1D imagines

I'll try to to all your imagines


3. for regitze

"Regitze can we please watch the human centipede the new one " Louis pleaded you , pouting. You let out a nervous laugh " I'm only saying yes coz I can't resist that pout" you said slowly . And within seconds the movie was put in Louis sat beside you with popcorn . And you regretted the words which came out if your mouth a few minutes before . "Lou ...I'm scared " you said hiding behind him . " awww baby it is just a movie not real " he said embracing u in a warm hug " ok then let's not watch this "he said embracing u in a warm hug and switching off the tv and cuddling with you and sooner or later you guys were asleep n before Louis fell asleep he said I love u n kissed yur beautiful blond hair

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