The boy next door


8. When the truth is out there

The following day devoted Emelie to bring up her things up. Niall arranged so that she got an own desk and he chose to let her put out her stuff wherever she wanted them. He bought her a desk chair and the day before school started, he came home with a laptop to her. 
"You're crazy!" Emelie got out, but Niall just smiled at her. 
"You have to have an editing computer if you are going to cope with school." 
Emelie hugged him tightly. She realized that he really wanted to take care of her and she didn't know how she could thank him. Niall seemed happy and seemed to feel that it was enough with a hug.


That evening they looked at the TV in bed and was generally quiet. Emelie brooded at the school and wondered how it would be with the studies. 
"Will you tell them where you live?" suddenly asked Niall and looked at her. "I mean, you will talk about us?" 
She frowned. 
"I think no one cares who I live with?" 
He smiled weakly. 
"Can't you say that you're living with your boyfriend?" 
Direct Emelie understood that he was unsure of what they would call each other. 
"If you want?" 
Niall nodded with satisfaction. He looked at her for long and smiled weakly. 
"Emelie, I'm going to go out with that I'm not single anymore."
She just stared at him. One side of her was happy, but she wasn't sure. Why? He wanted her to be his girlfriend and she had wanted it all through her ​​life. Now when he said it to her, she felt only concern. 
Niall realized she wasn't prepared. He lay down on his side in the bed and watched her closely. 
"Can't we take that step, you are the only one I want and I hope you have the same feelings for me." 
Emelie had to let go of all thoughts. She chose to smile, and she chose to hug him. 
"I just wasn't ready because you want the same thing I want."
Niall relaxed and he held his arms tightly around her waist. 
"We can't say that we are just friends? People will understand." 
She smiled and looked at his face. 
"Will people understand?" 
Niall nodded and smiled big. 
"It appears on the long road that you are mine and I don't want another girl." 
"How do you know?" 
Niall blushed quickly. 
"Mom ..." 
She frowned and didn't understand what he meant. Niall laughed a little bit and avoided her gaze. 
"Mom knew about it that evening I saw you. She can read me like a book and when I got home after the pub I admitted that I had feelings for you."
"You never cease to amaze me." exclaimed Emelie directly and just stared at him. Niall recognized more and more for her. She wondered where it would end? 
"I know!" he murmured and kissed her lightly. "I love you more than you can imagine." 
She giggled and nodded. She responded to the kiss and pressed herself against him. They chose to just be close to each other and enjoy. Niall ended the kiss and then he lay down near her. He held her tightly and finally he fell asleep. Emelie just enjoyed and heard how he began to snore. He was all that she wanted, but still she doubted. Niall wasn't old and she was eighteen years old. Was there a possibility that you could meet your life partner when you were young? Emelie pondered on the thought and in the end she fell asleep.


In the morning, Niall was up before her. He was cooking in the kitchen and she heard that he was in a good mood. She chose to take a shower and then took on clothing. She looked in the mirror and saw that both face and hair looked good. When she came into the kitchen she saw Niall in just his underwear. Directly she laughed and he smiled at her. 
"I just want you to remember me like this, right now, all day!" 
She sat down and couldn't let go of him with her eyes. 
"So that's how I should do? Stand in underwear and serving food?" 
Niall laughed and nodded cheerfully. 


The whole day was like a single spray. The school was great and there were no opportunities that Emelie would remember all the rooms. Yet she did get to the right classroom, finding the right teachers and make sure she was enrolled. The school had a large dining room, and when she finally got food in her stomach, she noted that the portion of students was staring at her. It was as if she was public property and she asked directly if it was because of her appearance.

"Are you really Emelie?" got a girl out and stared at her with wide eyes. Emelie nodded slightly and frowned. 
"Why do you ask?" 
She giggled and sat down at the table. 
"You're from Ireland and lived next door to Niall Horan?" 
Emelie nodded again and tried to collect herself. 
"Why do you ask about that?" 
The girl took out the cell phone and showed it to her. Direct startled Emelie. Niall had posted on twitter that he had a girlfriend, the fans would accept her and then he had put out a photo on Emelie. It was an okay photo, but Emelie wasn't prepared that he worked so quickly. Did he really think everyone should know?

Emelie could do nothing but blush towards the girl and gave back her cell phone. The girl put it in her purse and continued to smile. 
"I'm not a fan of Niall, but it's exciting to have you here." 
Emelie gave up. She didn't want to be recognized, and she didn't want everyone to stare at her. She hesitated whether she would remain or go out from the place. Yet she chose to sit where she sat.


Later in the afternoon, she sent a text message to Niall. 
"You went out on twitter and now everyone knows who I am." 
Niall responded after one minute. 
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but management said it was okay. I wanted to be honest right from the beginning and not lie. Don't be mad at me." 
Emelie swallowed her pride. She realized that this was how it should be. Emelie would become known as Nialls girlfriend and not for what she did in school. She sighed, and answered him. 
"It's okay, but I just didn't know how I would be against all others." 
Niall replied quickly. 
"Things go well in school, then?" 
Emelie sighed and she was tired of the whole body. 
"A lot of information and otherwise, but I'll live."


Emelie took the bus home and she chose to stay away from the outside world. Some would surely recognize her, but maybe it would calm down. Therefore, she was surprised when her father suddenly rang in the phone. 
"Why didn't you tell that you were together?" 
Emelie swallowed. 
"We didn't know if we wanted to be a couple at first." I got out of me. "I wanted to stay with Niall for a while and feel whether we have a chance or not." 
Her father sighed. 
"All in a week?" 
I smiled weakly. 
"We were fast!"
Matt sighed, and he didn't sound angry. He just seemed disappointed that he had read it online. 
"Just take it easy with him. Niall has a busy life and maybe that everyday life catches up with you?" 
I nodded. 
"I know Dad, but if I didn't try, I have nothing to lose."
He seemed to accept her view. 
"Okay, but call home if you need help and we are still here."


It was enough when Emelie jumped off the bus. There seemed to be fans everywhere and they recognized her. She wondered if she had such a face? A face that will be remembered, no matter when or where you see the person?


Niall sat at the computer when Emelie came home. He spun around in his chair and looked at her with happy eyes. 
"Welcome home, honey." 
She was tired and laid the bag on the floor. Then she went over to him and saw on the screen that he was on twitter. 
"What do they think about me or us?" she said. Niall pulled her down on his lap and spun back the seat, and he saw the screen. 
"That you are pretty and we fit together." 
She laughed right away and took her arms around his neck. 
"That I don't believe that. There are those who will write less nice things about me." 
Niall smiled and looked at her. 
"They we don't put our energy on and I don't care what some people think. You are mine!"

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