The boy next door


2. The family

Emelie came home and threw the bag in the hall. She looked down at the agenda and realized that she actually took care of the planning as she should. She had three tests to study for, but she had already started with that part. Emelie was a pedant and she always planned everything in the closest detail. She left nothing to chance and always wanted to be among the best in the school.


"Are you already home?" she heard Marry shout from the kitchen. Emelie put away the agenda and went in to her mom. 
"Yes, the teacher had to go to a meeting, so we could go home." 
Marry smiled and watched her closely. 
"So how was the day?" 
Emelie smiled weakly and sat down at the kitchen table. She picked up the newspaper and leafed through it. 
"Well, it was okay."
Her mom screwed down plate on the stove and came over to the table. She sat down on the other side and smiled at her daughter. 
"This weekend we head over to Horan's house. They're having a party and Niall get home." 
Emelie was startled and looked up at her. It was long ago since Niall was home and definitely long ago since they had spent time with the family. 
Marry nodded a little bit. 
"It will be fun and I actually look forward to it. You shall come with us." 
Emelie directly sighed and looked down at the paper again. 
"I have an exam next week and ..." 
Her mother interrupted her. 
"You could spend one night with the neighbors. They are always pleasant and Maura has promised to have a lot of food." 
Emelie felt how time stood still. Okay that she liked the family Horan, but it was so long ago that she had seen Niall. It felt like her old feelings for him came back and she hated not being in control of everything. She already knew how the evening would end. Niall would be charming as always, he would talk to anyone and he would laugh, but he wouldn't see her. He would totally miss Emily and go on, she would still be there with all the emotions. She would surely feel how her body tingled and Sunday would only contain the tears.


"It was a long time ago since we were in there." said her dad Mick in the evening. He and Marry hadn't talked about anything other throughout the dinner and Emelie began to get tire of the subject. 
"Can't you ask how school was?" 
Mick looked at her in surprise and realized that his daughter wasn't interested in the family Horan and their home. 
"Okay?" he got out. "What was it like at school?" 
Emelie sighed. 
He laughed a little bit. 
"I know it always goes well for you and I know you pass the exams. Maybe that's why I forget to ask you about the day?"


Emelie went up to her room and she sat down on the bed. Niall couldn't come home and destroy the peace. She didn't want to go over to his parents and play like the forgotten daughter. Niall would surely also have brought a girlfriend home and if it went bad, they would surely also be engaged. She was almost angry with herself. The feelings that she had repressed came back and she hated it. What was it with Niall that was so special? He was known by the music, but what else? Okay he was cute and his eyes could get anyone to fall for him. She had seen in the newspapers and on the Internet that he had grown and had hair on his chest. He had become mature and adult. Why didn't she do the same? Emelie was still a scared five year old girl who thought she owned him, but deep down she knew that she had never even been close to getting to know Niall. He was like a fleeting dream, and he would remain as a fantasy.



"What clothes Will you wear?" 
Emelie looked up from the book and met her friend Elmas gaze. 
She giggled. 
"When you are going over to Horan's house?" 
Emelie actually had no idea what she would put on her body. She didn't think that far and she didn't care. 
"Clothes maybe?" 
Elma laughed and leaned toward her. 
"Come on, you have to be nervous?" 
Emelie shook her  head. 
Elma had always been jealous of Emelie. Living so close to Niall was just a dream and then being invited to the house, where Nialls parents lived, was even better. Emelie realized that her friend wanted to change clothes with her, and in a way she could actually get to do it. Emelie wasn't proud to live next door to the family Horan and she didn't want to go there.
"You have to, at least put on a dress?" Elma got out herself and seemed surprised. Emelie nodded slightly and looked down at the book. 
"I have lots of dresses, so one of them should fit?" 
A sigh was heard from the friend. 
"Can you at least try to take a picture of Niall for me?" 
Emelie smiled weakly. 
"If you can take a photo on his face, so that I can see that it's him? I would be glad!" 
Emelie just nodded and started to read the book. Did Elma have to make demands? Wasn't it enough that her mother demanded that she had to come? Niall was neat and okay that he was perfect, but somewhere went a limit.


Emelie immediately saw the reporters who stood outside Nialls parents' home. It was also fans there and they screamed. Emelie understood that he had come home. She sighed and went to her own door. She felt only emptiness and she knew that the weekend would consist fans, newspaper people and guards who were standing there. Emelie certainly wouldn't even get to sleep at night, because the fans screamed the whole time.


"Niall has come home now!" cried Marry cheerfully from the kitchen. "I talked with him and he's the same old Niall, as before. He hasn't changed." 
Emelie sighed and walked into the kitchen. She sat down at the table and listened to Marry, when she talked about what Niall had said to her. He had told her about the travel, the fans and how it was in other countries. 
"He looks forward to seeing you again!" 
Emelie was startled and looked up. 
Marry smiled. 
"He asked what you were doing and I told him about the school. He said that he barely remembers what you looked like, but he remembers how you were as a kid."
Emelie didn't know what she would say. 
"Niall remember how I was as a kid?" 
Marry nodded. 
"He said that you have always been shy and retiring, but I guess he hasn't seen your true self? I only remember a mischievous little girl who doesn't sit still."


Emelies whole body tingling. Niall had memories of her as a kid? It was absolutely incredible! She wondered if he had good memories or if everything was shitty? She hadn't exactly been the social against him and it had been going through her ​​entire childhood. Maybe he thought she was retarded or an odd girl?


That evening started Emelie really to plan what she would have on her body. She went through the entire wardrobe, and finally she found a red dress. It wasn't challenging and it wasn't particularly good looking. The only thing it did was to ensure that Emelies body looked unremarkable. She even picked out a stylish cardigan to wear over her arms and a pair of shoes that looked fine. She didn't want to stand out and she didn't do it because of Niall, but she wanted him to see that she really was normal.

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