Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


23. 23

Valerie's P.O.V

"What do you mean you think you're pregnant?!" I said panicking. " well me and harry sort of had..." "Yeah I know how babies are made" I state. " why Naomi? you are to young to be a mom!" I yell " shhh what if your parents hear!" She whisper yells concerned. " they aren't home, but we are going to cvs and we are getting a pregnancy test" I grab her and we walk to cvs since we didn't have a ride, we arrive at cvs and go down the aisle grabbing 7 different pregnancy tests just to be sure. We go up to the cash register and the lady checking us out gave us strange looks so I tried not to make eye contact. We payed and headed back to my house, once we arrived I grabbed the tests and handed them to Naomi. " you better pray that you're not pregnant" I say as she walks into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She pees on all seven and unlocks the door so I can be there for her. " now we have to wait" she sighs, we sat there in silence, I didn't know what to say to her I was shocked. " did he use a condom?" I asked out of nowhere, she looked up and nodded quickly and I just nodded in response. After about 5 minutes we checked all the tests, they were all negative. We both sighed in relief and hugged " you scared me there" I say " I know" she says and I just laugh. " I'm having a serious talk with harry later" I say half joking, she laughs and we go downstairs. " I'm still curious, if you're not pregnant then why did you throw up?" I say questioningly " it's probably because I had the schools tuna, it tasted awful!" She laughs " so you are telling me I wasted twenty dollars on pregnancy tests when you were just sick!" She shrugs and smiles " you owe me twenty dollars" we laugh and go watch tv. " Naomi did you dispose of the tests and hide them so my parents won't see?" " yeah we are fine" she says staring at the screen. I relax and we spend the rest of the day watching tv and eating until she had to leave, we said our goodbyes and I went upstairs, took a shower and went to bed.

** Next Morning**

I wake up and put on pandora while I do my morning routine. " 'cause good girls are bad girls who haven't been caught" I sing as I dress and brush my teeth. I finish my morning routine and head downstairs to see my family eating breakfast. " good morning" I say cheerfully " good morning princess " my dad says as I kiss him on the cheek " good morning honey" my mom says as I kiss her cheek. We all start talking about our schedules for the day until it was time for me to leave. " bye!" I yell as I walk out the door and walk to school. I spot Zayn leaning against a tree like he always does but I don't approach him, I'm still mad at him for yesterday. I feel him stare at me as I walk past him and that's when I hear footsteps behind me. Shit! I say to myself as I start walking faster " Valerie wait!" I don't listen to him and that's when the bells rings, thank god! I say to myself as I make my way to my locker. I put my combo in and put some stuff in as I head to class.

** lunch time**

The day has gone by faster than I expected it to go, which is good, and soon I'll be home watching tv. I walk into the lunchroom and spot Liam at a table by himself so I decide to join him. " hey Li!" I say sitting down but he doesn't face me, " Liam what's wrong?" I turn his face towards mine and I see a huge bruise forming on his cheek. " oh my god Li! Who did this!" I shout " no one I fell and landed on my cheek, no big deal "he says getting up. " Li you can't get that big of a bruise just by falling! Now tell me what really happened!" I say getting frustrated. " I gotta go Val I'll see you later" he mumbles and with that he quickly exits the cafeteria leaving me here shocked.

Liam's P.O.V

I know it's rude of me to leave Valerie when all she did was try to help me, but she can't help me. If she finds out what I did she would never forgive, never. I just have to convince Nathan not to tell her and it'll be all good but it's better said then done. I don't want Valerie to hate me especially since I still have feelings for her. Yes I still have feelings for her even though she likes Zayn I can't help it, but now she'll hate me, it was one mistake and now it can ruin everything.

Valerie's P.O.V

What's wrong with Liam? It's not like him to act like this. I decide it's best if I give him his space instead of going after him, he'll probably tell me sooner or later. I decide to sit at the table Liam was just sitting at and eat my lunch alone. I didn't feel hungry so I just played with my food until I felt a tap on my shoulders. I turned around expecting it to be Liam but to my disappointment it was Zayn. " what do you want Zayn?" I say rather harshly "ouch! Aren't even a little bit happy on seeing me?" He says smirking. " after yesterdays incident, no" I say turning around and he stops smirking. " listen Val" he says grabbing my hand but I pull away and cross my arms " I'm sorry! Ok! When you accused me of cheating on you I got mad, just because I used to be a player doesn't mean I would cheat on you I actually have feelings for you!" He says getting closer but I move away. " well calling me a bitch was crossing the line and you even said I wasn't your girlfriend which obviously means you have no feelings towards me!" I say getting angry, hot tears started pouring down my face. He reached over to wipe them away but I smacked his hand away. " I'm sorry" he says looking down, I just shake my head " I'm gonna go find Liam" once those words left my mouth I mentally slapped myself, but I guess he deserves it. His head snaps up " why!?" He says sounding annoyed " why do you care!?" I shout walking away throwing my lunch away in the process. I hear Zayn behind me coming closer. " because.." He spins me around and my hand lands on his chest " I care" he breaths out. " well last time I checked I wasn't your girlfriend, so whatever I do doesn't concern you!" I say trying to move out of his grip. " maybe I want you to be my girlfriend?" He says looking down. I look up at him shocked, does he really want me to be his girlfriend? My heart swells at the thought. I shake out of my thoughts and out of his grip and just look at him having no idea on what to say. " I.." He steps forward and crashes his lips onto my lips " mm!" I try to get of his grip but he has me trapped, I kiss back knowing he would release me if I did. He finally let's go and I take that as my chance to yell at him. " WHAT THE FUCK ZAYN!!" I say obviously taking him by surprise because he backed away. " YOU CAN'T JUST KISS ME AND EXPECT ME TO COME RUNNING INTO YOUR ARMS!!!" I yell "BUT YOU KISSED BACK!" He shouts getting frustrated. "YEAH SO YOU WOULD LET GO OF ME!" I yell, I start to calm down. " I can't Zayn, we aren't good for eachother we always fight" I say looking at him. " you can't give up on something that hasn't started" he states shoving his hands into his pockets. He was right, but I couldn't let him break my heart. " Zayn, you're making this harder than it already is.." I was about to continue when I was cut off "NO! IF I LET YOU GO NOW YOU'RE GONNA GO TO LIAM AND.." He paused for a second as if thinking of what to say next. "and I don't know if I could take that" he sighs and I start tearing up, why!? Why did this have to be so complicated!? I just stood there in front of Zayn, weighing my options, not knowing what to do.


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