A Penny For Your Thoughts, Kimberly?

George is a typical, cliche, popular guy who's life is turned around when he finds a diary of a 15 year old girl who lived in 1994, he reads it and soon realises that there are pages missing. He spends his time trying to find the pages and soon it's clear that he's fallen for the Kimberly, the girl that he hasn't even met.


3. Chapter Two

George handed Mrs Williams the diary after everyone had left class, she was very impressed. She looked through it, not reading it but looking at the pages and the detailed handwriting and she saw that pages were missing just as George had.
  “Are you going to search for the pages?” She asked him finally. He shrugged, not being able to look her in the eye as he felt unworthy. “You should, I would love to read it once you have the pages.”
  “I’ll see what I can do,” He replied and took the diary back, he was about to leave when Mrs Williams touched his shoulder.
  “If you need help with this don’t hesitate to tell me.” George nodded and walked out of the classroom where Julian and Fawn were waiting.
  “What took you so long? We’re going to be late for P.E. and stupid Miller’s going to be angry,” Fawn complained, George avoided answering by changing the subject to Adam since he used to be in Fawn’s Maths class.
  “You were talking to Adam? Why?” Julian asked, George shrugged and waited for Fawn to reply.
  “Adam is so funny and sweet, he used to sit next to me and I just enjoyed it so much then he got kicked out for sleeping in class three times.” George’s eyes widened, who could sleep in class three times? George had tried to go to sleep once in class and it completely failed.
  “Julian, George, you’re late! Get in here!” Mr Caun shouted from down the hall, the boys ran forward, leaving Fawn alone to deal with Miss Miller’s rage. “What took you so long, boys?!”
  “We were talking to our History teacher,” I replied and we went into the changing rooms. “Sorry Julian.”
  “It’s cool, why were you talking to the babe anyway?” George rolled his eyes when he heard Julian say ‘babe’.
  “It was nothing, just about the book,” He lied and got changed into his P.E. kit.
  “Oh, that’s cool, I think I’ll just go on the internet to check what it’s about, too lazy to read it,” He said. “Hurry up, let’s go we’ve got basketball.”


After P.E. and the next class which was English it was lunch and George, Julian and Fawn sat together outside, eating their lunch while girls watched. George hated the attention a lot and he had hoped that Fawn and him dating would keep them away but no such luck.
  “Hey, George.” George knew that that was Cara and he didn’t even want to look at her at that moment in time. “Georgie, look at me.”
  “No one wants to look at you, Cara, leave my baby alone,” Fawn said and George smirked as he heard Cara stamp her foot in frustration.
  “I know that you two aren’t going out,” Cara said and all the girls staring at George looked at Cara instead.
  “How are you going to prove that then, Cara?” Fawn asked, Cara smiled knowingly and walked closer to the friends.
  “If you’re going out,” She said and then her voice dropped to a whisper. “Kiss.” George and Fawn faces immediately heated up and they looked straight at each other.
  “Are we really doing this?” Fawn mouthed to George, George shrugged. “Well, do you want to?”
  “I don’t mind,” He mouthed back and he was very surprised when Fawn came over and sat next to him.
  “Let’s just do this,” She whispered and leaned closer to him, he leaned in too until their lips touched. George melted into the kiss and soon felt Fawn relax too but they instantly split apart when they heard Mr Duncan, the deputy head teacher.
  “Public displays of affection are strictly banned in this school, you should know this George, Fawn,” He said and they blushed not able to look at each other. “I’ll let it slid because you’re such a cute couple.”
  “Thanks sir,” George said and got up. “I’m gonna go to the library, see you guys later.” George went to the library and managed to get a computer; he went onto Google and typed in Kimberly Wilson London 1994. An article came up about her that she talked a girl from her school out of suicide and since The Virgin Suicides had come up that year everyone thought that it was because of the book that she helped her, George thought that it was because Kimberly was a good person.
  “What are you doing?” Someone said next to him, he looked up and saw a brunette girl looking at the computer screen, she didn’t seem obsessed or anything around him so he assumed that she was new.
  “Just looking at an article from 1994,” He replied, she nodded.
  “Who’s Kimberly Wilson?” She asked, taking some books from the shelf labelled John Green who he presumed was an author that she liked.
  “Just a girl,” He whispered and she put her head next to his, looking at the computer screen closer.
  “A girl who saved someone from suicide, she’s not just a girl,” She said and sat next to him. “I wish I could do what she did, maybe my sister wouldn’t be dead then.”
  “Your sister committed suicide?” George asked, trying to be delicate.
  “Yeah, last year, no one saw it coming, she was always so happy,” She replied and tried to smile. “That’s why I came to this school, to get away from everyone telling me that I was going to commit suicide too.”
  “That’s horrible.” She studied George’s face for any signs that he was joking or being sarcastic.
  “I’m Madeline, call me Maddie,” She said and held out her hand to him, he shook it.
  “I’m George, it’s nice to meet you, and I hope I’ll see you around.” She laughed and stood up, taking her books with her.
  “I doubt it I’m in the year under you, see you around,” She said and walked off, probably out of his life forever.


