Story of my Life

This is the story of Ashley Keith's life. When she was growing up, her life was very tragic. By the time she turned 14, all of her family had died. She went through numerous foster homes, and she was always depressed. When she turned 18 she move in with her friend Jenni. But what do you think will happen when she meets some one? Do you think she will push him away because she is worried that he will only die too, or will she let him in and let him love her? Will Ashley ever let to people in and love them again? The only way you can find out is by reading this story.



              (Ashley's POV)


                      "N-no, you h-have to stay st-strong. P-please don't l-leave m-me. You're a-all I

             have l-left, Aunt Lucy" , I cried holding her in my arms. " I'm sorry Ashley I can't fight

             it anymore. ", she sniffed ," I love you." I looked down at her and cried, " I l-love you

             t-too. " With that a single tear rolled down her cheek, her eyes close, and there was


                       I started to cry harder as t screamed for her to come back, and then I woke up.

              My roommate Jenni came rushing in my room, " Which dream was it? " She huffed as

              she sat on my bed. " It was the one where Aunt Lucy died." I whispered, shaking. She 

              came closer to me, and hugged me saying," Ashley, its ok she is in a better place now,

              and she wouldn't want to see you like this." "I know, but I can't help that I dream about

              my past every night." I said. Jenni just looked at me and I knew what she was thinking.

              "No! I am not going to see some one about this. You know I don't like to talk about my

              past. You're one of the only people I ever talk about it with, and I don't want that to

              change now." I protested. " Fine, just go back to sleep then. I will se you tomorrow."

              she said leaving  me alone in my room once again.

                       I laid there on my bed thinking, " Why did this have to happen to me? Why did

               all my family have to die, and leave me here alone?" But the one thing that I 

               thought of the most was " I'm just a danger to the ones I love. They all die because 

               of me, and they haunt my dreams to make me feel worse." This kept running 

               through my head until I finally fell asleep.       


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