Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


18. 18

Naomi's P.O.V

H- what do you mean she knows?

I was so frustrated right now, I knew I should have told her.

N- she found out Zayn was using her and she got pissed because I didn't tell her, this Is all your fault!

H- how is this my fault?!

Is he fucking serious right now!?

N- umm.. Excuse you, you told me not to tell her and now she is mad at me and probably won't forgive me!

H- ok well I went to Zayn's house and talked to him, he's gonna ask her out. Just make up with Valerie and Zayn and Valerie will figure there thing out.

I sighed, hopefully Valerie won't be stubborned and will accept my apology.

N- alright, bye

H- bye

I put my phone in my back pocket and walked over to Val's house, hopefully she answers.

Valerie's P.O.V

I furiously opened my door and ran to my room, how could he? I just kept repeating that over and over in my head. I slammed my door knocking over a framed picture, but I didn't care all I wanted to do was lock myself in my room for the rest of my life. I know I'm gonna have to leave my room at one point especially since tomorrow's great that hell hole where I have to be near Zayn. And Madison who basically has a knife at my neck 24/7. I just cry into my pillow for what feels like forever, I hated life. I wouldn't say I hate Naomi, but I do hate what she did, she could have told me but she didn't. * ring* I groan as I go to answer the door, I look in my mirror first and see that I have bloodshot eyes and my hair looks like a tornado went through it. Screw it! why should I care on how I look? when i feel like someone punched me in the stomach 100 times. I walk slowly to the door and answer it, I stood In front of a guilty looking Naomi, I wanted to slam the door in her face but decide to let her speak. " hey Val" she says lowly " what do you want?" I mumble " I just wanted to say how sorry I am, and that I never meant to hurt you, you know your like my sister" there was silence "you realize if Harry was doing this to you, I would have told you" she puts her head down " I know and I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you but when Zayn called me, yeah he said he was using you but he also said he liked you" My eyes widened " w-what?" I stuttered " yeah, he does Val and he was drunk so he could possibly be telling the truth." " Naomi I forgive you because I love you, but I can't forgive Zayn, I mean he was gonna use me" I was about to start crying again but decided to hold it in. " Val, don't give up on him, don't give up on a potential relationship you two could possibly have" I knew she was right, I don't want to give up on something that hasn't even started but Zayn was using me, or was he? I'm still kind of confused on that but all I know is I'm not gonna forgive Zayn that easily, I'm just gonna ignore him for a couple of days and then I'll decide whether I want to be in a relationship with him or not. I sigh " I'm just not gonna talk to him for a little while, I think it's for the best" " ok Val, but im pretty sure he wants to be with you" just hearing her say that made me cry, why did this have to be so hard? Why couldn't me and Zayn be like a normal couple? But he was the heartbreaker and I'm the girl that fell for him too hard. I hugged Naomi and we just stood there for what felt like hours, but in reality was only minutes. It was only 4:00 so I invited Naomi in to watch movies and just talk, to be honest I was done with this shit. But what Naomi said really got to me ' don't give up on him' I really don't know what to do, I feel like my world is falling apart, and the boy responsible was none other then Zayn Malik.

Zayn's P.O.V

After I talked to harry earlier, I kinda realized I was falling for Valerie. I hate to admit it but Harry was fucking right, I had to ask her out. Liam could still be a threat and god knows what I'll do to Liam if he touches her. I grab a fistful of my hair and sigh, why did I have to fucking fall for her. I've never had this problem before with a girl and now it seems like my world is falling apart and suprise, suprise it's because of Valerie. I hate the effect she had on me, it's like I have a lock on my heart and she held the key. I know it's fucking cheesy but it was true and now it's time I made her mine.

Valerie's P.O.V

It was 9:00 now and Naomi decided to leave, we said our goodbyes and I shut the door. I decide to take a hot bath to take away the tension. I took the bath for an hour and got out to change, I went to the kitchen to get water and was greeted by my mom " hey honey, you've seem to be out a lot lately" she laughs, I laugh too and lean against the counter. " yeah, I've just been hanging out with friends" She looks at me " any boys?" I knew she would ask that " yeah, a couple but none of them are my boyfriends" I wanted to tell her about Zayn but I decided not to. She gave me the ' don't lie to me' look and I rolled my eyes " I'm not lying, I swear" I mean technically I'm not dating Zayn, we only kissed once. " ok, but when you get one you better bring him home, got it?" I just laughed "ok mom, I will" " alright sweetie well you better go off to bed, remember it's a school night" I groan but obey " alright mom love you" " love you too" I kiss her cheek and head to my room, I slowly drift off to sleep, dreaming peacefully.

