The boy next door


4. seduced

Emelie was awakened by her parents was talking in the kitchen. She stretched and felt that her whole body was tired. She sat up and immediately popped the memory up. Nialls lips, Nialls body and his looks. He had flirted with her all evening, but Emelie didn't know if she would take him seriously. He had danced with her, held her tightly around the waist and not let her go. In a way Emelie wanted to have more from him, but at the same time she knew she was fortunate that she at least had kissed him.


Emelie took a quick shower and put on regular clothes. She combed her hair and made ​​sure she looked as she should. She had only gotten a few hours sleep, but it was worth every second. She almost jumped down the stairs and went in to the parents in the kitchen. As soon as she came through the door, she stopped abruptly. Niall sat there and talked with them. He looked at her and smiled. She almost fainted, but luckily she was able to stand upright.
"Good morning!" he said with his wonderful voice. Marry laughed a little bit and realized Emelie hadn't been prepared that he was there. 
"Niall came over and told us that you had a fun last night? He says you shall go to the cinema and watch a movie?" 
Emelie didn't know what she would say. She had totally forgotten that he talked about the cinema. 
"Yes!" she got uncertain out and began to walk toward the table. Direct Niall stood up and pulled out a chair for her. It was as if he wanted to suck up to her, but she knew he didn't need to do it.


Emelie ate breakfast in silence and listened to the parents talk with Niall. He answered questions and seemed to like to be right in their kitchen. Why was he so early in her house? He had talked about the evening and not that he would show up before she was awake.


Eventually left Annie and Matt them in peace and direct Niall looked at her. He followed her every move and seemed to be amused. 
"I didn't want to wake you up this morning." 
She swallowed and gave him a quick glance. 
"Why are you here?" 
Niall blushed slightly and looked down at his hands. She was surprised by his reaction and looked at his face carefully. Niall didn't have a good answer. 
"I thought we could hang out all day?" he got out himself and then looked at her again. "I thought you wanted that?" 
Emelie swallowed again and realized that she treated him wrong. Maybe he wanted to be a good friend with her and maybe he liked her just because she was she? 
"Sorry!" she got out and smiled weakly. "I just wasn't prepared that you would be sitting here."
Niall laughed and looked at her. His eyes was so perfect and she felt the entire stomach tingled. It was enough with his eyes, he could just let his eyes brush against her, and she was affected. 
"Want to go for a drive in my car?" 
Emelie chose not to be boring and she decided to put all the emotions on the shelf. 
"Sure!" she replied, smiling. "Where to?" 
He looked at her long and raised an eyebrow. 
"Where your nose are pointing?"


It was a wonderful day. The sun was shining and the summer was about to come. Everywhere you saw green buds and the birds chirped everywhere. Niall had a pretty big car and he opened the door for her. She just smiled and jumped into the seat. Niall was quick to get around the car and he placed himself behind the wheel. 
"So, where to go, Miss?" 
She grinned at him. 
"How about ways that you haven't been on?" 
He nodded with satisfaction and started the car. Emelie noted immediately that he kept an eye on her and all the time he gave her glances. It felt wonderful to be there with him and she laughed at his jokes. 


In the end they came out to the coast and in front of them was a small sandy beach. Niall stopped the car and jumped out. Emelie followed and enjoyed the ocean scents. She took off her shoes and socks, just to feel the sand between her toes. She stood on the beach, digging her feet into the sand. Direct laughed Niall amused and looked at her. 
"What are you doing?" 
She smiled and met his gaze. 
"The first time you're at the beach during the year, you just have to do this." 
Niall seemed to like the idea. He threw off his shoes and socks. Then he placed himself beside her and did the same. He dug nearly down his feet and laughed a little bit. 
"That tickles!" 
Emelie nodded and looked at his feet, which soon disappeared. 
"That's because they're not used to being without shoes yet."
Niall realized it was a smart idea. 
"You're right!" 
She nodded with satisfaction and looked out over the sea. 
"Some things I know-all on." 
He watched her closely, and it was as if he was thinking. 
"I think you are one of the smartest here." he said, and it sounded as if he meant every word. Emelie met his eyes and looked at him in surprise. 
"So I'm smart?" 
Niall nodded and smiled weakly. 
"Everyone says you're a good student and that you know about many things. Mama said you also have won a prize because you had the best result on a test?"
Emelie blushed and laughed. 
"Two years ago!" she got out and looked away from him. It was during that time that she had managed to repress Niall and she found out how she was going to study. The teacher forced them to participate in a knowledge contest and Emelie won. She won because she had read everything she came across. Everything just to forget Niall.


They sat down in the sand and both enjoyed the sun. Ocean waves swept over the beach and far out, there was a fishing boat. The gulls flew across the sky and it was just a perfect day. 
"Emelie?" Niall got out himself and seemed pensive. She looked at him and noticed that he seemed serious. 
He looked at her and let his hand gently stroking her arm upward. Emelie was surprised, but didn't move. She wanted him to touch her. She allowed it. 
"Have you been to London yet?" 
He changed the subject? She swallowed and shook her head. His hand came up to her neck and slipped up over her cheek. He looked straight into her eyes. 
"You want to come to London sometime?" 
Was it a way to invite her home to his house or why he wondered?
"Why do you ask?" 
Niall let his hand rest on her customer. He looked straight into her eyes and right as it was, he bent toward her. Without asking or show signs of it he kissed her. Emelie was almost shocked, but still she made no resistance. She let him continue, and she loved direct his lips even more.


