The unexpected


2. my ride or die

(Nialls POV)

She looks so beautiful with her long straight hair and her brown eyes. "Ooh i think Nialler has a crush, on... What's your name?" Harry said then asked. "Karisma" she answered. "Karisma!" Harry said. The way he lips moved when she said that made me feel alive. And her voice can make a deaf baby go to sleep. Her sparkling eyes make me want her even more. "Ohh.. Niall is that my blood all over your hands and face?" Karisma asked. I looked down at my hands then looked into her eyes and noded. "Think I like he Ouy " Victoria said to Karisma. "Nah wish I" karisma responded. "True nahh but yup for sure" Victoria said. Well their secret language I guess. My stomach growled. "You girls hungry?" Zayn asked. "Yes" they both responded in unison. "Watcha wanna eat?"Leam asked. "Food" they responded. "What kind of food?" Harry asked. "The kind you put in your mouth" they answered. "What flavor?" Louis asked. "Delicious" they answered. "You girls want pizza" I said. "You read our minds" Victoria said. Victoria and Louis walked towards each other and hugged. They started talking and Louis held her hand. Well, atleast he isn't shy. But karisma probably doesn't like me so why bother. She is too good for me. "We will. Start to get ready" Leam said. "Okay" I answered. "Try to win her over lad" Zayn said. "Yeah don't be shy I think she likes you too" Harry joined. " okay but let me clean the blood off of me first" I said. I went to the sink and cleaned every last bit of blood off. Louis, Victoria, and Karisma where talking in a group now. Well I guess I could go Join In their. I waled in between Louis and Karisma. "Hello may I join in?" I asked. " of course" Karisma answered quickly. She was shaking like crazy. Louis and Victoria started talking slowly walking away from us. "You cold love?" I asked. She looked up to me with puppy eyes and nodded her head. I took of my jacket an out it around her. "Thank you" she said. He then stopped chipping her teeth. Slowly she she shook less and less until she stopped. "Did you really stop me from bleeding and put my enemy on me... I mean rubbing alcohol" she said. "Yup and sorry about your enemy, or rubbing alcohol" I answered. She smiled when I said enemy. And I will do anything for her to keep that smile. "Sorry you had to clean up my bloody mess" she said. "No love it was probably our faults I must've hit our head when I picked you up, when we ran into you and Victoria" I said. She smiled even more. We stared at each other for a while until I heard a strange loud sound. Karisma and Victoria looked at their stomach and clutched them. "I'm starving" they both said. "What's the last time you ate?" Louis asked. "Two whole hours ago" they both responded. "Nail we have people like you now, I never knew their where more" Louis said. I smiled and looked at Karisma. I need to get a good look of her. Her beautiful face they shoulders her stomach. Wow, I think she starves herself. "Karisma love do you eat?" I asked. "Yes" she answered confusingly. "Well how many times a day do you eat?" I asked. "From ten to sixteen big meals, why?" She answered. "Just asking you have no stomach" I said. Then the boys entered with a big five boxes of pizza. The girls ran to sit down next to each other the order from left to right was me, Karisma, Victoria, Louis, Harry, Leam, and Zayn. We started eating and Karisma ate a whole box. So did Victoria. Ok she didn't lie she does eat a lot but not more than me. I grabbed two boxes for me and started eating. "Can I have a slice Niall?" Karisma asked. She sounded so sweet when she talked an her eyes sparkled. My mouth was full so I just handed her a slice. "Ohhh Niall loves Karisma he never shared food so he loves her" all the boys said at different times getting louder. But my focus stayed on her beautiful eyes."Karisma this might be a bad time but, I want to take you to dinner tonight" I asked. Her eyes brightened up with happiness. "Of course I'll go with you" she responded. I was happy; score for Nialler. The boys where shocked and happy.

