Short Stories

These are just a bunch of short stories that I've put together. Some of them will be fanfiction and other won't be.
Ps. Please no flames :)


1. The Traveller

*The guy in the picture's supposed to be the main character in this story, but he's better known as Skin Bolic's human-form (he's a Noah)*

On his way back to his home he came across a young man who’d collapsed at the side of the road, the young mans name was Utakata. Having an older son, he wanted to help him and brought him to his home. But when they got back they were greeted by some awful news. While he had been at the district office his son had passed away, he was angry and miserable. How could they send him away when his son needed him most? How could they be so… heartless?

The young man stayed with them for seven nights and seven days. He had grown fond of Utakata and so had his children, they had come to think of him as an older brother, one of his sons in particular had become great friends with him. Ajay was the eldest child and being eight-teen made him only one year younger than Utakata.

But even though his children were slowly getting over the death of their younger brother he was not, and now that Utakata was here helping around the place he had very little work to do and had more time to dwell on his lost son. The two hundred baht that he had collected was spent on getting food for the whole village so it all went very quickly.

On the day that Utakata was going to leave his oldest son came to him and said. “Pa, I have decided to travel the world with Utakata. Would that be alright?” This made him feel very sad that yet another of his sons were leaving him. ‘Well at least he’s alive, even if he’s leaving us.’ A little voice said in his head. So he agreed to let him go.

He had never felt this useless in his life, one of his sons were dead while another had left to travel the world with in almost complete stranger, and he let him go. He hoped that he was alright and he wished that the weather would do something beside be sunny. Maybe if it weren’t so sunny the snake wouldn’t have bitten his son and he would still be alive or maybe if it was raining Ajay and Utakata wouldn’t of left. There were so many IF’s and Maybe’s. He had lost two sons in the space of a few days and it was all because of the sun.

The sun is an evil thing here; it is forever shining down upon them, mocking them because they are all at its mercy and they can’t do anything about it. Many of his fellow villagers hate and fear the sun “goddess” Amaterasu, they curse her name. He is one of those people. “How could Amaterasu do this to us.” They would say or “How could Amaterasu be so heartless.”

He understood that they needed the sun for certain things like, helping the crops to grow and-. He couldn’t think of any other reasons why they needed the sun so this made him even angrier with her.



Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed my first very short story :D 
Oh and some of you might recognise Ukataka from something and if you do then you've either watched Naruto Shippuden or you're psychic ;)

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