A Penny For Your Thoughts, Kimberly?

George is a typical, cliche, popular guy who's life is turned around when he finds a diary of a 15 year old girl who lived in 1994, he reads it and soon realises that there are pages missing. He spends his time trying to find the pages and soon it's clear that he's fallen for the Kimberly, the girl that he hasn't even met.


2. Chapter One

George Lane was moving his belongings into his sister's old room; he had been waiting for this day for years. Sarah, his sister, always bragged about having the bigger room and George promised that one day the room would be his. Her going to University was the best thing that could have happened to him, he got her old room and the belongings that she left behind that included her TV.

   George had brought most of his things into the room and moved them into the places that he thought it looked good in and now all he needed to move was his clothes. George brought in his clothes, struggling to carry the immense pile and due to him being too indolent to take more than one trip he fell over a broken floorboard which he would have seen if he had been carrying less.
   "Oh, come on!" George yelled, collecting the clothes that he had dropped. "What's wrong with this stupid floor?" He inspected the floorboard that he had fallen over and saw something shiny inside and being the curious person that he is, he decided to look at what it was. He dumped the clothes onto his bed and hoisted up the floorboard scarcely where he saw a pocket-sized, sparkly book in it; he took the book out and saw that on the front it read: Kimberly’s Private Diary.
  “Did Sarah write a diary in the name of Kimberly? How silly, she should have known that I’d find it,” George said and opened the book to the first page.

July 6th 1994

Dear Diary,
I’m not used to putting down my feelings and thoughts in words but here I go. I am unknown. I’m that nerd that no one likes, I’m that girl who’s just average and I’m that weird 15 year old who hasn’t even had a boyfriend.

  George stopped reading and realised that Sarah didn’t write it, it was an actual diary from a 15 year old in 1994, he was intrigued and so he read on, hoping for more information about this mysterious girl.

I don’t particularly enjoy writing about myself but this is a diary and that’s what it’s for but I think that I’ll talk about other people from my point of view, I will talk about myself and my family if there’s nothing else interesting going on though. I will write every day without fail but it’s not like anyone’s going to care if I don’t.

  “I’d care,” George whispered to himself, re-reading the last sentence and then closing the diary. He decided that he’d carry on reading it after he had finished putting his clothes away or they’d stay there for weeks on end, so he put Kimberly’s diary on the bedside table and picked up his clothing.
  “George, come downstairs for lunch!” His Mum yelled from downstairs, George put his clothing in the old, wooden wardrobe and walked down the creaking stairs where his Mum and Dad were sitting at the dining table with bowls of vegetable soup in front of them. “How’s the move going?”
  “I’m finished,” George said and sat down. “Well…almost, I have to change the bedding; I don’t want Sarah’s old duvet cover.”
  “I like her duvet cover, especially since she designed it herself,” His Dad, David, said, looking at his soup and not George. “She’s a designer and you should support her.”
  “I never said that I don’t, I just prefer my Adventure Time cover than her ghetto graffiti one.” George’s Dad glared at him and the tension hung in the air until George’s Mum, Lydia, coughed causing their gazes to part from each other.
  “So, George, how’s school?” Lydia asked, trying to change to apparently touchy subject.
  “It’s stupid, as usual,” George replied and finished the rest of his soup. “I’m going to my room.” He left the room, closing the door but stayed outside to listen to their conversation now that he’d left.
  “Why are you so hard on him?” His Mum said, annoyed at her husband.
  “He’s never going to amount to anything, he’s not like his sister,” David replied, George gulped but continued listening, slightly upset by what his Dad said.
  “Have you seen his drawings?” Lydia asked and there was silence. “I’ll take that as a no, if you paid any attention to him you’d see that he is way smarter than you think he is.” George silently thanked his Mother for sticking up for him and crept upstairs to his room. He was annoyed at his Dad but this was something that happened a lot, David had always favoured Sarah over George maybe it was because she got straight A’s or because she’s a girl or because he just didn’t like George but it was something like that.