(Louis POV)

Aww Niall asked Karisma out, they are a good couple. But I've only held hands with Victoria. Victoria looked at me and smiled. " so love what seats do you have to see us" I asked. "Front row, and back stage passes" she answered. "Well I would have still seen your beautiful face anywhere today if I hadn't bumped into you today" I said. She smiled and looked into my eyes. Her beautiful face light up with happiness and excitement. We stared at each other for a while

but then a tap on the shoulder came to my attention. "You and Niall need to get ready now" the person said. It was Simon Cowell! " I haven't seen you in a while what are you doing here?!" I said with eximent. "Checking on you guys, and who are these two beautiful ladies? Where did you find them?" Simon asked. "We where doing the casual run and hide when we bumped into them" I answered. Simon nodded and rolled his eyes. "And we found them on the flor" Niall added. "You guys can only do that if you are paying at attention of where your going" Simon said.

He put his finger up to his mouth as to be quiet and walked towards the lads. Niall and Karisma look at where Simon was going. He scared the other boys bad where they ran away and, jumped up and screamed like little girls. I started laughing hard and I couldn't stop. Victoria payed on my chest and me leaning on the couch. We where crying if laughter. Karisma and Niall where laughing so hard they where crying and rolling on the flor. Simon was laughing hard too. The boys where making comment like "that's not funny" or "you scared the life out of me." Me and Victoria stopped. A short while after Simon stopped. We sat down on the couch; her head on my chest cuddling. I had butterflies in my stomach. They all slowly went away when I closed my eyes. It feels soo right. Victoria slowly started to fall asleep. "Victoria love, can I take you somewhere special later tonight" her eyes light up with happiness. She nodded then continued to fall asleep. She fell asleep in my arms and I fell asleep too.

(Victorias POV)

