A Penny For Your Thoughts, Kimberly?

George is a typical, cliche, popular guy who's life is turned around when he finds a diary of a 15 year old girl who lived in 1994, he reads it and soon realises that there are pages missing. He spends his time trying to find the pages and soon it's clear that he's fallen for the Kimberly, the girl that he hasn't even met.


5. Chapter Four

A/N: I don't have an excuse for being gone for two years, would you accept I was asleep? I thought that this story wasn't going anywhere but I re-read it today and was like damn, why'd I stop writing this? So, I decided to start it again and this chapter's short just so I can get it going again and people know I'm continuing it. I'll write when I can but I have an education I apparently need to have and a social life (What?) so I don't know when updates will happen and I have a general idea with where this story is going but if you have any requests with what should happen I will note them because I'm a bit rusty when it comes to writing. I haven't done it in a while and I miss it. Anyway, I'm back bitches. (I would recommend re-reading this so you know what's going on)

“Hello?” George’s breath hitched as he heard her voice. It was so soft and smooth and it was just…lovely. He didn’t know what he expected but this was better than whatever it was. “I don’t really know what to say…hmm…this is supposed to be a diary but I had longer to think before and now I’m just rambling. I’m supposed to talk about my day, that’s it. I’m a bit in shock that I actually got a Dictaphone but I asked for a diary and my mum got me this instead. I think she thinks it will make me more social but I don’t think so.” She giggled and it was the most amazing thing that George had ever heard in his life. There was a long silence after that until George finally heard her breathe. “Everyone hates me. Madeline, Harry and even Patricia now. I don’t know why, I don’t know what I did to everyone to make them hate me. Madeline was the one who never had time for me and got into the wrong crowd, Harry was the one who kissed me and then started dating a bunch of girls, and I don’t even know about Patricia!” He heard a whimper and he realised that she was crying. He felt guilty. For not being able to be there for her, for not being able to hug her and tell her that he cared about her and that he’d be her friend. “I should go before I turn into a blubbering mess,” She said and sniffed. “Bye, future self, see you tomorrow.” George paused the tape and took a moment to gather his thoughts, he was upset that Kimberly was upset. So upset that he started crying. He was obsessed with this girl from 10 years ago and everyone could see this except for him. He was just curious in his eyes. But the fact that he was crying because this girl’s life sucked showed that he was way too invested.
He was brought back to reality by his phone ringing. He wiped his eyes and answered it.
“George! Why have you been ignoring me and Julian?” Fawn asked and he sighed. “Is…is it because we kissed? Because I don’t want anything to be weird between us, I want-“
“It’s nothing to do with the kiss, I’ve just been busy.” Silence.
“Okay. I just didn’t want things to be weird because that kiss meant nothing to me in fact…I’m dating someone.” George sat up.
“What? Who?”
“Well…I have to tell you something before you find out their name.”
“Okay, shoot.” Fawn sighed and there was no talking while she just breathed at the other end. “Fawn? Come on, tell me.”
“Well…I’m bisexual and I’m dating a girl called Kat.”
“Kat as in the one you’re paired with for p.e.?” George asked.
“Yeah, you don’t mind do you?”
“Mind what?”
“That I’m bi.”
“Of course not, dude, it’s the 21st century I don’t care who you like as long as you keep hanging out with me that’s all that matters.”
“Speaking of hanging out, are you ever going to leave that stupid diary alone?” Fawn questioned and George could picture her raising her eyebrow.
“I have left it alone.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah…andnowIhaveherDictaphone,” George quickly said and Fawn groaned down the phone.
“George! Leave. It. Alone. Focus on your own life and stop being so obsessed with this girl who you don’t even know, get a life and call me when you’ve got it.” She hung up and George sighed. He was pushing everyone away but he wanted to find out more about Kimberly. She was so important to him at this point. He wished he knew her in real life because he knew they would be really good friends…maybe even more than friends. What was he thinking? She didn’t even know him and she was like 25 now, he couldn’t feel this connection with her. He couldn’t let himself. He had to stop it before it was too late but he didn’t think that there was a problem and that itself was a problem. He ignored Fawn’s warning and continued to play the Dictaphone.

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