Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


22. 22

Valerie's P.O.V

I ran into the girls bathroom and locked myself in a stall and started crying. " how could he say that to me and why would he cheat?" Well he didn't cheat because apparently we aren't dating my subconscious says. I hear the bathroom door open but that didn't make me stop crying, whoever this person was they would have to deal with my crying. "Val?" I heard Naomi say, oh shit! What do I say? I was my train in thought with a knock on my stall. " Val, come on open up" she said calmly. I opened the door and hugged her, " Val what's wrong?" " it's not that big of a deal" " tell me" she said " ok well you know how I had a date with Zayn, right?" " yeah?" "Well apparently after our date he went over to Madison's house and slept with her!" I said now crying. She widened her eyes " that is a huge deal! What an asshole! Why is he so fucked up!?" She shouted. " But you know what made it worse!" I say sitting on the ground, head in my knees. " is that when I confronted him it's like he had no sympathy for me he was like ' we only went on one date, that doesn't make you my girlfriend!' It's like the kisses and that date meant nothing to him!" " Val" Naomi said crouching down " he isn't worth it, he's just a player" she says rubbing my back "well it hurts because I fell for the player" I say sobbing. " no you didn't Val you just.." I cut her off " Naomi it's like how you feel about harry, that's how I feel about Zayn" I say my voice breaking. " but I love harry" she says crossing her arms " exactly" I say, her eyes widen " oh my god you're in love with Zayn!" She says pacing back and forth " I'm not proud of it" I state " it just happened". " well Val, you have to get over him somehow, try to ignore him" I laugh dryly " I've tried that before it doesn't work, no matter how much I try he always ends up back in my life" " well I'm telling harry he's gonna have to talk to Zayn" " do whatever you want I don't care anymore" the bell rings signaling the end of second period. I groan and get up looking at myself in the mirror, look at me, I'm a mess. Ever since Zayn has come into my life I've been nothing but that. I wash my face hoping it will help me. After turning off the sink I take a look at myself, I look a little bit better but not a whole lot better. " are you ready to go?" Naomi asks " yeah I guess" I say following her to our next period class.

** lunch time**

Valerie's P.O.V

I wasn't looking forward to lunch, I didn't want to see Zayn or the rest of the boys for that matter. I quickly grabbed my lunch and sat at a table, not our usual table just an empty table just to think. That's when I feel a tap on my shoulders, I pray it's not Zayn and I turn around to find harry. " oh hey" I say faking a smile. " I know why you're sad" I sigh " Naomi?" He just nods while taking a seat and I start picking at my food again. " Valerie if it makes you feel any better I'll go over and talk to Zayn and maybe beat the crap out of him" he says smiling, I just laugh " no it's fine harry, if you want you can talk to him, but you don't have to beat him up" I say pushing his shoulders. " ok whatever you say" he says getting up. He stares down at me confused " what?" I say confused " well.. Aren't you going to come sit with me and Naomi" "no I'm fine" I say " I don't take no for an answer" he says and with that he is dragging me to the table and I'm yelling at him to stop. He sets me next to Naomi and he goes to the other side of her wrapping his arms around her. " dude! That wasn't nice" I say pouting. Naomi and Harry start laughing " oh come on Val misery needs company" Naomi states. " alright" and with that we start talking about random stuff which made me laugh and I started to forget about Zayn and his egotistical self.

** skip to end of school day**

Harry's P.O.V

I gave Naomi a kiss goodbye and went to my car. I had to stop by Zayn's house so I could talk to him about Valerie. He always fucks up, everything good in his life he always has to mess it up somehow, he would be lucky if Valerie decides to take him back. I arrive at Zayn's house and his car isn't here so I decide to wait. A few minutes later Zayn arrives so I head over to his car. " hey man, what are you doing here?" Zayn asks curiously. " I heard what happened between you and Valerie" I say scratching my neck. He rolls his eyes " well she was stupid enough to believe Madison" he says walking up to his door and unlocking it. " Zayn I believe Valerie, I know you and I know you would do something like this" I say as we walk into his house. He turns around looking angry as hell " harry I didn't cheat on her! I was with Louis and the other boys you can ask him!" He says frustrated "ok but what you said to Valerie after she confronted you was just stupid and you shouldn't have said that" he rubs his face. " well we aren't dating!" He says " really? Ok then You wouldn't mind if Valerie goes on a date with Liam then? Because I heard that they were going on one" I say lying, his eyes widened. "WHAT THE FUCK!? WHY IS SHE GOING ON A DATE WITH LIAM!" He heads towards the door but I grab him " so you do care" I say smirking, he gets out of my grip. " no " he says glaring at me but I gave him an 'are you serious' look " ok maybe I do care" he says going to his couch and sitting down. " why is she doing this to me!?" He says tossing a pillow at a lamp knocking it over. " dude relaxing I was lying about the date" I say trying to calm him down, he relaxed and sat back down on the couch. I text the boys to make sure what he said about not cheating was true and turns out Zayn didn't cheat on her. After a few more minutes of silence Zayn finally speaks. "how do you do it?" " what do you mean?" I say questionably. " how do you keep such a good relationship with Naomi?" He says looking up at me. "well I listen to her when she speaks, I compliment her, and most importantly I love her" he looks down at the ground. " do you love her Zayn?" I ask and he shrugs " I don't know" scratching his neck "well if you want things to work out with Valerie you are gonna have to find a way to make it up to her" he nods " ok well I'm gonna go so call me if you need anything" he nods again and I let myself out and head home after a long and exhausting day.

Valerie's P.O.V

Naomi and I decide to hangout at my house so we walk over to my house. We arrive at my house and I get a text from Harry.

H- Zayn wasn't lying he didn't cheat on you he was with the boys they told me.

As I read the message I started To feel guilty, why did I have to believe Madison? And yell at him. Well it isn't my fault that I accused him, I mean he is known as the school player so I mean I believed it. Naomi saw me looking down at my phone " what happened?" " Zayn didn't cheat on me" I say sitting down " oh, well it's not your fault for thinking he did, I mean he has a reputation" " yeah I know" I say grabbing a water bottle. " so are you going to forgive him?" " no " I say calmly. " why not? He didn't cheat" she says " do you not remember what he said to me earlier today! He said I was a bitch and that basically asking me out meant nothing to him!" I say as tears pour down my face again. " ok but.." " yeah yeah I know don't give up, ok I get it!" I say going to the couch. She followed me but stayed silent, Which was good because I didn't feel like talking. We were watching tv and I turned to look at Naomi, she looked sick. " Naomi are you.." But before I could finish Naomi ran into the bathroom and threw up. I went and knocked on the bathroom door. " Naomi are you ok?" She groans and opens the door " I think I'm pregnant".


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