Story of my Life

This is the story of Ashley Keith's life. When she was growing up, her life was very tragic. By the time she turned 14, all of her family had died. She went through numerous foster homes, and she was always depressed. When she turned 18 she move in with her friend Jenni. But what do you think will happen when she meets some one? Do you think she will push him away because she is worried that he will only die too, or will she let him in and let him love her? Will Ashley ever let to people in and love them again? The only way you can find out is by reading this story.


2. Flowerworks

(Ashley's POV)

When I woke up Jenni was standing on the side of my bed. "Finally! I have been trying to wake you up for 5 minutes now." she said impatiently.

I looked at the clock and realized I had 30 minutes to get ready for work. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and my hair. I decided to leave my long curly brown hair down and leave it natural. I then put on a short light blue dress that came up a little bit above my knees.  I also put on my brown leather jacket, and my brown leather boots. After I was done with my outfit, I did my makeup. I just put on the basic stuff on concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner,  and blush. when I was done I gabbed my phone and y purse, and then I left Jenni and I's flat.

The drive to my flower shop from our flat takes about 5 minutes so I'm there in no time. When I got there I saw Jason was already there working on todays orders.

" Hey Jason! What's up?" I say entering the store.

"Hey Ash! I'm just working on the flowers for the Taylor's big party." he says happily.

I just nodded my head and went put my stuff in the back.

About 10 minutes later I was working at the counter helping this lady. As I was fixing her flowers, I heard some one walk in ,but I was to buzzy working on the flowers and talking to the lady to see who it was.

When I was finally done I gave the lady her flowers, and she paid for them. She then left. I then looked around the shop to find a man with a mop head of curls standing by a display of flowers. I knew exactly who it was before he turned around to have his emerald green eyes looking right into my light blue one. It was the one and only Harry Styles. 



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