Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


20. 20

Valerie's P.O.V

I search around the cafeteria searching for Liam, I finally spot him on the other side of the room. I travel for what feels like forever and plop down next to Liam. " hey Li!" " hey!" He says mocking me, I swat his arm and start laughing. " I have a question, since you know the other guys aren't here yet" I say taking a sip of my water. "ok shoot" he says taking a bite out of his sandwich. " why was that douche chasing you?" I say curiously, Liam seems to tense when I ask " oh umm.. Nothing he was just mad because I accidentally ran into him that's all." I nod my head slowly not totally convinced, the back of my mind says he's lying but I choose to ignore it not wanting to bug him further. We talk for a while until Naomi arrives with none other than Harry who is carrying her lunch, They are inseparable it's adorable but also really aggravating. " hey guys!" Naomi says while taking a seat next to harry across from me and Liam. " hey!" Liam says " what's up?" " oh nothing much, I'm just here being my girlfriends slave, but other than that I'm fantastic" Harry says sarcastically " hey! I said I could carry my own things but you insist on carrying my stuff, so don't complain!" Naomi says glaring at Harry " ok fine, I'm sorry" Harry says making a puppy dog face, Naomi giggles "you are forgiven" Harry takes that chance to kiss her. I sit there thinking, why can't Zayn and I be like that? Oh, I don't know maybe because he's new to this dating thing! my subconscious states. I just shake my head and come back to reality " hey! Lovebirds stop making out and actually talk to us" I say laughing, Naomi and Harry blush " alright!" Harry groans. We just start talking about tv shows and school work when Zayn arrives with Louis and Niall. They seem so concentrated on their conversations, but that is until Zayn sees Liam sitting next to me. I see him tense but he seems to control himself as he walks over, " hey Liam can you move over I want to sit next to Valerie" he says fake smiling " ok?" Liam says awkwardly as he moves over next to Louis. He takes a sit and relaxes, I glare at him " what?" He says looking at me, I just roll my eyes and I continue the conversation we were having before he came.

**end of day**

Valerie's P.O.V

I go to my locker and collect a few books for some homework that I will probably end up doing in the morning. I see Zayn approach me and a few girls glare at me, making me roll my eyes in response. " are you ready to go?" He says leaning against a locker. "Yeah let's go" we head out to his range rover and I hop into his passenger seat. " was I suppose to open the door for you?" He asks sighing, his question catches me off guard. " I mean.. I would have liked you too" I answer truthfully. " sorry" he mumbles and pulls out of the parking lot.

Zayn's P.O.V

I was taking Valerie to a cabin my uncle owns in Westwood forest, I didn't tell her because I wanted it to be a suprise. I brought a blindfold so she could wear. " Val, wear this" I say holding out a blindfold. She looks at me worriedly " why?" She's always so worried " don't worry babe I'm not going to kill you, trust me" I say calmly. She thinks for a minute but grabs the blindfold and ties it around her eyes. " good girl" I smile " shut up" she says and I chuckle. After about a 45 minute drive we finally arrive at the cabin, I quickly run over to the passenger side to help Valerie out. " where are we?" She says worry clear in her voice " just a few more steps and.. Ok take off your blindfold" she takes off her blindfold and gasps " Zayn! It's beautiful!" We were In front of a beautiful mountain range while the sun was setting. She runs over and hugs me, I was startled for a minute but soon recovered hugging her back. " so.. I take it you like it?" She laughs " of course I love it!" She says smiling. " well good, now let's go inside and eat" I had come her earlier and prepared a picnic with chocolate covered strawberries and candles everywhere. She gasps again when we enter and I just laugh " what? It's amazing thank you" " no problem, now let's sit down" I guide her over to the blanket and we sit. " so tell me a little bit about yourself Valerie?" " well I was born in a family of five me, my two brothers Christian and Casey and my parents, my favorite color is blue, I have a pet guinea pig and I'm obsessed with bands" she says smiling " woah I said tell me a little bit,not your whole life story" I laugh, she blushes " sorry" "no it's ok I like that you are obsessed with bands, I've always wanted to join one!" I say honestly " really? Well you should start one with you and the other boys" she says " yeah we were thinking about it" I state which was true we were,we just didn't know how to get started. " well, maybe one day you'll be the biggest band in the world" she smiles " maybe" I sigh. We both continue talking and sharing about our families until it was about 6:00. " Zayn I think I should be heading home?" She says looking over at the clock. " ok I'll drop you home" we head over to my car and I drop her off at her house. " I had an amazing time" she says " me too, let's do this again" I said honestly " yeah we should" I didn't know if I should kiss her or not, but she seemed to have read my mind because she leaned in and we kissed, it wasn't long but it wasn't short. I felt sparks and honestly it was an amazing feeling. " goodnight" she says " goodnight" and with that I drive off as she enters her house. It's 7:00 when I leave so I decide to go over to Louis's house. ** ring** " oh hey Zayn!" Louis says smiling when he sees me. " hey I was wondering if you wanted to hang?" " sure Niall, Liam and I were hanging in the living room just go in" I nod and head in. " hey!" Everyone says " hey" I say as I take a seat " why didn't you come by earlier?" Niall asks " oh I was out " I say not wanting to talk about it. " were you with Madison again?" Liam says rolling his eyes. I clenched my fist I knew he thought low of me, well if he wants to know, he can know! " no actually I was on a date,With Valerie" I say smirking. I saw him tense at the mention of her name. " no you weren't!" he says angrily " yeah I was, you can call and ask her" I say leaning back on the couch, they all stared at me shocked. " well.. Umm congrats?" Louis says not knowing how to respond " thanks" I mumble. "so where's Harry?" I say trying to get the attention off of me. " he's with Naomi, like always" we all roll our eyes " he's whipped" we all laugh " hey, but at least they're happy" Liam states, I roll my eyes he always acts all sweet and innocent when in reality he wasn't.

Naomi's P.O.V

Me and Harry went to the movies and watched the purge, I was so terrified, I was clinging on to harry the entire movie but he didn't seem to mind. After the movie we decided to go to Harry's house it was 8:00 but whatever. We talked and talked for what seemed like hours, harry leaned in for a kiss and soon it turned into a make out session, we headed towards Harry's bedroom and he pushed me onto his bed. The rest of the night was magical, I love harry...I really do.


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