Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


19. 19

Valerie's P.O.V

We decide to meet up at my locker at the end of the day and he'll take me out on our date. The bell was about to ring so we get out of the janitors closet, that is when the bell rings and there are a clutter of students. I lose Zayn in the crowd and we go our separate ways, I head into English and take a seat. A few minutes later Naomi walks in greeting me, " hey, why weren't you in first period?" I blush remembering Zayn and I's moment in the closet. " well.." I was cut off by Mr.Roberts telling us to be quiet and listen to him. " I'll tell you later" she nods in response, the class starts but I can't focus all I'm thinking about is Zayn. His hair, his eyes, his jawline ( A/N~ I mean am I right? Or am I right?) everything about him was perfect. I wanted the day to move by a lot faster. But for now all I could do was tap away at my desk and listen to Mr.Roberts.


I was walking into the lunchroom praying Madison won't try to spill her food on me again. All I want is a peaceful lunch and hopefully I'll get it. I go up to the lunch lady and realize I forgot my money in my locker. " sorry can I go get my lunch money?" She smiles " go ahead honey" I give her and apologetic smile and run out of the lunchroom. As I turn the corner I bump into a guy, " Woah, sorry" I look up and see Liam standing there. " oh hey Li" I say going over to help him up " hey v-aal" he stutters. I give him a strange look " Liam what's wrong?" My question was soon answered by an angry looking guy coming straight towards us. " Hey! Payne! You can't get away from me that easily" the guys says cracking his knuckles, Liam gulps and starts sweating. The guy steps towards us " who's she?" The guy says rudely " she's my.." But I step in " I'm his friend, and who the fuck are you?" " woah, fiesty I like it" he winks and I just stand there disgusted by his actions. " you can't.." But I was cut off by Liam " don't talk to her that way!" Liam yells. Liam seems surprised by his actions and so was the guy. " What the fuck did you say to me!?" The guy growls " I said don't talk to her like that" he says straightening up. " oh so is she like your little girlfriend aww that's sweet, but listen babe you don't need to be with a loser like him, you could date a man like me" he says smirking. I was so pissed off " I wouldn't even fucking dare to be caught with an asshole like you and second off Liam's sweet and charming and any girl would love to date Liam, Liam is more of a fucking man then you'll ever be!" I go over to Liam and hug him. " whatever, I didn't want your slutty ass anyways" and he walks away. I release Liam and face him " thanks for standing up for me" I say smiling " always and thanks for standing up for me" he says smiling, I've always loved Liam's smile. " did you really mean those things you said to him?" He asks " of course I did Li! Any girl would love a guy like you, your perfect" I kiss him on the cheek, he smiles " what was that for?" " for being an amazing best friend" "right.. Best friend, I like that" he slightly smiles. " I'm going to my locker I have to get my lunch money" I say " ok I'll save you a spot" and with that I head over to my locker, run back to the cafeteria, hand my money to the lunch lady and go try to find Liam.


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