The boy next door


14. We

In the morning flew Emelie out to the bathroom and threw up. Niall woke up and heard her. Directly he came up from the bed and sat down on the toilet floor beside her. He pulled the hair from her face and looked at her carefully. 
Emelie got up some more from the body and then tried to calm down. 
"It will pass." 
Niall smiled weakly and wiped her mouth with paper. He smiled at her and tried to be there for her. 
"Do you need anything? Water?" 
Emelie shook her head and gave him a quick glance. 
He stayed on and he looked at her that she didn't like the situation. Emelie was pale and she didn't seemed in a good mood. He saw that she really felt sick. 
"Are you cold?" 
She nodded weakly. Niall was quickly up on his feet and fetched a blanket. He laid it over her back and her shoulders. Then he sat down on the floor and held her around her back. 
"Thank you!" muttered Emily and smiled weakly. Niall just smiled in reply and looked at her closely. Emelie felt loved and it was the first time in a long time that she really felt safe.


Niall had gone over to his parents for a visit. Emelie stood in the window and peered toward the family Horan's house. It felt so long ago that she had stood and hoped to see Niall. Now he was hers and she treated him wrong. She saw Niall in their kitchen, and he noted that he talked and laughed with Maura. Emelie smiled weakly and couldn't stop remembering what it was like in the olden days. She still remembered the feeling when he happened to peek at her house. When she was eight years could only Nialls gaze save a whole day. Matt stood behind her and she saw that he was serious. 

"Have you decided what to do yet?" 
Emelie gulped and looked at him. 
"No, but I believe that it's not just my choice. Niall should be involved." 
Matt smiled weakly and looked at his daughter. He watched her closely and seemed satisfied. 
"Whatever you choose, you must realize that you aren't a child anymore. I can't protect you!" 
Emelie laughed a little bit and nodded. 
"Well, I realize that long time ago, dad."
He took his arms around her body and hugged her tenderly. 
"I know you will be okay. Though you might not always do what Daddy says?" 
She laughed and replied hug. 
"But you are always there for me and I can always come home?" 
Matt released her. 
"Yes, and there's always a room here for only you."


In the evening crept Emelie into Nialls bosom, and laid the blanket over them. 
"My love?" she whispered and smiled at him. "I wonder a thing!" 
Niall yawned, but then smiled at her and held her in his arms. 
She watched him closely and smiled a little uncertainly. 
"We do like you said. I'm studying at a distance and I can actually be a mom at the same time, but you must help me." 
Niall lit up and didn't release her with his eyes. 
"Of course I will help you. You are my everything and I can do more than I have done for you." 
She smiled and shook her head. 
"No, I can let you more in my life and I can allow more. It's I who have been weird and thought you didn't want to be with me deep down in your heart." 
Niall smiled and kissed her quickly. 
"I love you and don't doubt it."


When they came back to London began Niall directly to drain one of the guest rooms. Without Emelie had time to think about it, did he made the wall and floor of the room, to a nursery. 
"I want to make everything complete." he said and smiled at her. "When the baby comes, I'll show he or she that we wanted to have a baby. Fact that we love him or her."
Emelie just enjoyed and hugged him tightly. 
"So, what colours in the room?" 
Niall smiled and put his lips against her ear. 
Emelie frowned and released him. 
Niall nodded happily and opened the door to the room. 
"Ireland's green, green in the flag and I love just the green colour." 
Emelie walked into the room and actually it was neat. She looked at the empty floor and the bare walls. Niall had chosen a warm green colour and he had made sure the floor was bright. 
He nodded with satisfaction. 
"I know what I'm doing and green fit both a little girl and a little boy."


On Wednesday drew Niall Emelie to a shop that was selling baby stuff. They walked between the prams and kids beds. She felt it began to tingle in her body and actually she looked forward to becoming a mom. Niall explained what he liked in the store, but in the end it was still she who choose.
"We buy what's important today,"


"So you are going to be parents?" Louis just stared at them and the other guys had the same reaction. 
"Yep!" Niall got out and didn't released Emelies hand. Liam frowned and looked at them both. 
"You are fast?, You get engaged quickly and now you're going to be parents?" 
Niall blushed slightly. 
"That what happens when you find the right partner." 
Harry was the one who hugged them first. 
Zayn came after him and he seemed to approve of their choice. 
"We set up if you need anything."


Emelie had to tell the school how it was. The headmaster arranged it all and they figured out that Emelie could educate herself through school through the net. 
"When the child is about six months old, you can call me." he said. "And I promise personally to ensure that you get everything you need."


In the evening hugged Emelie Niall and smiled at him. 
"Everything is arranged." 
Niall laughed a little bit and pulled her towards the couch. 
Emelie nodded and felt how he started kissing her. 
"Niall, I'm pregnant." 
He laughed and didn't stop. 
"And? We can't make another baby, so the damage is already done." 
She felt how he began to undress her clothes and then he laid her on the couch. She laughed a little bit and watched as Niall stripped off his clothes. He lay down quickly at top of her and kissed then her whole face. Emelie laughed a little bit and spread her legs. 
"Take it easy!" 
Niall shook his head and caressed her body with his palms. 
"No. I'm not going to take it easy. I'm crazy about you and I will not stop."

Emelie groaned and felt how he took care of her body. Niall kissed her tenderly, and he made ​​her forget all that was around them. It was just the two of them and she knew she had made the right choice. She wanted to stay with Niall and she wanted to have his baby. 


Niall penetrated and immediately she took her legs around his waist. Right as it was Niall stooped and looked down at her stomach. Emelie was surprised. 
He smiled weakly and then met her gaze. 
"Your stomach has begun to grow honey." 
She swallowed and felt herself blushing. 
"Yes there's a baby in there!" 
He nodded and started to kiss her again. He began to move on his body and he did everything so perfect.

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