The boy next door


15. When it's time

When you become pregnant nine months sounds like a long time. You think you have time to think, but right as it is, nine months have passed. Emelie sat at the hotel and waited for Niall. It was late in the evening and Niall would come back from the performance. That's when it started to come. A nagging feeling that slowly grew in power and in the end had Emelie real pain. The first thing she did was call home to Marry.
"Take it easy!" said her mom directly. "It can take many hours before the baby comes out."
Emelie nodded and felt the tears came. She was scared and she didn't know what she would do. Marry heard that her daughter sobbed.
"Niall is coming soon and then he can help you."
Emelie felt that it wasn't enough.
"But Mom, I'm not ready."
Marry laughed a little bit.
"You will never be ready, dear. Just take it easy and it will be really good in the end."


Niall found Emelie lying on the bed and she was crying inconsolably. 
"What happened?" he got out himself and threw himself against her. He held up her body and hugged her tightly. 
"I think I'm going to have a baby now." 
Niall was startled and just stared at her. 
Emelie tried to calm down and took her arms around his shoulders. 
"We need to go to the hospital Niall. I got pain and our little baby want out." 
Niall looked at her with wide eyes and finally he understood. 
"So I have to call ... I mean... Where's your bag we packed?"
Niall flew out of bed and found the bag, then he ran out into the hallway and got the others to react. 
"She will give birth to now." he shouted, and seemed want some help from everyone. "Can anyone tell me what we should do?" 
Louis came running and he took directly up a phone. He called to a hospital and he arranged for a car. Niall sat next to Emily and he had panicked. 
"Do you need water? Perhaps you are hungry or should I get something else?" 
Emelie smiled weakly. 
"No, I don't need anything love." 
He smiled but she saw that he really didn't know what he would do. 
"Breathe!" he got out. "You need to breathe and take deep breaths and you have to ..." 
Emelie interrupted him. 
"Just hold my hand and take it easy. It's not you who will give birth to the baby, it's me, let me do it."


When they got to the hospital her waters broke. Emelie felt her legs were in water and how it became a puddle beneath her. 
"Damn!" Niall got right out and looked down at the floor. "We're really doing this now?" 
She sighed. 
"I will and not you!" 
He nodded and seemed anything but certain what would happen. 
"You will give birth to a child and I'll help you. But how can I help you? Should I hold your hand or should I just sit there?"

A doctor came towards them, and he spoke in a language that none of them could understand.
"What?" got Emelie directly irritated out. "Can't we get a doctor who speaks English?"
The doctor was startled and looked uncertainly at them.
"Okay, I'll try to talk in your language. I asked if she will give birth?"
Niall nodded and pointed to the puddle.
"Isn't it obvious?"
Emelie sighed against Niall and then looked towards the doctor.
"I need help!"
Direct came other persons in the staff up to them and directly they helped Emelie to get into a room. She was laid up on a gurney, and the doctor looked after if she was open.
"You will give birth soon." he mumbled. "It looks good and the baby seems okay."


It hurt more than Emelie could dream of and she cried every time she got pains in her stomach. Niall sat next to her in a panic and held her hand. He dared not say a word and he looked at her with wide eyes. The doctor came into the room sometimes and eventually he saw that it was time. 
"You have to start pushing!" he said, smiling faintly. "When you feel pain the next time you take in the whole body and trying to push the baby out." 
Niall got even more panic. 
"Should I press?" 
The doctor laughed a little bit and shook his head. 
"No, you will support her and take care of her." 
Niall nodded and seemed to not know what he would do. Emelie took his hand and smiled weakly. 
"Just sit there and watch." 
He nodded and swallowed 
"I should look at you? I'll just sit and watch ... I can do that!"


As soon as the head came out fainted Niall. Emelie couldn't care for him and she pressed out a well-shaped small son. The staff had to help Niall and after a while he managed to come back.


Niall came back to the room and saw Emelie. On her belly was a small body and slept. Niall instantly became tearful and went to bed. He looked at her and then at the little body. 
"Is it ours?" 
Emelie laughed and nodded. 
"You fainted when he came out." 
Emelie nodded 
"Congratulations, you got a Niall junior!"
Niall sat down on the chair and the tears came. 
"So I became a father to a son?" 
She nodded with satisfaction. 
"I hope it will be good? Or did you think it would be a she?" 
Niall didn't know what to say. He raised his hand and gently touched by the little baby. 
"So this is he who has been in your stomach?" 
She nodded again and laughed a little bit. 
"Yep, and now we have to think of a name?" 
Niall nodded and dried his tears. Then he smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. 
"You did a good job all the time and I'm proud of you." 
She agreed. She had managed to give birth to a child and it was more than she could have dreamed.


Niall was the luckiest dad. Emelie saw how proud he was and before she had been released from the hospital, he had bought a stroller and all that was needed for the baby. He came into the room and proudly showed her everything.
"I took the most expensive stroller because I didn't know what you wanted and I have clothes for him and everything."
Emelie laughed and sat up in bed.
"So you have shopped?"
Niall nodded and smiled at her.
"The fans were like mad but I managed to get myself into a store and I got it all together." he picked up a magazine and showed her. "It's everywhere. Everybody's talking about that we have a baby and I told them that I was proud."


It feels different to come out of the hospital. All the reporters were crowded at the door and guards had to push them away. Emily and Niall got help with the stroller and then slid quickly into the car. Niall held his son and put him in the baby seat. 
"I have a name!" 
Emelie looked at him and smiled. 
Niall nodded and met her gaze. 
"Tim James Horan?" 
Emelie laughed right away and looked down at their son. 
"Tim, he's certainly a Tim and it fits him!"

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