A Penny For Your Thoughts, Kimberly?

George is a typical, cliche, popular guy who's life is turned around when he finds a diary of a 15 year old girl who lived in 1994, he reads it and soon realises that there are pages missing. He spends his time trying to find the pages and soon it's clear that he's fallen for the Kimberly, the girl that he hasn't even met.


1. Prologue

The year was 1994 in London. 15 year old Kimberly Wilson was the sort of person that everyone would try to avoid, she was antisocial, she loved books and she was virtually invisible to everyone.
  Then Kimberly made a decision that would change her life, she didn't join the cheer team or ask a jock out. She started writing a diary. She wrote and wrote and wrote; sometimes she would stay up late just to finish what she wanted to write. Her diary wasn't any usual diary about love, loss and heartbreak. Her diary was an outsider’s view on society. She wrote about herself as well, her thoughts about events going on, about her family and about the few friends that she did have.
  Then, when she ran out of space in her notebook, she got a Dictaphone and started recording her thoughts, this made her gain confidence and finally she became somebody.

The year is 2014 also in London. 16 year old George Lane has just moved to his sister’s old room after she was shipped off to University, George is the sort of person everyone wants to know, he’s confident, he loves sports and everyone knows him.
  But, due to a dodgy floorboard, his world and Kimberly’s world will come together and he slowly but surely falls for this 15 year old girl who he hasn't even met. 

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