** morning**

I wake up to the annoying alarm clock, I get out of bed and get ready, I do the usual routine and head to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of cereal. I grab my bag and head to school mentally preparing myself for the wrath of Madison. I head to my locker and see Naomi talking to harry she waves at me and I wave back, I decide not to head over since I wanted them to have alone time and also because I would feel like the third wheel. The bell finally rings signaling the start of first period, I start rushing over to science class until I was pulled into the janitors closet. I was about to scream but a hand was covering my mouth, I look up to see a smirking Zayn, I glare up at him and remove his hand from my mouth. " Zayn, what are you doing?!" I whisper shout. " relax babe no one can hear you, you can talk normally" " Zayn you better have a good excuse for dragging me into a janitors closet and for me missing first period" I say angrily. He scratches the back of his neck " umm.. I was kind of wondering if you wanted to go out?" I could tell he wasn't used to saying that to many girls, and I have to say I did feel special and happy. But soon my happiness was hit with anger he used me! " how about no" I turn around to grab the door handle but Zayn blocks me. " why?" He asks upset. I couldn't hold it in anymore I needed to let it out " YOU ASSHOLE, YOU FUCKING PLAYER YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST ASK ME OUT WHEN YOU WERE USING ME!!" I started cry " YOU KNOW WHAT ZAYN, FUCK YOU!! IM NOT ONE OF YOUR WHORES YOU USE FOR YOUR OWN PLEASURE, I ACTUALLY LIKED YOU!! AND YOU USED ME!!" My voice cracks and I start sobbing, I didn't want to look weak in front of him but I couldn't help it. His eyes filled with anger " Naomi fucking told you didn't she?" He knocked over a bottle of chlorine and I flinched a little. " she didn't have to tell me, I found out" I say with no emotion. " Valerie, you have to believe me, I don't want to use you anymore, I actually think I'm falling for you, I want you to be mine." He said slowly looking into my eyes, tears were pouring out of my eyes " Zayn, I don't want to play anymore of your games, I'm sorry but I'm done" I try to reach for the door handle again but he blocks it. " Valerie.." I cut him off " No Zayn I can't.." "GOD DAMNIT VALERIE WILL YOU FUCKING LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE!!" He yells and that's when I shut up. " I FUCKING LIKE YOU!! AND IM NOT LETTING YOU OUT OF HERE UNTIL YOU SAY YOU WANT TO BE WITH ME! AND I KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE YOU WANT TO SAY IT, BUT YOU'RE JUST TOO SCARED" he was right I was scared, I didn't want him to break my heart I wanted him to love and care for me like a normal boyfriend would do. But I couldn't, I just couldn't " Zayn.." I was looking for the right words " I feel like we should stay friends for now and we'll see what happens along the way" I try to compromise. " but what if I want to be more then friends?" he asks looking down " Zayn.. Please" I beg tears in my eyes threatening to pour at any second. " Zayn I want to be frie.." He cuts me off by smashing his lips against mine, I refuse for a moment but I couldn't help myself and soon both our lips were moving in sync. He smiled into the kiss and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed his hands on my waist. Grenades were going off in my stomach and I had to admit I loved the feeling of being with him, I wanted this. We stop kissing and we both try to regain our breaths, after we regained our breath Zayn spoke " I know you felt the spark I felt" I just nodded in response " so where does this leave us?" I ask. " I honestly don't know" he says fixing his hair. We stay silent for a moment until I speak up " I guess.. We could try" he looks up and smiles " good" I just smile and hug him. " since we are dating now, will there be more make out sessions like this?" He asks with a smirk. I smack him, " don't ruin this Malik" I laugh " alright" he says putting his hands up in defeat. Zayn drives me crazy, I've cried harder for him than for anyone else in my life. He makes me cry more than anyone else has. But that's ok because I like Zayn Malik and I know he feels the same.


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