The boy next door


11. The truth

Emelie was surprised. Directly on Monday there were huge billboards with Nialls face on. "The fans raging, their Niall'm engaged!" She just stared at the papers and swallowed. Eventually she opened one of the newspapers and saw a picture of her. "Nialls great love. She's my best friend!" under it was text about what Niall had said. "She's the woman of my life and without her I would be lost!"


Emelie panicked. She realized that her childhood dreams came along, and Niall were in her life to walk into a church with her. She sat down on a bench and just breathed. Was that what she wanted? She wasn't five years anymore and they weren't at home. They were in London, they were adults and they had changed. Emelie was no longer a shy mouse and she wasn't in school and pined for Niall. Now, he was there and he wanted to stay.


In school had Emelie started to get lucid friends. Girls who didn't care about who Niall Horan was and girls who cared about her. Kath was the one who was the kindest and when Emelie came to school came Kath against her. 
"Congratulations girl!" she exclaimed. "I read in the newspaper about the engagement." 
Emelie didn't know what she would say. Directly she pulled Kath into the bathroom and locked the door. 
"Help!" she received. "I no longer know what I want and if this is the right thing to do!" 
Kath was surprised and stared at her. 
"Are you joking or are you serious? You two fit together and he wants for God's sake, have you?" 
Emelie looked down at the ground. 
"Can I tell you a secret, and you swear you will not tell it to a single person alive as long as you live?"
Kath became serious immediately. 
"I promise, but is it something that contains things that I don't want to know?" 
Emelie smiled weakly. 
"I'll just tell you about my life and why I hesitate." 
Kath puffed out. 
"Okay, tell me and I promise to be quiet." 
Emelie told her about when she was growing up, how she would like to have Niall as boyfriend and how she felt when he became famous. She told her everything and in the end she was empty of words. 
"You could say that I got him, but don't know if I want." She finished. Kath sat down on the toilet seat and watched her closely. 
"And Niall knows about this?" 
Emelie shook her head. 
"I haven't dared to talk about it and I think not that he wants to know."
There was silence in the toilet and they both pondered on the thoughts that they had. Emelie knew almost what Kath would say, but didn't dare say it out loud. To her great surprise, Kath stood up and took her hands against her shoulders. She looked straight into Emelies eyes. 
"What happens if you leave him? What if he's not in your life anymore and you know that you've hurt him, can you live with that?" 
Emelie was surprised. It wasn't the words that she had expected. 
"No, I can't live with that!" 
Kath smiled. 
"Then you tell Niall about your dreams. If he love you he will understand, but if he don't loves you, you will discover it. Is it meant to be you two, he will stay."
Emelie nodded weakly. 
"So you mean that I should open up everything and tell it that no one else knows?" 
Kath nodded. 
"Otherwise you will not be able to stay." 
It made ​​sense.


It was a strange day. Emelie sat in second thoughts all day and wondered how she would tell him everything. She pondered on the possible answers if he refused to recognize that she wasn't a stalker. She found the answer to the question if she really loved him and she found all the answers that she could give him. The hope that remained was that he didn't give wacky questions or that he left her.


Niall wasn't home when she got to the house. Emelie instantly became nervous and sat down on the sofa. She closed her eyes and envisioned how she once had loved him more than anything on the earth. She could have died for him. When she was twelve, she loved to fantasize about everything that would happen. Niall would get down on his knees and he would propose to her in the middle of the lawn. She would say yes and swing with the hair like they did in movies. Perhaps that some parts of her dreams didn't pass, but Emelie couldn't care about details. She began to think about what she felt in the body where she sat. She loved Niall and she wanted to make him happy, but it wasn't enough? Did she love Niall because he was a wonderful Niall? Did she loved Niall just because she once just loved everything he did? Where did the border go and how much was true in her feelings?


"Has something happened?" 
Niall stood in the hall and saw at her that something was wrong. Emelie felt that she had been crying and she wiped her face. 
"Nothing has happened Niall, but I must tell you something. It's a confession that I must get out of myself." 
He came in and placed himself beside her on the sofa. He looked at her with his blue eyes and he seemed almost anxious. 
"Please, darling, you can tell me everything."
Emelie felt that the tears came again, but she was determined to tell him everything. She didn't want to keep the secrets anymore. 
"Niall, you remember that you thought I was funny when I was a kid, that I was odd and didn't talk to you?" 
Niall nodded slightly and smiled uncertainly. 
"But it doesn't have anything to do with today? I believe you're the most wonderful girl and I love you anyway."
Emelie chose to still talk about everything. She opened up and the words just flew out of her mouth. She talked about how she followed Niall and his buddies. How she sat at the school and just stared at him. Emelie told him how she reacted when he became famous and then how she pushed aside everything. She took him also about the feelings she had when she met Niall again, in his parents' house.


Niall just sat silently and stared at her. Emelie felt relieved. Now he knew about her secret and he understood why she might hesitate. He seemed to think and he looked at her seriously.

"So you've always loved me?" Niall whispered after a moment. Emelie looked down at her hands and nodded. 
"Since I was five years old and saw you on your yard. You were seven years old and you never saw me."
Emelie was surprised when he took his arms around her body and hugged her. He was quiet, but he hugged her. She hugged him back and didn't know if she would be sad or happy.


After a moment, he released her and she saw that he had tears in his eyes. Niall caressed her face with his hands and then smiled. 
"But darling, why didn't you tell me this before?" 
Emelie swallowed. 
"I didn't want you to think I was an idiot or a common fan." 
Niall shook directly on the head. 
"In my eyes, you are neither stupid or a fan. In my eyes, your Emelie and even if you have longed for me so far, you're still the same person that I love."
Okay? Emelie was almost shocked. 
"You mean you think it's okay?" 
Niall nodded and kissed her lightly on the lips. 
"It means that this was meant to be, but I was too slow to see it."

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