Later, at about 10:30pm, George turned on the light on his phone and started reading Kimberly’s diary that seemed to be calling him, he wanted to know more about her and even though he hadn’t even met her he felt like if he read the diary all the way through he’d know her better and that’s what he wanted.

July 7th 1994

Dear Diary,
My friend, Madeline, has started seeing this boy called Robert; this is a terrible thing because Robert is known for being a bad boy. He smokes, he skips school and he’s…been with a lot of girls, physically if you know what I mean. Wait, it’s just me. Anyway, Robert is a bad guy and Madeline is determined not to tell her parents because she knows that they won’t approve.

I have tried to tell her that it isn’t right to be with Robert but she won’t listen to me and I don’t want to lose her as a friend, I don’t have many friends. Madeline, Patricia and Harry are my only friends, Madeline’s the pretty one that everyone likes, Patricia’s the artsy one who only likes things that no one knows about and Harry’s a jock but a kind one. I like having a few friends, it’s less complicated.

At lunch Madeline invited Robert to sit at our table and he agreed but only if his dumb friends could join him, which they did. So, we sat at the table with the bad boys and I kind of had enough when they got out their cigarettes so I left with Patricia and Harry but not before seeing Madeline take a cigarette from her beloved boyfriend.

George turned to the next page and his eyes widened when he realised that a page was missing, he sighed, put the diary on his bedside table, lay down and closed his eyes and eventually he drifted off to sleep. That night he dreamt about Kimberly, about what she looked like, about her life and dreaming of this made him happier than he had been in a while.


George was woken up by his alarm at 7:30, he had to go to school and being a 16 year old boy he was dreading it. He got changed into his itchy, navy school uniform and commenced to get his bag packed, he inserted all the customary school equipment and looked over at Kimberly’s diary and dwelled upon it, he then decided to just put it in his bag. That day he was on the hunt for the missing page and if there was that missing page, there were bound to be more but he’d come to that later.
  He walked out of his house, contemplating Kimberly, he was so deep in thought that he almost walked straight past his school but he was brought back to reality by his friend, Julian.
  “Hey, George, how’s having the big bedroom?” Julian asked, Julian and George had been friends since they were children and Julian had always had a small crush on Sarah and her going to University broke his heart but at least he could hang out in her old room all the time.
  “It’s awesome,” George replied and thought about telling Julian about the diary but decided not to, he wanted it to be his secret.
  “Did you find anything cool? Like, anything that Sarah used to own that you’d want to give to your best friend?” George laughed and put his arm around Julian, pulling him into the school building.
  “What are you laughing at, idiot?” George turned to the owner of the voice and saw a red haired, pale girl who had her arms folded across her chest and was leaning against a locker. She had a hateful expression on her face that soon faded when she burst out in laughter. “Hey, Georgie boy.”
  “Hey, Fawn,” George said and hugged the girl who was still laughing. “How was your weekend at your cousin’s house?”
  Fawn pulled away and made a disgusted face. “They are just awful, they’re always asking me if I’m going to dye my hair, they say red’s the Devil’s colour.”
  “You were born with red hair, how can they expect you to change?” Julian asked, Julian and George met Fawn at a school football match that Fawn was taking pictures for the school newspaper, they had been inseparable ever since.
  “That’s what I told them, I love my red hair anyway and the more they complain, the more I like it,” She said and then glared at something behind George.
  “What’s wrong?” George asked and turned around to find a horrifying sight.


