The boy next door


13. Getting the choice

Emelie was just quiet. What would she say to Matt? 
He looked down at his hands 
"Your mom don't know anything and I'm not going to say anything either." he looked at his daughter. "And neither are you." 
Emelie swallowed. 
"But what has that to do with me? 
Matt smiled weakly. 
"Don't make the same mistake.: Don't remove the child and don't destroy what you have. Niall's ready to do everything for you." 
She looked down at the floor. 
"But am I ready to be everything to him?"
Matt leaned across the table.
"I don't know what you feel for him, but I see that you love him. Rejecting him would break not only his heart. You crush even your own heart."


Emelie lay for long in bed and felt her hand over her stomach. So far, I felt nothing, and you couldn't guess that she was pregnant. Niall might not be happy about the news, but Matt was right. Niall had a right to know and maybe he didn't want to become a father yet. Still, she wasn't sure. Did she want to go back to London? Did she want to be with Niall rest of her life?


Eventually Matt seemed almost imagine that she hesitated. 
"Do you want me to call to Niall and ask him to come? I see that you don't dare." 
Emelie sighed and nodded. 
"But don't tell him." 
Matt gave her a hug and smiled weakly. 
"Thank you to give him a chance."


Niall came to Ireland late in the evening. Emelie was so nervous that she again ran to the bathroom and threw up. Everything came out and she felt just sick in the body. When Niall came into the house, she sat still on the toilet with her head against the wall. She heard how they hugged, said hello and that he asked for her. 
"She's coming!" said Matt and then he knocked on the toilet door.  "Niall's here."


Niall saw immediately that something was wrong. Emelie just needed to get out of the toilet. Niall walked up to her and hugged her tightly. 
She swallowed. 
"We need to talk." 
Matt agreed and pulled Marry the hall. 
"We go out and come back in an hour." 
Emelie released Niall and looked down at the floor. She didn't know how she would say it, but Niall didn't seem to care about her uncertainty. He caressed her face with his hands and looked at her. 
"Is it serious?"
Emelie nodded and heard the front door shut. Niall took her hand and pulled her into the kitchen. They sat down, but he didn't release her hand. 
"I want you to tell me everything." he whispered, and seemed almost nervous. Emelie nodded and looked quickly at him. 
"I'm ...." She paused and tried to think of the right word. "You and I, we ..."
Niall waited for her to say something more, but Emelie didn't get out a single word. Niall sighed and looked at her seriously. 
"Come on baby!" 
Emelie gulped and nodded. 
"Niall, I'm pregnant!"
There was silence in the room and she didn't know how he reacted. In the end, she had to look up at him and immediately she saw that he was smiling. Emelie was surprised, but didn't get put a single word. Niall raised his hands and hugged her face hard with them. 
"I love you." he whispered. "Are you pregnant, I will stick around. It's my responsibility too and we can do this."


Okay, one side of Emelie was relieved but at the same time she became irritated. Why was he so dam perfect? Why did he approved everything and just continued to stand behind her? Niall didn't seem to understand the seriousness. 
"I'm pregnant!" she received because of it. "I have a child in my belly and I'm eighteen years old!" 
Niall released her and seemed almost surprised. 
"Yes I know because you said it? And I said I don't mind. I'll take care of you and the baby." 
Emelie sighed and looked at him closely. 
"There's a responsibility to have children and become parents?" 
Niall nodded and didn't seemed to think the same way as she did. He seemed happy, happy, happy and it led to that Emelie wondered if he even knew what he thought about the question.
"So no word on that we shouldn't have children? Nothing that you aren't ready?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"No, why would I say that?"
Emelie had nothing to response with. She looked down at her hands and realized that it was she who was the problem. Niall was happy, but she was maybe looking for something else. 
"I may not be ready?" she whispered. Niall was startled, but he smiled and took her hands in his. 
"Honey, it's a baby, it's our kid?" 
She almost started to cry. 
"It's just that everything is going so fast and I'll have to drop out of school." 
Niall swallowed. 
"We'll think of something?" 
She shook her head and looked up at him. 
"No there's no other way out. Either the child or my education., I can't get both."
Finally Niall realized that it was she who lost everything. He looked at her and he was thinking about a good solution. 
"One can read at a distance from the school and the two of you can come with me on tour," 
Emelie shook her head. 
"Niall, I can't read a education at a distance. You are living in a dream." 
He shook his head. 
"We need to resolve this. I don't want you to lose any of this."
He meant every word, and she saw how he really showed with the whole body that she couldn't disappear. He didn't want to lose her or the baby.


Matt and Marry got home. They immediately saw the set was tense in the kitchen and they saw how heartbroken Niall was. Matt sat down on the opposite of them and looked at Emelie with serious eyes. 
"This is not a game!" he said. "You have Niall, you have a child and we will help you." 
Emelie sighed. 
"But my school? My life?" 
Now Marry even became annoyed at her. 
"You've had sex, and you're having a baby. Grow up and realize that life isn't just a game and you don't always get what you are pointing at." 
Emelie felt misunderstood. 
"It's about my education at school., I would like ..." 
"You can do that when the baby is bigger!" she replied instantly. "Do you believe that life ends just because you become a mom? The most wonderful thing you can have is your own child." 
Emelie looked up at her. 
"But I'm only eighteen?" 
Marry sighed 
"And it's Niall who's the father. He's twenty and maybe he's more mature than you are? You should be parents and you must realize that it is your destiny."


"Are you so against this?" Niall whispered when they went to the bedroom and lay down in bed. Emelie sighed and looked at him that he was suffering. 
"I don't know." 
Niall held her tightly in his arms and laid the blanket over their bodies. 
"I love you and I don't want you to feel a compulsion., It's then better that we do abortion?" 
Emelie was startled and looked at him. 
Niall smiled weakly. 
"What choice do we have? I don't want you to miss your life, if you think it's important. I can wait to be a dad, if it's the thing that can save what we have."
Emelie almost had tears in her eyes and she smiled at him, the first time since he had come there. 
"Okay, I'll think about it." 
Niall kissed her lightly. 
"I want you to feel good and I want you to know that the choice we make is okay." 
She nodded. 
"Thank you, love."

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