Lexi Edwards and Harry Styles had a baby.


4. time is going by so fast part 1

Lexi's P.O.V.

~3 months later~

Today I am 6 months pregnant. Tomorrow Harry and I get yo see if the baby is going to ve a boy or a girl. I really hope we have a baby girl. Harry is really scared.

~the next day~

"Do you want to know the gender?" The doctor asked.

"Yes!" Me and Harry boyh said at the same time.

"You are going to have a ................ girl" She finally said.

We walked out of the hospital with smiles on our faces.

"I know what we are going to name her," I said.

"Darcy Rose Styles," we both said at the same time.

We both know each other too well.

"Hazz what if something happens to me or Darcy when I give birth?" I asked him.

"Nothing is going to happen," he said.

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