The boy next door


3. Feelings

Maura shine like the sun when she opened the door and she hugged both Emelie's parents and her. 
Emelie staggered in and just felt silly. She heard laughter and chatter throughout the house and realized it was whole clan that was there. Emelie recognized some of Nialls relatives and knew which ones were cousins. Emelie went after Maura into the house and eventually she landed on a couch. She looked at everyone who was there, but realized that Niall wasn't in the room. She was disappointed but at the same time it was nice to not have him around.


"Hello?" Greg came towards her and he gave her a warm hug. "It wasn't yesterday that I saw you." he got out. Emelie smiled and hugged him back. 
"No, you've moved and started a family?" 
He laughed and sat down beside her on the couch. 
"Yeah, I guess so?" he got out and looked curiously at her. "Marry said it goes well for you in school, then you have good grades, if I understand it right?" 
Emelie blushed slightly and realized that they certainly had heard a lot about her school. 
"Yes, I want to be a lawyer when I get older, so it requires that I'm good at everything." 
He was impressed. 
Emelie nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"There's something about laws that always interested me, but we'll see. Maybe I don't get to be a lawyer, but it's a good dream?"


Greg stayed and they talked through many memories. Right as it was popped Niall up and Emelie saw how he came into the room. He looked as beautiful as ever, if not better. He wore shirt, nice pants and a black blazer. He had made arrangements in his hair and was clean-shaven. Emelie did everything not to lose the talk with Greg. She didn't want to sit alone like a fool. Not now if Niall wanted to see her.


Emelie chose to move on her body, when Niall had disappeared from the room. She walked over to a window and looked out toward the fans. They had increased in numbers and it felt weird to stare at them. Emelie saw some girls from school and she recognized some from other parts of Mullingar. Talk about that many wanted to get a glimpse of Niall.


"They will settle down soon!" 
She turned around in surprise and saw Niall. He stood behind her and seemed as curious as she was, over what was happening outside the house. 
"Yes?" she got out and tried to collect her thoughts. Niall's face lit up and he smiled with his whole face. She felt how he gave her a hug and she hugged him back. 
"It was long ago Emelie?" 
She wanted to scream, she didn't want to let go of him and she wanted to faint. Yet she let Niall finish the hug and he continued to look at her. 
"I heard that it goes well in school? "
Emelie nodded slightly and she felt she blushed. She was grateful for the dull lighting and over that he didn't see her face. 
"Yes, I'm fighting so that I'll get good grades."
Niall appeared, for the first time in her life, interested. He stood there and he looked at her. He didn't let her go and finally could Emelie relax. It felt as if they really were old friends and she almost forgot all the feelings that she had been carrying around her hole life.


The food was ready to eat and everyone slowly began to position themselves at different tables. Emelie's entire body tingled when she felt Nialls hand around her waist and he got her to sit at his table. It was as if all her dreams came true and she didn't knew if it really happened.


Niall was talking to everyone and sometimes with Emelie. She relaxed and chose instead to try to be social. It was a nice event and Nialls parents made ​​sure everyone was happy. They offered wine, beer and other drinks. Emelie wasn't used to drinking alcohol, so she tried to get some water. Niall just smiled at her and poured instead beer in her glass. 
"You will not break the Irish culture?" 
She blushed. 
He smiled big at her and looked straight into her eyes. 
"We are Irish and then you have to learn to drink beer?"
He leaned toward her and she felt his lips almost touched her cheek. She could feel him breathing on her skin and her whole body was affected. 
"You hang out with me and some others to the pub tonight?" 
Emelie gulped and had no idea what she would say. She chose to nod and Niall sat back as before again. He had been so close to her, and she wished that the feelings hadn't ruled. Since Emelie now was eighteen years old, she saw that he treated her as a friend, yet she couldn't stop to put back a little hope. What if? Niall was single and she had read that he wanted to find an Irish girl. It meant that she wasn't at his bottom list, but she had no idea what Niall liked. She knew also that many others suited him better.


"Can you walk home from the pub?" asked Marry her, when she had found out that Emelie would accompany Nialls and his buddies. Emelie wasn't sure, but Niall stood beside them and looked well-meaning at Marry. 
"We are more guys and some girls. If it gets late, we take a taxi home and I will personally ensure that Emelie get home." 
Marry was satisfied, but Emelie was in an rebellion. What had she embarked on? She would go with Niall and she would spend time with him? Why? Was it because he was kind, or was it because her hole body yearned for him? She wasn't wise about himself, but convinced herself that Niall was only a friend.


