A lonely girl's diary

This is a diary of girl named Khylie Montez a junior student in HS. Khylie was a misunderstood girl in their campus, she likes to eat alone, study alone, work on her project alone... She's always alone in whatever she does.
Find out what will happen in Khylie's life.


2. First day of school

June 4, 2014


I let out a sorrowful sigh  "Haaa... First day of school.. I wonder what kind of misery will happen to me this year?"  I went to our bulletin board to find my room & section  "Hmm... where is it...? Oh there! Class 3-A.. Who will be my classmates...?"  I slide my finger down the board  "Huu.. still the same-" My eyes widened when I saw my first crush's name listed in my section "N.. no, it couldn't be... H... he already went abroad.. Why did he returned?" I gave out a sigh and didn't mind it. After I saw the bulletin board I looked at my watch and didn't noticed that I was already late "Good heavens! I'm already late!" When I reached my classroom's door I suddenly stopped I thought to myself if I should enter or not and if I did enter I don't know what I'm going to say "Shit... what now Khylie..?" I looked at door for a few seconds.. "Ughh! never mind.." I opened the door slowly and was surprise by what I saw. Everybody's staring at me including my teacher "I... I... I... Well... I'm sorry I'm late!" They all laughed at me except for my crush, he was just staring at me... "Ok go to your seat beside Mr. Madrick but next time don't be late" I answered back with a nod. When my teacher said that name I was shocked and my knees started to shake but I didn't let anyone notice it. I quickly went to my assigned chair with my head downcast. Oh by the way Cloud Madrick was my very first crush when I was in grade school, I don't know why he became my crush but... He's kind, understanding, of course he's good looking too but most of all he's not like those other students who likes to mess up their classmates lives but he's a little bit of a joker sometimes. My heart was racing because this was the first time that I ever got to sit next to him, today was the first day and I already received my first luck and I hope that this could last forever. "E.. ehh?? what are you thinking about Khylie..? That's impossible... I'm a weirdo.." I whispered to myself. "Khylie...?" Woa! Did I just heard him called my name? What now!? "Khylie..!?"  I heard him called my name again. "A... We... Well... I... I was just memorizing something!" He looked like he didn't believed me but he said OK then he turned his attention back to our teacher, my heart was racing again but this time I couldn't breathe normally anymore, it feels like I want to scream because he noticed me for the first time AND called my name! "Khylie Montez! are you listening?" I was surprised when our teacher called my name. "Y... yes sir!?"  My classmates laughed like there was no tomorrow and I felt my luck suddenly went down the drain. Hours passed, our school was finally over... I was expecting to have friends but... I failed, they all think of me as a weirdo.
Well that's all that happened today, I wonder what'll happen tomorrow? I hope something good comes out. (the picture above is Cloud's picture)

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