Cara Florence was standing there, glaring back at Fawn. “Oh…”
  Cara smiled at George and walked over to them, standing between Fawn and George. “Hi George, how are you? Was your weekend okay? Is the basketball team alright? Did you do the art homework?”
  “Why are you here, Cara?” Fawn spat out, Cara ignored her and held George’s arm, clearly trying to flirt with him. George was a very popular person in school, he was in the basketball team, he knew everyone and was just a cool person to hang out with but when you’re a popular dude you have girls trying to get in your pants.
  “Cara, can you go, please? I was talking to Fawn and you interrupting was kind of rude,” George said, Cara giggled and twisted her chocolate brown hair around her finger.
  “You don’t want to talk to that freak, you want to talk to me, I will do anything for you,” Cara said and winked which made George shiver; he pulled his arm away from her and took a step back.
  “Okay, I tried to be nice and that didn’t work so go away,” George said, firmly. Cara’s face fell and she studied George’s face, trying to figure out if he was joking when she realised that he wasn’t her mouth fell open.
  “Seriously? Are you seriously doing this? Choosing that…thing over me?!” Cara yelled, pointing her pink nailed finger at Fawn. “I am so much better than her! I can’t believe that you and her are…UGH!”
  “What are you talking about?” Julian asked, clearly as confused as Fawn and George.
  “Isn’t it obvious? They’re clearly doing each other,” Cara said, laughing madly. “Tell him, tell everyone, tell everyone the truth!” Fawn opened her mouth to say something but George beat her to it.
  “Yeah, we’re totally together,” George put his arm around Fawn, pulling her closer and whispered: “Just go with it.” Fawn smiled and rested her head on his shoulder.
  “I’m surprised that you didn’t realise this before, we’re so together.” Cara gasped and scrutinized Fawn.
  “You slut!” That did it; George, Fawn and Julian erupted in laughter. “What? Why are you laughing?”
  “You’re calling me a slut, which is the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard!” Fawn held George’s hand. “Come on, let’s get to class.” They walked away, laughing and leaving Cara behind.


They got to their form room just before the bell and sat in their seats, every female pair of eyes were on George and Fawn, apparently news went round fast and everyone thought that they were dating.
  “Are we really going to let them believe that we’re going out?” Fawn whispered to George as their teacher, Miss Horris, walked in.
  “Yeah, this way girls can leave us alone,” George replied, Fawn looked at me.
  “What do you mean us? Girls don’t flirt with me,” Fawn hissed, George struggled not to laugh.
  “I don’t mean it like that; I mean they won’t be pissed off at you like Cara was.”
  “George Lane, stop talking!” Miss Horris said. “Everyone do silent reading while I take the register.” George took out Kimberly’s diary and Julian stared at it.
  “Dude, that’s a vintage book,” He whispered, George nodded and opened it to the missing page and he thought about where it could be.
  “George.” George jumped at the sound of his teacher’s voice right next to him. “Can I see that book you’re reading?” George shook his head. “Why not?”
  “It’s not mine,” He said, closing it.
  “Whose is it?” Miss Horris asked, George felt uncomfortable by how many questions she was asking.
  “It’s my sister’s,” George lied, Julian looked up.
  “And you didn’t tell me?” George shrugged and mouthed an apology to his friend who was looking back at the book that he was reading.
  “Really? It says Kimberly’s Private Diary I thought your sister’s name was Sarah and reading her diary is an invasion of privacy,” Miss Horris said, raising an eyebrow at him.
  “Kimberly’s her middle name and it was a leaving present to me, she said that I was allowed to read it,” George said and decided to make her uncomfortable so she would leave him alone. “It’s not like she wrote about her physical love life in it.”
  “Sarah didn’t have a ‘physical love’ life, George, no boys liked her.” Julian glared at their teacher along with George.
  “I’m sorry but talking about my sister like that is not acceptable and I will be informing my parents of this,” George said and that was what made Miss Horris uncomfortable enough to go back to her desk and while she was on her way George heard Julian mutter something under his breath that he couldn’t quite make out. About 5 minutes later the bell rang for first period and everyone left the classroom in 10 seconds flat.


