Boys Don't Knit

Meet Ben Fletcher: accidental criminal. Liar. Master of mohair. After an unfortunate incident with a lollipop lady, Ben narrowly avoids the Young Offenders Unit. He is told to Give Something Back to the community to develop his Sense of Social Alignment, so he takes up knitting. Of course.


5. 8th July

8th July


It’s 6.37am and I’ve just woken up. I’ve had that dream again about Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard and thought I’d better scribble it down before I forget it all. He’s living in our loft (in the dream), and is clearly on the run from something or someone. I can hear the studs on his football boots tapping around up there as he slowly paces.


I wonder if I could discover what it is he’s running from whether it might make things clearer. This dream interpretation thing is really interesting. I downloaded a free ebook about it yesterday. I’ve noticed my dreams have been vivid and a bit weird since the incident with the lollipop lady and the book says that it’s quite common for stressful or life-changing events to trigger a period of intense dreaming as your brain tries to make sense of it all. Everything can be interpreted somehow and it’s never straightforward. Apparently, everything’s an allegory or a metaphor or a symbol of something else, though I’m not convinced there could be many alternative interpretations of my recurring dream about Jennifer Lawrence. Perhaps the massage oil isn’t really massage oil?

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