George had got The Virgin Suicides from the library and when he got back from school he scavenged his room for the missing pages from Kimberly’s diary, under the floorboards, behind furniture, everywhere. When dinner came around he had about given up with the search and his parents were worried about him.
  “What have you been doing since you came back from school?” His Mum asked and George shrugged.
  “I lost some pages of a diary and I was looking for them.” His Dad gave him a look of shame and George glared back at him. “What?”
  “You lost diary pages, you are such a sissy,” His Dad replied and his Mum was about to say something but stopped when his Dad gave her an intimidating look. “Why can’t you bring girls round every day and be like me instead of like a girl?”
  “Shut up!” George yelled, standing up and slamming his hands on the table. “What do you even know about girls?! You think that cheating on Mum is a good thing, you are an utter retard!”
  “What?” His Mum said and looked to his father for an explanation. “What did he mean by you cheating on me?”
  “Yeah, what did I mean, Dad?” George had a devilish grin on his face as he enjoyed seeing his Dad squirm but he felt sorry for his Mum for being in love with a monster. David said nothing and Lydia walked upstairs, slowly and calmly which was somehow scarier than if she would have ran up the stairs.
  “If we split up it’s your entire fault, George.” George gave him a blank look and started walking up the stairs after his mother. “Your fault, George!” He found his Mum in her room crying her eyes out, he kneeled next to her and held her hands. He felt so guilty and just wanted everything to be alright, meaning that David wouldn’t be there. That would never happen though as his Dad was the one who made the most money and paid for groceries and clothes among other things.
  Lydia’s eyes were red from crying and she was wiping them as hard as she could to try to stop her eyes from leaking.
  “Mum, are you alright? I didn’t mean to upset you but I felt like you had to know.” His Mum shook her head, vigorously.
  “It isn’t your fault, darling.” George’s hands patted his hands. “I’ve always suspected something, who is it he’s with?”
  “Sarah’s old English teacher, Miss Lewis,” George replied and ran his hands through his hair. “Maybe that’s he’s always liked Sarah more than me or because I’ve always known about it.”
  “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He stood up and rubbed his arm nervously. “What is it, George? What’s going on?”
  “He threatened me, he said that if I told you he’d break my arms and legs but I was just so mad at him that I had to tell you.” Lydia held him tightly and kept telling him that everything was going to be alright. She lied.


George asked his Mum about where the pages could be and Lydia told him that they could be in the attic because Sarah had moved some of her things there before she left. George went to the attic with a flashlight and looked through cardboard box after cardboard box without success until he came to one right at the back. The box was full of books and pages, he read through them to look for one that might belong with Kimberly’s diary.
  30 minutes went by without any that belonged to Kimberly but then he came across one and then another and then another. He didn’t really want to go downstairs and see his Dad who was pissed or his Mum who was on the verge of an emotional breakdown so he stayed up there to read the pages, luckily he had brought Kimberly’s diary with him.

July 8th 1994

Dear Diary,
Finally it is Friday and that means one more week until the summer holidays. I am sort of looking forward to it and sort of not, I mean, I do enjoy not going to school and not seeing bimbos and jocks for a while but school is my escape from home. My parents hate me because I’m not the popular person they want me to be but they absolutely adore my sister, Shannon, and my brother, William.

Shannon is an amazing singer and my parents think that she’s going to be the next Madonna even though she’s only 13. William is a douche jock, he brings round a different girl every day and plays so many sports that I have completely lost count of them. They don’t like me either which sucks because I’ve got no one at home to hang out with. No one.

George felt so sorry for her the only person he could talk to at home was Sarah and she left. He would talk to his Mum but that’s no fun and she doesn’t understand anything that he talks about. He wished that he could take her from 1994 and bring her to 2014 to be with him but he couldn’t. He didn’t know why he was invading her privacy but he just wanted to know more about her.

Everyone was excited that it was Friday and they were all really hyper and it was clear that everyone was going to get into trouble. Patricia and I sat in the art classroom, she was painting something and I was reading The Virgin Suicides because we were doing a project on it in English.

