Lexi Edwards and Harry Styles had a baby.


11. Phone Call


Harry = H


Lexi = L

H: Lexi, it's me, Harry.

L: What do you want with me?

H: All I wanted to do was say sorry for what I did last week.

L: It's fine.

H: So can I come home?

L: How about no for now. Maybe in about 2 weeks.

H: What?!?!

L: Ok. Fine. You can come home, but you have to start taking care of Darcy until I have the baby.

H: Ok. I'll do anything as long as I can come home.

L: Ok. See you in about 10 minutes?

H: I'm going to stop by the store and get some food. I don't want to go to the stoee every 2 seconds when you start getting those weird cravings.

L: Ok. So about an hour?

H: Yeah.

L: Love you.

H: Love you too.

L: Bye.

H: Bye.

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