The boy next door


7. The house

Niall pushed into the last box in the car and turn then around to see at the family. Emelie hugged Marry and Matt, but she was anything but sad. Instead, it felt as if life began and she was the luckiest girl on earth. Matt gave her some money and smiled big. 
"Call home if you need anything and if you're missing something." 
Emelie nodded and put the money in the bag. She would call, but she knew she didn't have to miss a single thing. Maura also came up to her and hugged her tenderly. 
"And if my son does something stupid, are you calling me?" 
Emelie laughed in response and nodded. She saw that Nial blushed slightly and she understood why. They were already in need of etch other and Emelie didn't understand that she once lived without him. 
"And don't let him decide everything." Maura whispered as the last word and released her. Emelie just smiled and nodded in response.


"Mom is crazy!" Niall mumbled and laughed. He heard the car out on the road and then it was time to go. Emelie just sat and enjoyed. She saw the familiar streets disappeared off and the adventure lay ahead of her. It felt exciting to leave the green island and head for London. She looked forward to school, she wanted to be with Niall and she wanted to be in his house. It was as if all her dreams came true. Niall chose music on the radio and he sang along with almost all the songs. He was in great spirits and seemed to do everything so that his temper would rub off. Emelie could do nothing but laugh at him. He tried to do his best for her to enjoy, but he didn't know that it was enough that he was sitting there.


When they arrived at the airport they got help to get the boxes into the aircraft. Niall made ​​sure that nothing would be damaged and he went with her ​​til their seats. Emelie had only flown a few times, but wasn't definitely used to it. 
"Just take it easy!" Niall whispered to her and made ​​sure that the seatbelt sat tightened around her waist. He then took her hand and smiled at her. 
"Do you regret that you chose me and London?" 
She shook on her head and looked through the small window. 
"How can I regret anything I want?" 
He smiled and seemed to enjoy everything more than she did. He held her tight and when the aircraft took off, forgot Emelie to react. Niall was talking to her the whole time and blathering on about how the house looked like.
"I think we can share a bedroom." he got out himself, as if she would be worried. He seemed to think she wasn't sure about him.
"Okay!" she replied and Niall seemed to relax.
"I missed you so much and I don't want to miss a single second."
She felt honored.
"I promise that you will get sick of me."
Niall shook directly on the head.
"I can't get tired of you. Quite the opposite!"


The aircraft landed and some from the staff made sure Emelies all things came to a car. Niall didn't have to go through the airport and he had many causes. The fans stood there and he didn't want to show the relationship open yet. Emelie didn't care, but followed him. She had no idea if they even was a couple, or if they just enjoyed each others presence.


In the end, they still reached Nialls house. Emelie couldn't stop to pinch her arm. She had so many times seen Niall when he talked with fans via twit cam. She had seen his guitars, but not the rest of the house. Niall took out all the stuff from the car but she chose to walk around and look at the rooms. He had a large kitchen, a music room. There were three rooms and all the rooms had a private toilet. The last room she came to was Nialls bedroom. She stood and looked around at the red walls. The bed stood in the middle of the floor and he had a television at the foot of the bed. 
"Sometimes I want to have some sounds." Niall mumbled and stood behind her. She felt his arms around her waist and he seemed to return to discover her. 
"I'm hungry." Emelie whispered, as she felt that her stomach growling. Niall chuckled lightly and kissed her neck. 
"My kind of girl." he said with amusement. "Shall we eat out or should we order home food?"
Emelie spun around and smiled at him. 
"It's up to you." 
Niall kissed her and pressed her body against him. He let his hands slide down over her back and down to her butt. Emelie groaned lightly and took her arms around his neck. Niall smiled big and she felt how he once again took control of her body. 
"We eat here." he mumbled between kisses and let his hands pulling up her dress. His hands encircled her butt and then he groaned lightly. 
"How hungry are you?" 
Emelie ended the kiss and looked directly into his eyes. 
"Seriously Niall, my tummy hurts."


Against Nialls will he picked up the phone and called Nandos. He ordered food and dragged her to the TV room. She saw all the boxes on the floor and realized that she had much to do. Niall seemed to read her mind and he laughed a little bit. 
"There's a tomorrow, then you have a few days left before you must be absolutely clear with your things." 
She nodded and let her eyes drift around the room. 
"Where can I have a desk?" 
Niall grinned lightly. 
"I've already arranged that part. You will be sitting next to my computer and I will be able to help you."


The food was delicious and it felt like she was filled with more energy. Nial noted that she relaxed. 

"What do you think we can do now?" Niall got out. He looked at her curiously and directly Emelie realized that she was actually in London. 
"What do you usually do?" 
Niall smiled and seemed to ponder. 
"Watching TV, being with friends and do fun things. But now when you're here with me, I will take account of you."
She laughed and leaned back in the couch.
"But I can actually accompany you, if you want to go out?"
Niall laughed and pushed her down so that she ended up on her back. He then lay on top of her and seemed to plan anything else.
"I just need you." he mumbled and started kissing her lips. Emelie smiled and took her arms around his neck. He pressed himself against her and she understood what he wanted to do. He pulled her dress over her stomach and he tore her panties. Emelie groaned lightly, then he quickly pulled down his pants. He penetrated and directly he moaned loudly.
"I can't help myself." he mumbled and looked into her eyes. "Every time I see you, I just want to strip you naked and do everything for you."
Emelie smiled and felt how he started to move on his body. He slowly began to slide in and out of her.
"But we can do other things as well?"
Niall nodded and moaned. He showed with his face that he loved having sex with her. Emelie wondered if that was all he wanted of her, but she didn't dare to ask.


Afterwards low Niall left on her and he didn't want to leave her body. 
"I tend not to be as crazy as I am now." he whispered and swallowed. "I've only had sex with another girl and it was anything but successful." 
Emelie was surprised. 
"Just one girl?" 
Niall smiled and raised his head. He looked into her eyes and seemed almost dream away. 
"I haven't let in anyone else, until I met you. I don't want a girl who's looking for Niall, the one in One Direction. I want her to take me because I'm me and you do that." 
Emelie was forced to agree. She wanted Niall because of his whole personality. He was the only one that suited her perfectly and she had always loved him, ever since she was a little girl. 
"You knew me before I became famous." he whispered, and seemed to love the idea. "You know I'm Niall and no other idiot."
Emelie nodded and smiled at him. 
"You're the same guy you were before you became famous." 
Niall nodded weakly. 
"And you know it." 
She nodded. 
"The difference is that you are older and have more experience."
Niall kissed her in response. Emelie answered the kiss and wondered if she would confess the secret? Still, she was silent. He didn't want to hear that she was five, and ran after him throughout Mullingar. When she was six years was Niall the only one that she wanted to marry. This held on for many years, but she was sure that he didn't want to hear about that memory.

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