The boy next door


12. My parents

Kath smiled at Emelie. 
"What did I tell you?" 
Emelie gulped and nodded weakly. 
"Yes he loves me!" she whispered, "He just thought it was a cute story and he didn't mind that I was his biggest fan." 
Kath laughed happily and gave her a hug. 
"Then you have nothing to worry about?" 
Emelie nodded, but was still unsure. It wasn't just truth, It was also about what she felt. She no longer knew if she loved Niall. Maybe it was just the feeling of finally getting what she wanted, that she felt deep inside? Emelie ended up in a bad circle. She didn't know what she would feel and everyone around her said she was lucky. But she didn't see what it was that was good. She just saw herself and how she struggled with her feelings. The newspapers wrote headlines about them and everywhere online talk was about Niall and his girlfriend. It wasn't often that it became her name, but she quickly came into the category: "Girlfriend!" This in itself might be okay, but Emelie only got more panic. Did she fit into the category as a girlfriend and how good she was on to fit into that?


It didn't get better! 


One morning she woke up and felt how full she turned it upside down on her stomach. Niall had early left the house and wasn't home. She ran out to the bathroom and threw up. She quickly realized that she was pregnant. Emelie was pregnant and had Nialls child in her stomach. Self she didn't know if she would be happy or not.


In the end she smiled, only because Niall expected a smile. She hugged him, because he wanted a hug. He even got to have sex, because he just wanted to have sex. Self she ended up in a stage where she disappeared. She was a stooge and she didn't know what she would do or say.


"I go home to mom and dad this weekend!" 
Niall stopped and just looked at her. 
Emelie smiled and played as if it was okay. 
"I just wanna go home and talk to them. That's it!" 
Niall smiled slightly and frowned. 
"You want me to go with you?" 
She shook her head. 
"You have the music and they need you here. I'm back on Monday and then we can eat out on the restaurant or something?" 
Niall seemed unsure, but he smiled and nodded. 
"Okay, but how is the reason that you wanna go?" 
Emelie lied. 
"I just want to meet them. I miss them and want to say hi to them."


When Emelie got on the plane to Ireland, she wasn't sure she would come back to London. She was just too insecure to get back to Niall. Her whole body was in turmoil and she had no idea what she was feeling anymore.


Marry received her at the airport and Emelie flew into her mother's arms. 
"I missed you!" 
Marry smiled and she watched her daughter carefully after the hug. 
"You've lost weight, but you are like you always been." 
Emelie took the bags and smiled at her. 
"I just want to come home."
Marry smiled and nodded cheerfully. 
"Dad has cooked and the dinner is on the table when we get home." 
Emelie was just happy and she followed her mom to the car. It was as if she came home and everything was so familiar. She felt for the first time happy and the only thing that was in her head, was her old room. She would enjoy the bed and she would make sure to bring order to the emotions she had for Niall.


Emelie decided to put all the cards on the table and be honest. In the evening they sat in the kitchen talking about how life was in Ireland. Right as it was decided Emelie to be honest with her parents. 
"I'm pregnant!" 
Matt stared at first at her but after a while he seemed to calm down. 
"So it was as I suspected?" 
Emelie nodded weakly and chose to look down at the table. 
"But it's not the child that's the problem, there are other things I want to talk to you about." 
Marry was immediately worried. 
"So he beat you?" 
Emelie smiled right away and shook her head. 
"No, he doesn't strike me or is mean to me. Not Niall is the problem, it's me."


Emelie opened herself completely on the disqualification again. She talked about what she felt, what she had felt while growing up and how she was now uncertain. She's never mentioned the child in her stomach, but it was exactly what Matt brought up. 
"You're pregnant." he got out of it. "It's no longer about if you are unsure or not. This is about a life that's in your stomach."
"I know!" Emelie responded quickly. "But who says I have to keep the baby?" 
Marry looked at her in surprise. 
"What says Niall?" 
She swallowed. 
"He doesn't know it yet." 
Direct Matt became restless and he stood up. 
"Are you so fucking stupid that you don't talk about it with Niall?" 
Emelie was surprised and just stared at him. 
"But Dad It's my body and it's I who decide how I want to do?"
Directly he left the room, but Marry took her hand over Emelies arm and showed her that she would stay there. 
"Please stay." she whispered. "Your dad isn't the best person to talk about this to." 
Emelie sighed. 
"But he'll stand behind me and listen to me. He's not Niall's dad, he's mine dad."


It was a different night. Matt held himself away from the family and Marry did everything to comfort her daughter. When Sunday came, Emelie hadn't received one piece of advice from them and she didn't know how she would do. If she went back to Niall, she wouldn't know what she felt. If she stayed at home, her father would ostracise her. Whatever she chose, it meant that she did wrong.


"I need to talk to you!" said Matt right as it was and pulled her into his office. He closed the door and sat behind the desk. "I mean it!" 
Emelie sat down on one of the chairs in front of the desk and she was scared. She saw that he was irritated and he wasn't the kind father who he used to be.
"I don't mean that I'm the one who can have all the answers." he said, looking straight at her. He seemed to think before he continued. "But I must tell you a little about my life to get you to understand?" 
She nodded. 
Matt leaned over the table and didn't release her with his eyes. 
"I was young and I met a girl. She was everything that I wanted and I loved her more than I loved life." 
Emelie was about to choke on. 
"Do I really need to know about this?" 
Matt sighed 
"Listen and not because I'm your father. I have lot of good advice that you may find useful." 
She swallowed. 
Matt continued, and he told her a part of his life. 
"I was young and I met her. She was my everything and I could have taken down the moon for her. One day she came home and was pale in the face. She told me she was pregnant and that she had my child in the body. I was happy, because I knew that we were the couple that really fit together. Problem was that she didn't think the same thing. She felt that I didn't fit into her life and she couldn't love me as much as I loved her." he took a deep breath and lowered his head down on the desk. "She had an abortion and she left me. I was devastated and I missed her. I could have paid with my life, just to be with her one last time. But she didn't come back and I learned to live without her."
Emelie was uncertain. 
"And what does that have to do with me?" 
Matt looked at her again. 
"I met her again and she told me that she made ​​a mistake. She now has a family and she has everything she wants, but she haven't the love that we had. She regrets that she didn't give me a chance and invested in us."
She just stared at her dad, and she had no idea if she would say something or not. Matt looked dreamily at her. 
"Don't let Niall down like she betrayed me!"
And what do you answer that? Emelie just stared at him. 
"But, Dad?" 
Matt looked down at the table again. 
"Emelie, you mustn't tell this to Niall. I want this to stays between us, but believe me. I know what you're going through and I don't want you making a mistake."
She looked down at her hands and felt that he didn't comforted her. He forced her and wanted her to do that as his dream girl didn't. 
"Just because you didn't get her, it has nothing to do with me." 
Matt just stared at her. 
"Well, it has to do with you, because it's Maura who I'm talking about."

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