

Z- ok I'll pick you up in 15 minutes

V- k bye

Z- bye

I jump out of bed and walk over to my closet, what should I wear? I decide on an outfit and I hear a knock on my window. I open my window to see a smirking Zayn, " hello gorgeous" I roll my eyes and laugh " hey" and I kiss him. " are you ready to go?" "Yup" I grab my phone and we walk out the window heading towards his car.


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