Short Stories

These are just a bunch of short stories that I've put together. Some of them will be fanfiction and other won't be.
Ps. Please no flames :)


4. The Phantomhive Manor


The ginormous double oaken doors swung outwards on silent iron hinges to reveal a huge marble entrance hall; chandeliers hung from the ceiling in exquisite flocks of diamonds and silver.

Next was the Study room; it was a very elegant place with a wide desk at one end of the room and a gigantic fireplace at the other, which was always lit with beautiful orange, crimson and canary coloured flames. Exotically decorated tapestries were draped along the walls of gorgeous waterfalls, exquisite mountain ranges and attractive looking jockeys riding there strikingly handsome steads.

After the Study we went into the Dining Hall where a table as long as the room stood, laden with every sort of food that you could imagine; roasted ducks laid in beds of lettuce, roast pork, lamb, chicken and beef were all adorned in divine smelling gravies and mint-jelly. (I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called)

Then we went outside; the sweet sent of roses and the luxurious smell of freshly cut grass wafted through the breeze, while the sun shone happily down upon the garden, making everything look a brighter shade; the crimson roses were made redder, the emerald grass greener and the sapphire bluebells as blue as the sky.

Lastly I was taken to my room; a double bed dominated the room, it’s pale green covers felt as soft as silk and as strong as metal, the frame was made out of pure Ash-wood, while the other pieces of furniture in the room were of Oak or Pine.

Minasan, kon'nichiwa *hello everyone*
This was a bit of descriptive writing that I did for my English homework the other week and so I thought that I'd post it on here... I apologise if it's terrible :)

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