A lonely girl's diary

This is a diary of girl named Khylie Montez a junior student in HS. Khylie was a misunderstood girl in their campus, she likes to eat alone, study alone, work on her project alone... She's always alone in whatever she does.
Find out what will happen in Khylie's life.


1. A little about me

My name is Khylie Montez, I'm a Junior and I go too Einzbern Academy. My mom gave me this diary as a present for my 15th birthday, My mother's name is Ella Montez she works as a waitress in a fast food restaurant and as for my father... He died when I was 8 due to stress and heart failure, since then my mother raced me alone but I repay all of my mother's hard work through my studies, I always make sure that my grades are in good condition... But the thing is.. I'm only good at studying, cooking, house hold chores... except for one thing, I'm not good at making friends. When I was a freshman back then I tried to fit in but it didn't seem to work.. They didn't noticed me at all, so now in our campus I'm labeled as the top 1 loner and weirdo in our school. Haaa... What's the point? I mean if I keep on trying to feet in, I might become like those cruel students, I don't want to be like them.. And also, I have this crush when I was in sophomore, but guess what? He just played with my heart, he acted as if he loved me because he was dared to do so. Right now, I don't tend to greet everyone in our hallway since I want to be left alone. Hmmm... Well I guess you can say that all of my luck went down the drain. Never mind.. I'll just have to put on this fake smile until I graduate, at least they won't see me cry. Note: I'll update everyday
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