1D imagines

I'll try to to all your imagines


2. for Hannah

You were on your way to meet your boyfriend Harry . He had told you to come to the beach and he said he had a surprise for you . You soon arrived at the beach and saw your boyfriend in tux waiting for you "awww Harry " you cooed as you hugged him "kitten come with me he said and let you to wear there was a picnic he prepared all by himself and it was surrounded all by candles "wow " you said in amazement . You sat down with him and ate your dinner which was at 5 but yet .... So after you finished he let you to another corner of the beach and there rose petals spelled out "HANNAH I LOVE YOU " you were touched you ran over to him hugged him and said "thank you haz I love you too " and you kissed him sweetly

Hope you liked it Hannah

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