I was almost finished it and it’s a really good book to be honest, I was expecting it to be extremely boring but it wasn’t. We were asked why we thought the girls had committed suicide and in my opinion it was because Cecilia was a depressed person who was always outshone by her older sisters and she just wanted it all to end. Then her sisters felt guilty but carried on with their lives but then when their parents were stricter they had enough, they invited the boys over so they would tell someone straight away and then killed themselves.

Not exactly the happiest book in the world but it was very real in some ways.

George was feeling tired but he was determined to carry on reading. It was weird what a coincidence it was that he had to read the same book that she had read.
  George heard yelling from downstairs and wanted to block it all out with music. He dug through a box he had looked through earlier and found a CD player and CDs, the CDs were Bruno Mars’ new album. He put them in and turned it on while he carried on reading.

Bad things happened today. I was verbally abused a lot for some reason but that was fine because it happened from time to time, people have opinions and they’re not afraid to tell everyone. Something really bad happened next though, I was walking to my next lesson which was downstairs and when I reached the stairs I got pushed down.

I was alright as there isn’t many stairs in our school but I did have to visit the nurse and go home in case I had a concussion. My parents blamed this incident on me and I was wondering how the heck I could control someone’s mind and make them push me down the stairs.

I was so thankful that it was Saturday tomorrow so I didn’t have to face anyone the next day except for my family. I went to bed as soon as I went home and started writing in my diary now I’m feeling tired so I’ll fill my future self in with myself tomorrow.

George gathered all the pages into the book and turned off the CD player. The yelling had stopped. He went into his room quietly and went to bed, leaving the diary next to his bed. Before he fell asleep he heard his Dad’s voice yelling from downstairs.
  “I am never coming back!” George smiled and drifted off to sleep, happy for once.


George was woken up by his Mum shaking his shoulders and saying his name. George was too tired to wake up so he just lay there but Lydia wouldn’t give up and carried on shaking his shoulders.
  “What?!” He yelled and his Mum sat on his bed.
  “Your father’s left me for Miss Lewis and we’re getting a divorce.” She actually looked sad about it but that was probably because they had been married for so long and she possibly was in love with him even though he was a total jerk. “Do you want to stay with me or him?”
  “You, of course.” His mother smiled sadly and got up.
  “Would you mind staying home from school? I just want someone there for me during this time.” George nodded and was about to get out of bed. “You can go back to sleep, I’ll still be here when you wake up.” He smiled and lay back down, he heard his door close softly and he thought that everything was alright at that moment. He was wrong.


When he woke up he picked up Kimberly’s diary and went downstairs where his Mum was watching The Jeremy Kyle Show. He sat next to her and she just stared at the TV like she was hypnotised by it.
  “That could be us at some point. A stereotypical problem family on a show to sort everything out,” George heard his Mum say. She stood up and went into the kitchen, he was worried about her but he guessed that he just needed to give her space. He opened Kimberly’s diary and started reading it.

July 9th 1994

Dear Diary,
Shannon came into my room and woke me up by yelling curse words at me, my parents must have heard but didn’t care because she was the precious little superstar and I was the plan 15 year old with no life outside of her books. William didn’t bother me which was good because I didn’t want to get verbally abused by an 18 year old who knew a lot more curse words than a 13 year old.

I stayed in bed, reading a book I had read about a million times until I finished it again. Then I got up and went downstairs where everyone was having lunch already and they failed to tell me. No one actually acknowledged my existence until I tried to get something to eat for lunch then my Mum told me that bitches aren’t allowed to eat anything.

I went hungry until Harry came round and we then we went out and got fish and chips. I explained everything to Harry and he was completely there for me and told me that it was the ‘Queen Bee’ Anna that pushed me. We met up with Madeline and her boyfriend later and she was a complete cow to me and Harry which made me really mad and upset.

Harry seemed to be ignoring her rudeness and acting like everything was okay, the thing is I don’t deceive myself like that. I tell myself the truth about everything, my family hates me, the majority of the school is against me and Madeline seemed to have something against us all of a sudden.

Harry and I left them after about an hour and he walked me home when we came to my front door he stopped and held my hand. He asked me if I was going to be okay and I told him that I was, he promised to be there whenever I needed him and then he stole my first kiss. It wasn’t like I expected because I thought I would at least consent to it. When he pulled away I was in shock and stutter ‘Goodbye’ before going into my house and stumbling to my room. Life just got more and more confusing.

George felt jealous of Harry even though he didn’t know him or Kimberly but sometimes he felt like Kimberly did then. Confused. 

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