Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


11. 11

Valerie's P.O.V

I woke up and looked at the time, it was 6:30. You decide to get up and prepare for the day, your grabbed your clothes from your bag and headed to the bathroom, you decide to take a shower and brush your teeth before you changed. It was 7:00 now and you were heading to the kitchen and see Naomi eating breakfast while going on Instagram. " Good morning!" You say cheerfully. " good morning, how did you sleep?" " fine it was actually one of the best sleeps I've had." I say " oh really? And why is that?" I didn't want to tell her I was dreaming about me and Zayn dating. " your beds really comfy, that's all" I say hoping to change the subject, she raised her eyebrow and just shrugged. I was relieved and proceeded to get something to eat, I just grabbed an apple and sat down. Naomi and I were chatting for a few minutes and then it was finally time for us to head to school. Her mom drives us to school and we both said our goodbyes and entered the building. We headed to our lockers, which were actually really close to each other when Madison approached me. " Who the hell do you think you are!?" She yelled in my face. " what are you talking about?" I say having no clue what the hell she was talking about. " oh don't play dumb with me, you boy stealer!" " woah Madison, calm down I'm not stealing anyone from you, who could I possibly be stealing from you?" " oh don't play dumb with me! Your stealing my Zaynie, he said he was hanging out with you today instead of me! But let's face the facts I'm way prettier and more popular than you'll ever be so back off!" She say viciously " Madison fuck off! He can hangout with who ever he wants to and no I'm not stealing him away from you! He came up to me and asked me so shut the fuck up and get out of my way!" I say as I walk to my first period class leaving her in awe.

Naomi's P.O.V

I walk into social studies and see Valerie talking to Liam in the back of the classroom so I decide to join them while I wait for Harry. I can't believe harry hasn't asked me out yet, I mean yeah we kissed but he hasn't said ' hey wanna go out to a movie or something?' But no he hasn't and I'm starting to think he doesn't like me the way I thought he did. " hey guys!" I say they both look up and smile " hey Naomi" Liam said " what were you guys talking about?" I look over at Valerie and she starts getting mad " woah, Val calm down" I say trying to calm her. " she's mad because Madison came up to her today and basically threatened her to back off" Liam says. Valerie just nods, " why are they dating?" I ask " No it's just Madison and Zayn had sex a couple of times, so I guess she's like in love with him now" he states. I look over at Valerie and she turns paler than usual, she almost looks sick. " are you ok?" I ask concerned "yeah I'm fine it's just imagine them having sex makes me sick!" I look at Liam and he seems sad. " hey guys!" I turn around and see harry, he's so cute. " hey harry!" I go up and hug him and so does Valerie and Liam. " so what did I miss?" " NOTHING!" Valerie yells trying to change the subject, " ok.." Harry says looking at Valerie weirdly. The teacher walks in and class begins. I'm just staring at the board when I feel a note next to my hand. I turn to my right and see harry mouthing ' open it' I oblige and open it.

H- hey Naomi I have to ask you something

N- ok what?

H- umm.. I was wondering if you wanted to hangout tomorrow, like go to the movies or something?

I feel my heart beat faster I was so excited!

N- as like a date?

H- yeah you could say that :)

N- ok! Where and what time

H- the movies and at 7:00

N- sounds good I'll talk to you at lunch

H- ok can't wait!

And with that I put my eyes back on the teacher taking a few peeks at Harry once in a while and him doing the same.

** skip other classes and it's lunch time**

I walk into the lunch room and see Valerie, Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry sitting at our table so I walk over. I take a seat next to harry,like always and we begin to talk about random things. " hey Naomi I'm glad we are going on our first date." He says nervously " I am too it'll be fun!" Val gets up and goes to get a fork when she trips and lands in Madison's plate of spaghetti.

Valerie's P.O.V

I was talking to Liam, Louis and Niall when I realized I forgot my fork. " I'll be right back guys" I say as I proceed to make my way to get a fork. I happen to walk right past Madison's table so she sticks out her leg and I land in her spaghetti. I get up and look at my self I have pasta and tomato sauces all over my clothes and hair I look over at Madison, she has a wicked smile planted on her face. I hear the whole cafeteria roar in laughter so I run to the bathroom with Naomi following close behind. I run into the girls bathroom and start crying. Why me? I ask myself, Naomi comes in a few seconds later and helps me get cleaned up " are you ok?" She asks concerned. " does it look like I'm fine?" I say sarcastically " I was just asking, sorry" " it's fine it's just.. I'm so pissed I just wanna punch that bitch in the face!" I say furious " it's fine let's get you cleaned up" after about a good 10 minutes of remove pasta and cleaning up sauce, Naomi takes out her perfume and sprays it all over me hoping to get rid of the stench, since I don't have extra clothes with me." There you go, hopefully you'll be able to survive the rest of the day" she says " yeah, hopefully" I sigh. We get out of the bathroom just in time and the bell rings, indicating lunch is over and it's on to our next period. I get to social studies alive, thank god, I sit in the back waiting for Liam, if you haven't notice we have all classes together. I hear snickering next to me so I look to my right and see Madison and one of her friends staring at me and laughing. Great, could this day get any worse? I look at the door and that's when Zayn comes in.

Zayn's P.O.V

I walk into social studies, my fucking worst subject, I see Valerie and I smile at her she smiles back but it's kind of a sad smile. What's wrong with her? I look over and see Madison she's glaring at Valerie, but then she sees me staring at her and starts to smile and waves me over. I feel like I should sit next to Valerie to see how she feels.. No! I can't do that, why do I fucking care? So I decide to sit next to Madison. I look over at Valerie and she is looking out the window, is that a tear I see?I was staring at Valerie and that's when Liam comes in, he better not fucking touch her or I'll beat the shit out of him! I thought to myself. I see Liam approach her and ask her a question, she nods and hugs him tightly. I grit my teeth and curl my fist tightly. Who the fuck does he think he is Romeo? He better let go of her before I make him let go of her. Why do I care so much? I can't be falling for her? Once I have sex with her I'm gonna ignore her. I can't deal with this. " Zaynie?" Madison asks " huh?" I say hoping she didn't catch me staring at Valerie. " why were you staring at Valerie?" She says " umm uh.. I was just looking at how stupid she fucking looks, it was funny how you tripped her into your spaghetti." I say hoping she'll buy it but I soon regret it because I see Valerie staring at me disappointed and even sadder looking than she was before.

Valerie's P.O.V

Liam finally comes through the the door " are you ok Valerie? It's ok I'll be here for you" he says sweetly, I nod and get up to give him a tight hug. We sit down and I tell him how I felt until I heard something I never wanted to hear. " I was just thinking about how fucking stupid she looks, it was funny how you tripped her into your spaghetti" he laughs and she grins looking over at me, Zayn turns to look at me and I give him a disappointed look and my heart shatters into a million pieces. I don't know why I feel like my world is falling beneath me, we aren't even dating! but I can't help it. I look at Liam and his face turns red with anger, he's about to get up to talk to Zayn but I grab his wrist " he's not worth it" I say sadly with tears in my eyes. He sits back down and class begins, during the lesson I can't focus I'm thinking about Zayn and I can't get him out of my head, I don't think it would be appropriate if I went over to Zayn's house today, I just won't go, he's no good for me after all he is the heartbreaker. And I let him steal my heart.


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