The boy next door


6. The future?

Niall would go back to London when the week was over. His last night he spent with Emelie. In the evening he picked her up and they drove straight to the cottage. Niall had lit candles everywhere and he had made a bed on the floor in front of the fire. He disappeared into the kitchen and picked up a package. As soon as he came back, he became embarrassed and gave it to her. 
"I wanted to buy something for you." he got out. "I don't know if you want it, but you can always change it?" 
She smiled and sat down. She tore off the paper and opened the box. There in lay ear pendants of various sizes, necklaces and bracelets. She saw that it was real silver, and she was surprised. 
"This has cost?" 
He smiled and sat down beside her. 
"Well, I couldn't decide what I could give to you, so I bought everything that reminded of you."
Emelie lifted her eyes and looked into his eyes. 
"How romantic!" 
Niall smiled and kissed her lightly. 
"I told you that I love you and then I can't get enough, either by buying things or be with you." 
Emelie blushed and put away the package. 
"I got nothing to you?" 
He sat as close to her as he could and smiled big. 
"You gave me you, that's enough!"
Emelie took her arms around his neck and hugged him. She felt like crying and she didn't want him to go. 
"I will miss you." she whispered. Niall kept his arms around her body and buried his face in her neck. 
"We will meet again. You must enter the school in London and I will get you there and your stuff." 
Emelie smiled weakly. 
"Dad will say no?" 
Niall released her and looked into her eyes. 
"I've asked Mom to warm him up a little. I told everything to her and she promised not to say anything to your dad."
Direct blushed Emelie. 
"Did you tell her everything?" 
He laughed. 
"No, not everything, but that she should know."
Emelie was quiet, but Niall ran his hand through her ​​hair and laughed a little bit. 
"You don't swell I told her that we had sex?" 
She swallowed. 
He laughed and kissed her quickly. 
"All right?"


As soon Niall landed on Emelie she knew what would happen. Their bodies were as interdependent at each other and as soon as they lay naked in bed, she didn't even want to leave him. Niall groaned and he lay on her so perfectly. His hands were everywhere and she didn't know how she would move the body for him. Nialls kisses were so perfect and he played with her ​​tongue. It was like they were competing to see who could be the craziest. Niall spun around and she ended up on top of him. He moaned and pressed his dick against her. 
"Ride me!" 
Emelie ended the kiss and just stared at him. Niall was red in the face and he lifted up her hip. She felt how he brought his member in the right direction and then he forced her down over it. She moaned loudly, but wasn't sure. 
"Niall, I was a virgin when I met you. I barely know how to ride a guy." 
He laughed a little bit but was still tense in the body. 
"Move your hips!" he moaned and held his hands tightly around her. "Then be sure to end up upside down in a quiet pace."
Emelie obeyed him and she slowly began to move her body. Niall grimaced and took a tighter hold around her. He showed with the whole body that he loved it and he moaned loudly. 
"Keep going!" 
Emelie smiled and started kissing him again. They ended up at a faster pace and in the end Niall like crazy. He held her down and moving himself up towards her body. She felt he unbuckled himself and finally he shouted just straight out. He filled her and slumped to the floor. Then Niall opened his eyes and stared at her. 
"Damn, I will not do it without you." 
Emelie tittered light. 
"Well, you gonna do pretty good!"
Niall shook his head and spun around. She ended up underneath him and she felt how he took his hand down between her legs. He started to touch her in the right place and she realized he wanted her also to come. 
"Catch!" he whispered and smiled big. "I want you too enjoy."
It was not long before she completely dropped all and groaned loudly. Niall remained at her and he kissed her tenderly. She's felt how he let his fingers penetrate and eventually shook the entire Emelie. She moaned and pressed herself against him. Niall smiled and he seemed to like looking at her.


"One thing thing you must know!" he whispered in her ear. "I will be faithful to you!" 
She giggled. 
Niall nodded and kissed her tenderly. 
"You are the only one that's good enough for me. Want the best and I found you."


On the way home started Emelie to crying, she tried to hide it, but then she couldn't hide it anymore. Niall took direct her hand in his and looked tenderly at her. 
"Darling, you mustn't cry!" he whispered. "I'll do anything for you to come to London and then I'll never let you go." 
She met his gaze. 
"You will of course be out with One Direction?" 
He smiled at her. 
"Yes, but then you're at my house and when you have permission, you can get where we are. I promise you that there will be two of us."


Emelie was almost in bed for a whole week. She felt really bad and she missed Niall. Everything felt unfairly and finally came a sullen Matt into her room. 
"I've talked to Maura!" 
Emelie looked at him and swallowed. 
Matt smiled weakly. 
"I have agreed, you can stay with Niall, but on the condition that you call home every other day and that we can visit you?" 
She lit up like the sun, and flung herself into his arms. 
He smiled and hugged her back. 
"I will not prevent my daughter from grow up. Maybe I'm an overprotective father, but that's because I love you."


Niall took the news like a crazy mofos. He dialed her via skyp and he almost screamed into her face. 
"I told you, it will be all right." 
She laughed and nodded. 
"So after the summer, I start school in London and live with you." 
He smiled big. 
"God, how I miss you." 
Emelie was way too hot in the entire body. 
"I miss you!" 
Niall smiled and seemed to look at her through his computer. 
"I promise to do everything for you." 
She smiled. 
"I know!"

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