Full Circle

A girl called Alice goes to the shed in her garden to find books, however upon opening the books, strange things start to happen.


2. The shed

Upon entering the back kitchen into the garden, Alice's world immediately melted behind her leaving an exclamation of trees both barren and with lush greenery. The slick downpour of the rain pelted her face as she looked up, her mind in the ash coloured sky and her gravity centred.

Closing her eyes, Alice began to twist and turn her way through the narrow path, starting over as already her ruined boots squelched through the rich oozing mud. Stumbling to the russet worn door, she took an experimental step forward, slowly turning the silver knob of the latch clockwise. Alice intensified her gaze towards the frosted mint tiles overlapping the structure of the shed as the door swung forward acknowledging her arrival.  

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