Half Bad

He’s half white witch . . . half black witch.
His mother was a healer . . . his father is a killer.
He’s wanted by no one . . . but hunted by everyone.


2. the trick

There's these two kids, boys, sitting close together, squished in by the big arms of an old chair. You're the one on the left. The other boy's warm to lean close to and he moves his gaze from the telly to you, sort of in slow motion. 'You enjoying it?' be asks. You nod. He puts his arm round you and turns back to the screen. Afterwards you both want to try the thing in the film. You sneak the big box of matches from the kitchen drawer and run with them to the woods. You go first. You light the match and h old it between your thumb and forefinger, letting it burn right down until it goes out. Your fingers are burnt but they hold the blackened match. The trick works. The other boy tries it too. Only he doesn’t do it. He drops the match. Then you wake up and remember where you are.
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