First period was History for George and Julian but unfortunately Fawn had Maths so they had to go their separate ways. There was an awkward silence between the two boys that was probably caused by the diary situation, George thought about talking but couldn’t think of anything to say so Julian said something.
  “Sarah’s middle name isn’t Kimberly, it’s Francine,” He simply said, George thought about coming clean about the whole thing but he thought that Julian would interfere.
  “I know, I lied, it’s…” George thought about what to say and a lie came out. “It’s her friend’s diary, she left it in Sarah’s room and I was being a bit nosey.”
  “Oh…that makes sense,” Julian said and they walked into their History classroom. The History teacher they had was called Mrs Williams and she was the reason why there were so many boys in her class. To say that she was hot was an understatement, she was drop dead gorgeous. That particular day she had her soft tawny hair fell onto her shoulders, her blue eyes practically popped out of their sockets with the help of mascara and eyeliner and she decided to wear a baby blue sweater over a white knee-length dress.
  “Hey boys, sit down, sit down,” She said which they happily obliged to. “It’s been a while since we last saw each other and I wanted to know if anyone had any historical experiences.”
  “I have,” A girl said, she was like the only girl in that class because most people hated History. “I visited Hampton Court with my boyfriend and it was very enjoyable.”
  “Wow, was it a good date, Lilian?” Mrs Williams asked and the question made Lilian blush and stutter.
  “W-well it was a-alright, I-I guess,” Lilian said, Mrs Williams congratulated her on the date and going to Hampton Court. George was considering telling Mrs Williams about the diary but telling the whole class about it seemed a bit big-headed so he promised himself that he’d tell her about it after class.
  “Has anyone else got anything that they’d like to tell me about before I start with the lesson?” Mrs Williams asked and nobody said anything. “This term we will be reading through The Virgin Suicides which might be a touchy subject for some people. I expect you all to go to the school library, your local library or a book store to get this book and read it as soon as possible but if you cannot do this I will happily lend you my copy.”
  “Miss, is the book just like its title? About a virgin who commits suicide?” Someone asked, Mrs Williams sat on her desk.
  “I’m not revealing anything, when you read the book you’ll find out,” She said, smiling mysteriously. “You may be wondering what reading a book has to do with History, this book was written in 1994 and there is a movie made in 1999 about it that we will watch after everyone has read the book.”
  Everyone groaned in unison and Mrs Williams just smiled like this happened all the time.
  “What if we can’t get the book and your copy is being used?” Lilian asked, she was a very logical person.
  “I’ve got more than one copy, it’s one of my favourite books along with The Fault in Our Stars and The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Mrs Williams replied and glanced at George who had the diary on his desk, she looked at the book for a second and then went on with the class. “After you have finished this book come to me and I will ask you to write an essay on something that I cannot reveal yet. I think you will all enjoy this book as it will relate to all of you in one way or another and it will make you think.”
  “Yeah right,” A boy next to George muttered, Mrs Williams glared at him and George saw beads of sweats roll down the boy’s face as she wrote something in her planner, smiling.
  “It won’t make you think, huh?” Mrs Williams asked her smile as bright as the sun. The boy nodded, nervously, obviously too stubborn to changed his mind and not get into trouble.
  “Well, you are going to have a detention with me every day at lunch time until you have finished the book and the essay and then you can tell me all about how it ‘didn’t make you think’.” Everyone laughed at this poor boy that was as red as a tomato and looking extremely embarrassed, George couldn’t help but feel sorry for this boy, everyone had been at the receiving end of a punishment before and it made you feel ashamed. George reached out to the boy and patted him on the back, supportively.
  “It’s alright; everyone gets detentions at some point.” The boy smiled at him then looked back down. “I’m George Lane by the way, I haven’t seen you in this class before, are you new?”
  “No, but I got kicked out of Maths and needed another subject to fill in for it and I kind of enjoy History,” He said, his voice was quite deep and husky, the sort of voice that would make girls weak at the knees. “I’m Adam Wainwright by the way and thanks for talking to me, no one ever talks to me because they think I’m weird.”
  “I don’t think you’re weird,” George said and he saw Adam glance at Kimberly’s diary.
  “Is that a diary? You have a diary?” Adam asked, trying to hold in his laugh. George blushed and put the diary back into his bag.
  “No, it isn’t mine, it’s my sister’s,” He lied and Adam nodded like he understood what he was talking about, that simple gesture made George feel so guilty for lying to him but he had no time to say anything else as the bell rang and he knew that he had to tell Mrs Williams about the diary of 1994.

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