The boy next door


16. Later....

Emelie came pretty quickly into the job at being a mother. It was all about taking care of Tim, breastfeed him and make sure that the diaper was clean. Niall helped as best he could and seemed to enjoy the role of father. 


"You know what!" he said one evening. "I have one thing I want us to do." 
Emelie looked up at him and smiled weakly. 
Niall laughed a little bit and put Tim in the crib. Then he came over to the bed and sat on the edge. 
"I want us to get married, I want us to really say yes to each other and it's not just about a ring. It's about everything that I want in you. Want a common life and I want to show everyone that you's mine."
Emelie just stared at him. Niall became uncertain and smiled weakly. He raised one eyebrow and gave her his charming gaze. 
"Please, honey!" 
She could do nothing but nod slightly and swallowed. 
"You mean we're going to take that step?" 
Niall smiled. 
"Yes, because you still gets just me me ad it's me you have to put up with. I will not leave you or Tim." 
Emelie smiled and took his hand in hers. 
"Okay, but when?" 
Niall laughed a little bit and leaned toward her. He kissed her lightly on the tip of his nose and seemed to just be sure. 
"As soon as possible? I don't want us to do something big about it and I don't want a lot of people there. I just want to say yes and make you mine forever."




The buds had just knocked out of the trees when the car arrived at the small church. There weren't many people who sat and waited, but it was the closest relatives and a few friends. Niall was nervous and stood and stomped next to the priest. Everything was ready and the bells rang. The music started and everyone turned around towards the door. Emelie came in with a beautiful dress, flowers in her hair with a veil and she walked to the altar. Beside her was Matt and he was the proudest man in the church.


Niall took direct Emelies hand, when she had come up to him. They both had tears in their eyes and didn't let each other with their eyes. 
"Love you!" he whispered, and immediately she smiled nervously. 
"Love you more." 
Niall couldn't help help himself. 
"I love you most."


A few reporters had found the way to the church, but they stood at a distance and did everything to not be disturbed. No fans were in the area and there was a quiet moment outside the church. The dinner was held in the nearby house and afterwards partied some until the wee hours. Emily and Niall chose to go to the hotel and spend the first night as a married couple. Tim slept with Maura, but Marry kept an eye on them and be careful to meddle in everything.


"Do you know about a thing!" Niall whispered in Emelie's ear and kissed her neck carefully. She giggled and took her arms around his neck. 
He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. He smiled with his whole face and seemed to dream away. 
"When I was a kid and you are born, my mother said that I should keep an eye on that girl." 
Emelie balked. 
Niall laughed a little bit and let his hand caress her naked body. 
"She warned me about you and I wasn't old when she said it was only trouble with a girl so close to me." 
Emelie blushed. 
"Are you serious?"
Niall grinned and nodded. He parted her legs and felt their naked bodies fit together so perfectly. 
"Yes, and you want to know another thing?" 
Emelie groaned and nodded. Niall kissed her lightly and penetrated. 
"When I was fifteen, I was interested in you, but didn't dare say anything. I did think you were funny, I didn't dare just to see how wonderful you were." 
Emelie was startled and took her legs around his waist. 
"So it wasn't just me who went and looked at you?" 
He shook his head and began to move his hip so she groaned. 
"I thought you were the prettiest girl in Ireland." 
Emelie laughed a little bit and kissed him lightly. 
"Why didn't you tell?" 
Niall groaned and increased the pace. 
"I didn't dare. Why didn't you tell me anything about your feelings?"

Emelie whimpered and groaned against his lips. 
"Because I was a coward and didn't know what to say." 
Niall smiled and kissed her softly. 
"So you could say that we were cowards both?" 
Emelie nodded and closed her eyes. She whimpered and groaned. 
"We were so young!" 
Niall agreed. 
"I got you in the end anyway?" 
She giggled and nodded. 
"And I got you!"






The big end

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