Short Stories

These are just a bunch of short stories that I've put together. Some of them will be fanfiction and other won't be.
Ps. Please no flames :)


2. The Hidden Box

I was completely numb all over. This strange man that was sitting in front of me had a terrifying aura. I say man he was probably only in his late teens maybe even, if you stretched it, his early twenties and his eyes, he had these eyes that were the colour of liquid gold.

‘Who are you?’ Asked the man, cocking his head but keeping the look of only slight interest on his face.

‘I-I’m…’ I trailed off, I didn’t know what else to say. I searched my mind desperately trying to find my name somewhere in my memories, then I found it. ‘I’m Allen.’ I said, my voice no louder than a whisper. He smiled at my answer, it was a cruel sarcastic smile and it made what had once (a rather long time ago) been the brave part of me tremble in fear.

‘My name is Tyki.’ He replied, his voice dripped sarcasm and malice.

I had started to get my sight back at this point, I now noticed a little black wolf that was sitting by his leg and it had the small black cash-box in its mouth. It stared at me with big golden-brown eyes. I was so lost in those eyes that I almost jumped out of my skin when Tyki spoke. ‘Why are you here?’ It was a simple enough question.

I answered ‘To get that box.’ I said pointing at the box in the wolf’s mouth. ‘Oh but you can’t have that.’ He said. ‘Its Ryker’s toy, isn’t it princess.’ He finished, patting the lupine on the head fondly, while Ryker barked happily and looked up at her master in adoration.

I was just about to protest when there came a shout of ‘Tyki!’ and a few seconds later there was a girl, she had spiky, indigo hair that came stuck up in random directions and beautifully looking warm golden eyes, she stormed over to him, grabbed his ear and yelled. ‘I’ve told you to stop scaring people.’

‘Alright I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please let go of my ear it feels like you’re going to rip it off any minute.’ He added, looking at her pleadingly. She rolled her eyes at him and let go, then she turned and walked over to me. I flinched as she knelt down in front of me.

‘I’m sorry about my brother he can be… disobedient at times.’ She smiled, it wasn’t like her brother’s cruel one, it was filled with warmth and kindness.

‘By the way I’ll help you get the box back if you want.’ She added as if as an after thought. ‘Yes please.’ I whispered back gratefully. I had a feeling that this was going to turn out a lot better than I had hoped. 


Hi guys, I'm back!!!
Yes I know you've all missed me XD
Now as you can probably tell this is a D. Gray-man fanfic so I hope that you enjoyed it :D

~ Insanity's4Eva


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