Lexi Edwards and Harry Styles had a baby.


3. That night

Lexi's P.O.V.

~about 30 minutes later~

Harry told me he would come pick me up after I pack all my things. It wasn't that hard to pack all my things because I don't have that many thing's. Harry said that he would take me shopping when I get a little farther in my pregnancy. He said to call him when I get done packing.

"Harry can you come get me now?" I asked Iinto the phone.

"Yeah just a second," he said.

After about 5 minutes Harry came to my house to pick me up.

"Dad this is my friend Harry," I said.

"Ok. Why is all your all your stuff packed?" He asked. 

"I'm going to live with Harry," I told him.

"Ok," he said.

He didn't know I was pregnant.

"Dad before I leave I need to tell you that I - I'm pregnant," I said. He didn't say anything.

~at Harry house~

Harry and I both fell asleep watching his favorite movie Love Actually.

"Harry wake up," I said. It was midnight. "Today I am 3 months pregnant." He started freaking out. "It's ok Harry

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