I woke up on Louis chest. "Wake up Louis he has to go on stage and we have to go to our seats" Karisma said. "Babe wake up" I told Louis. He woke up. Wait... I said babe ohh god hope he doesn't like get creeped out. He opened his eyes. He walked to the stage. Good thing he didn't you know maybe not hear me. "Here Karisma let me see your phone" Niall said to Karisma. She handed it to him and he made a contact. I grabbed my phone and took Karisma with me. We ran into our seats and gave the tickets to the security guard. One direction came out and we stood up, smiled and waved. Louis came eye to eye with me. He waved at me. Some girls looked at me crazy and some screamed with excitement. Niall threw a kiss at Karisma and when he looked away she screamed like a fan. Ehh seems normal. Louis blew me a kiss and made a heart. We watched all the girls go crazy and then give me dirty looks. Haha it looks funny, they're just jealous. They started singing and I just Looked into Louis eyes. He was so cute when he sang. The way his lips moved made me want him more and more. Wait I already have him, I can't believe he asked me out. Why me? Over another rich looking girl he can have. She is better for him than me. He looked at me while he was singing and smiled. I smiled back. Me and Karisma started dancing and singing along to the song (even if we can't dance) we where playing a game that we guess what song comes up next. "Each lad will call up one girl and we will sing a song with them" Harry said. Harry took a girl from the way back and brought her to the front. Zayn took a five hear old to the front. Leam took an older lady to the front. Niall pick up Karisma bridal style and brought her to the front. They where on the big screen! Niall kissed her cheek and put her down up front. "Get on my back" Louis said. "I weigh too much" I said. Girls where screaming saying comments like "take me" or "please". I jumped on his back. The then ran saying "supermaaaaaaaaaaannnn". Everybody laughed. Harry went first singing "What makes you beautiful". She didn't sing that good at all her voice cracked up and Harry looked at her funny. Then it was Zayn, the little girl was so cute she sounded like.. A little girl. Then it was Liam, the girl sounded like ehh okay-ish. Then it was Niall and Karisma, o my lord they sang perfectly in harmony! She should be a singer. "What song do you want to song babe" Louis asked. Aww he called me babe, he is so sweet. "Stole my heart" I said. It might relate to us. He told a guy an it started playing I sang the first part "the light shines, it's getting hot on my shoulders,I don't mind, cuz this time it doesn't matter, cuz you friends, they look good, but you look better" I sang. Everybody's eyes widened Louis smiled and sang "don't you know all Night I've been waiting for a girl like you to come around, round, round?" Louis sang. We sang the rest of the song lyric by lyric facing the crowd them screaming singing along. "Steal my heart tonight" we both ended the song. Everybody cheered for us. Wow was Louis that good? Well his cuteness is enough for them. Louis pulled me fast face to face. Then he leaned in and kissed me. It was short but sweet, my first kiss! Niall and Karisma where already kissing. They could be voted cutest couple. The boys brung every girl back to their seat. The rest of the concert was fun. It went an hour late. "All people with backstage passes come to the stage" Harry said. Ten girls squealed and went to the front. The security guards check me an Karisma's passes first. Then we walked to the back of the stage. I see Louis waving I wave back. Karisma and Niall wave at each other. I swear their eyes brighten when they are with each other. "Hey" a girl says behind me. Me and Karisma turn around. "Hi" Karisma says happily. "You two where singing on stage right?" The girl next to her says. We both nod. "Well back away from them their ours, don't kiss them again! Niall is mine and Louis is my friends so back away or you'll wish you did cuz you'll be dead" the other girls says. " yup Louis is mine" the other girl who Louis supposedly belongs too. "Bitch no, you both are too ugly for them they deserve somebody better that you. You are a hoe you can see it from across the world, so stop thinking your all that cuz your not" Karisma said. I looked at her, she learns from the best. The girls roll their eyes and walk away. "You think we should tell them?" Karisma said. "Yup" I said. "But together" I added. We walks up to Niall drinking water. "Niall" Karisma said. Niall turned around and smiled. Their was fear on Karisma's eyes. "What happened babe?" Niall asked concerned. "These two girls told us to back off of you and Louis and she said she will kill us if we told you or stayed with you" Karisma said. A tear ran down her cheek, followed by more. Niall hugged her and one ran down his. "Nothing will happen to you, I will protect you okay. I don't want to see you cry it makes me cry" Niall said. Karisma and Niall stopped crying. The boys looked at them and came toward us. "What happened" Zayn asked. I started to cry. Louis hugged me. "Tell me what's happening" Louis said worriedly. "People want to kill me and Karisma cuz we are with you guys and, if we told you they said they will kill us" I said my voice cracking. All the guys eyes widened. "Dot worry don't pay attention to them we will protect you" Leam said. "Yes you guys are now family to us" Harry said. Aww where family I feel special now. Louis kissed my forehead. I whipped away my tears. Me and Louis let go. I saw the two girls. They made the cut your head off sighn. I started to cry again. "They just made a sign saying I'm going to kill you they are still behind you" I whispered. Louis turned round. The other guys heard me and spotted them two. "I have a plan, Karisma said that you guys would never like them. So look at them crazy and don't pay attention to them" I said. All the guys nodded and Louis let go of me. "And one of us will follow you guys around secretly" Harry said. Karisma and me walked away. We went to the bathroom. We whipped away our tears. We walked out of the bathroom. I saw Harry in the distance taking secret glances at us. "So you told them right" it came from behind us. Me and Karisma looked and it was the two girls again. "Nope why would we?" I said, "cuz you both where crying" the one who wants Niall said. "Nope we had spicy chicken nuggets they sold at the stand thingies, with extra hot sauce. It makes you cry" Karisma said. The girls looked at us funny. "Well we saw you guys with them so we will kill you" the one that want Louis said. Karisma held my arm. Harry was right behind the girls. They both pulled out knifes, Harry put them both in head locks. Karisma tried to grab a knife and it went right thru her stomach. I knocked the knife out of the other girls hand. The boys ran to us. The police took the girls away. I cried hard. Karisma was Gushing blood and we didn't remove the knife. The ambulance came and took her away. Me and Niall went in the car as they tried to remove the knife from her. I Hugged her tight "stay with me Karisma please I can't loose you" I said crying. The guys where following the ambulance car. "Please babe please...I... I love you" Niall said. I can't believe it. I had flash backs of what happened, the girl who said Louis was hers.. She was going to stab me! Karisma saved me! "Niall Karisma saved my life, it's my fault" I said. My voice cracking tears running down her face. Niall gave me a hugged as we cried. "Ok try not to cry anymore" Niall said. I nodded as we backed away. That was awkward. But just as friends we are both scared and sad and a little mad it's just normal nothing more right?. We arrived at the hospital. They took her into the emergency room

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