Who Framed Klaris Cliff?

People used to call them ‘friends’ and said how they were good for your brain. And then a day came when all that changed. . .when they became the enemy.
Now, anyone found harbouring a rogue imaginary person is in for the cosh – an operation that fries your imagination and zaps whatever’s in there, out of existence.
That’s why I wish Klaris Cliff had never shown up. And why I know that proving her innocence is the last hope of saving myself.
Funny, quirky, and intriguing – a gripping read.


1. A Small Hand

We were talking about the old days, and I remembered the weirdest things. Like people calling them ‘friends’. And how they said they were good for your brain. Some families even laid a place for them at dinner.

Then I thought about the day it changed. The day Shorefield happened.

It was on TV. A newsflash cut through the kids’ programmes. We saw the victims being rolled out on trolleys, their faces covered over. A camera zoomed in on a small hand dangling from underneath a sheet.

The next day they put on a special assembly at school and the kids who had them were taken into another room.

The headmaster told the rest of us that we should never play make-believe games by ourselves, because that’s how it happens.

That’s how they get in. 

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