The unexpected


1. the hit

(Karisma's POV)

"Omg I can't believe we are going to see one direction" I said to my BFF Victoria. "Me either and back stage passes, I would die if we lost them" she said. "Course you would cuz I would too!" I replied. Right then I saw Victoria fall to the ground, I protected her by letting her land on me. I was hit too, by something hard or someone cuz it hurt. A sharp pain went to my neck, that's the last of what I saw and felt.

(Louis's POV)

"Oh noooooooo.. Why have we done!" I said. We should have just worn disguises instead of running fast. "Lads what do we do not thing quick I think some fans are realizing us" Niall said. I looked down at a girl she was so beautiful, we'll just take them theirs no other choice. "We will pick then up and take them with us but quick" I said. Niall was daydreaming looking in to the other girls eyes. "Lad do you hear me, take her with us" I said. He shook his head and picked her up, maybe they he likes her. "Run!" Zayn screamed. We all looked at where he was looking and we saw a bunch of fans running towards us. We ran to the door. "I think we lost them" Harry said. "We better have they've gone mad!" Leam said. I sat down and instantly felt the girl moving on top of me. "Look this one is waking up" I said with excitement.

(Victorias POV)

"Hello love" I heard. I opened my eyes to see all of one direction around me. I was about to scream, no keep it cool keep it together play it smooth. "Hi it this one direction?" I asked. No shit it's one direction of course it is I just sound stupid. "Yes it is who are you love?" Harry asked. "I'm Victoria" I answered. How did I get here? Maybe they are the people who bumped into us running! This is totally chicken orienta! But wait where is karisma?!

"Where is my friend karisma?!" I jumped and screamed. I popped up and hit my head on Louis head. "Ahh!" I exclaimed. We both rubbed our heads. "Oh my lord Louis I am so sorry it was so very stupid of me and just very protective of her" I said. I looked over at where everybody else was looking. I saw her laying down. The Gus backed away from me and I looked at Karisma. I felt a shock up my spine. "Something happened bad to her I can feel it" i said. The guys looked at me crazy but I didn't care. I felt behind her neck and felt something slimy. I looked at my hand and screamed. The boys opened their eyes wide and saw the blood coming out. I started to cry as they tried to stop the blood from going. Niall then put rubbing alcohol to clean up the blood from the couch and her neck and she woke up. Louis sat next to me and I shot up. "Did you guys use my enemy on me?" She asked. I ran up to her and have her a big hug. " you where bleeding and I got it on hand boys papered it out And Niall used enemy now your knowing?" I said. " yup" she answered. The boys looked at each other then at the boys. " secret language" we both said at the same time.

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