Emelie landed on her back in the sand. Niall lay quickly on top of her and he kissed her more intensely. Emelie didn't know if she wanted to go further, but she wanted to continue. She took her arms around his shoulders and pushed him against herself. Niall groaned lightly and spread his lips. Emelie came straight off and closed her mouth abruptly. Niall was almost afraid. 
She blushed. 
"I haven't kissed with tongue before." 
Direct rail Nialls face up and he looked at her. 
"Shall I teach you?"
Emelie gulped and didn't know what she would say. Yet Niall took the time and looked down at her lips. 
"Just let your tongue play with mine. Not too hard but certainly not too soft." 
She nodded weakly and directly proceeded Niall. He kissed her usual first, but then he spread on the lips again and this time she allowed it to happen.


Emelie ended up in the fog. She felt his hands slid over her clothes and to her great surprise, she spread her legs. Niall remained and he slowly began to move over her. She felt his boner between her legs. It was like in a dream and he could take her virginity, if he wanted it.


"Damn!" Niall mumbled and laid his face against her neck. Emelie hung on her arms around his body, but wasn't sure about the rest. 
"What did I do wrong?" 
He shook directly on his head. 
"No you do absolutely nothing wrong. It's me!" 
She swallowed. 
He hid his face against her neck. 
"I can't walk into a relationship right now. I'll record an album with the guys and I'll be out in the world."
Emelie frowned and did nothing. Why did he take it up with her? He had talked about that they would just be friends and she didn't force him into anything. 
"You don't understand?" Niall continued and she had to shake on her head. He lifted his face and looked again into her eyes. "My whole body wants you, but my understanding says that there can't be anything between us." 
Okay, she was hurt. Even if he hadn't promised her anything other than his friendship, she became sad. She tried not to show it. 
"You said we would be friends?" 
Niall nodded and looked at her for long. 
"I know what I said and I want to be your friend." 
"So what's the problem?" 
He kissed her again. Maybe it was because he didn't want to talk anymore or because he really wanted to kiss her?


Niall continued to kiss her for long and she felt how he pressed himself against her. He was still hard between the legs but began to move his body against her most sensitive part. Emelie wasn't used to sex at all and that's why she reacted immediately. She spread her legs more and realized that she really wanted him, though he just wanted to be friends with her. Niall let one hand slip into her pants and she felt how he fondled her across the buttocks. Pretty soon went even his second hand in inside and he took a firm grip around her butt. Emelie felt how he moved harder against her between the legs and in the end she moaned. Niall didn't seem to care and he let his hands remain below the butt. Emelie wanted more, she wanted him to take her. She wanted to go all the way. The only question was how to say that to Niall? "Excuse me Niall, but I understand that you are just using me. Can we have sex now?" She chose to unbutton his fly and she heard how he groaned loudly. She didn't know how she would proceed with the matter, but he seemed to realize that she wanted to go further.
"We shouldn't!" Niall got hoarse out. Emelie gave up caring. She unbuttoned her own fly and pulled down her pants. Niall groaned and he looked down at her panties. He also wanted to, but why did he hesitated. When she pulled down her panties, he gave up all borders. He kissed her again and he let one hand slide down over her most sensitive part. She felt him caressing her perfectly and directly she wailed with pleasure. He let his tongue play with her and he made ​​her almost scream out straight. Nialls hand put his fingers perfectly over her clit and immediately she moved toward him. She took her hands and pulled down his pants. As soon as his member was free, she tried to get him to penetrate. Niall whimpered and he still hesitated.
"Fuck me." she got hoarsely out, known nothing other than how much she wanted. Niall smiled weakly and eventually he penetrated.


It was like it was meant to be. Emelie didn't puzzled about if one man saw them. She just felt Nialls body against hers and she didn't stop. He kissed her, he caressed her and he got her to explode. Emelie came and she moaned straight out and pressed herself against him. Afterwards was Niall left over her and he caressed her tenderly. He kept his arms around her body and she felt just proximity. Okay that she almost was a bit ashamed, but she didn't want to have it undone.


Niall was the one who had to select the movie and he chose a horror movie. Emelie didn't recognize that she's almost constantly shut her eyes or took her hands to the eyes. Niall laughed a little bit at her and afterwards he was just amused.


Niall pulled her into a side street and stood in front of her. 
"Do you regret it?" 
She understood that he was referring to what happened on the beach. She shook her head but blushed slightly. 
"No, but you do?" 
He smiled and shook his head. He took her face between his hands and kissed her quickly. 
"No, I would prefer that you move with me, but I know it wouldn't be the best for us. We don't know each other and I have my job."
Emelie just wanted to cry. She was hopeless, but she had already known from the beginning that he didn't want a relationship. 
"It's okay!" she whispered, but Niall shook directly on the head. 
"No, it's not okay and just to let you know about it, I have strong feelings for you." He took a deep breath. "When I saw you at the window, in my parents' house, I just loved what I saw. I fell for you there, in that moment."
She just stared at him. 
"Do you love me?" 
Niall smiled weakly and dropped her face from his hands. He nodded and then took her hand in his. They began to walk towards the car, and he didn't spoke more that night, about feelings.


Emelie could barely sleep that night either. The only thing she felt was Nialls body over her. She felt almost everything she had felt when they were at the beach and she loved him so much that it hurt. Yet he had told her that there couldn't be an us! Emelie approved that part and hoped that he would retained as her friend.

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