Full Circle

A girl called Alice goes to the shed in her garden to find books, however upon opening the books, strange things start to happen.


3. No fear

"No fear," she breathed to herself as the punctured odour of mildew and mothballs invaded her nostrils so mush so that she had to cover her nose with the holes of her sweater. Gingerly stepping inside, there was a gargantuan wall sized bookshelf that groaned underneath the magnanimous upheaval of books drenched with dust.

Never in Alice's sixteen years had she dared to dream what lied beyond the rising stack of books. With the heart of a child and the wit of a fool, she began to climb eagerly over the vintage ceiling fan propped against a crater of of socket plugs. As she soared up higher and closer to the bookshelf, the preternatural atmosphere rested on her shoulders when she almost slipped off the ramshackle furniture...   

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