"Come on!" 
A girl named Pat, took direct aim at Emily and chose to go with her ​​to the pub. Niall went with the guys behind them and Emelie wondered what they were talking about. 
"So you're his neighbour?" asked Pat. Emelie nodded slightly and smiled at her. 
"Are you his friend?" 
She laughed and shook her head. She pointed at one of those that went with Niall. 
"That's my boyfriend, so I followed. Talk about boring party. It will be nice to have fun with just the same age at the pub."
Emelie gulped and realized that she was the only one who hadn't the habit to go to the pub. Okay that she had been there a few times, but those times ended up with that she was bored. 
"Yes, the pub is funny?" she got out of herself and smiled goofy. Pat laughed right away and looked at her with amused eyes. 
"It depends on who's there. When Niall and the gang are out, then you have fun."


When they came into the pub the guys chose a table. Pat sat next to her boyfriend right away and seemed more eager to make out with him. Emelie chose to look around and noted that some from the school was there. They just stared at Niall and didn't even see that Emelie was there. Niall ordered beer at all and he did spoke loud and he laughed. Emelie tried to follow the conversation, but noticed that the guys were talking about things she had no idea about.


Yet it seemed like Niall saw that she was outside. Right as it was, he sat down beside her and took his arm around her back. 
"I see that you don't directly are use to be here?" 
She blushed. 
"I don't have time. I have school and I devote all my time to my education." 
Niall seemed to regard her in detail. She almost felt how his eyes slid over her face and he showed with the whole body that he liked her as a friend.
"I'm sorry if I made ​​you, but I thought it might be fun to hang out with you. When we were just kids, you were shy. Nowadays, you are changed."
Emelie blushed and met his gaze quickly. 
"I'm older!" 
Niall laughed a little bit and nodded. Still didn't he let her go with his eyes and Emelie wondered why he was so interested. Did he wanted to be her friend or did he just wanted to be nice to her? 
"You're prettier than I remember!" whispered Niall and direct, she couldn't help, she stare at him. Was it meant as a compliment or why did he said it? 
Niall laughed a little bit and drank beer. 
"I'm serious when you were a kid, I thought there was something wrong with you. No offence, but you were weird to me. Nowadays, I see that there's absolutely nothing wrong."
Emelie just wanted to shout out straight. "Don't you understand that I was in love with you? Throughout my childhood, I wanted you and you didn't even know I existed." She chose to still, be quiet and just smile back. She wanted to tell him what she felt, but something told her that she wouldn't say anything to Niall about that.


There were more people at the pub and eventually started a band to play music. Niall vanished away and he danced with his buddies. Emelie smiled at him, but chose to go her own little way.


"Do you know Niall?" Wendy got out. She was one of the school's toughest girls and one of those who looked down on normal people. Emelie nodded. 
"I live next door to his family." 
Wendy just stared at her and then let her gaze drift to Niall. 
"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?" 
What? Why would Emelie have done that? 
"Because it doesn't matter?" 
Wendy shook the head and looked at her again. 
"So you're my new best friend. Could I have your phone number so we can find out things to do?" 
Emelie felt not like give out a number. 
"You can get it later!" she lied, and went on. She really didn't want to be a friend because of Nialls childhood home. She started to understand that people were crazy. Although she wondered how Niall saw a difference between normal friends and those who were like Wendy? The next thought that popped up was how Emelie herself was like. She saw Niall as a childhood love and she didn't see him as a star. To her he was the same old person, but she was older and dared to talk to him.


Pat suddenly took hold of her hand and pulled her out on the dance floor. Emelie was dying, she ended up with Niall and the guys in the middle of the floor. 
"Come on!" screamed Patt. "No one cares how you dance."
It took a while before she dared, but then she just had fun. It was as if Emelie learned not to be perfect all the time. She dared to swing with her hips and throw her hair. Pat laughed and gave the thumbs up. She believed that Emelie could dance and it was enough.


In the end, Emelie was completely out in the body. She chose to leave the dance floor and go to the tables. She felt an arm around her waist and someone who held her. She felt a belly to her back and a pair of lips against her ear. 
"Must you really leave me al the time?" 
Emelie was breathtaking. It was Nialls voice and she felt that the whole body shaken. 
"You'll be fine!" 
He shook his head and she almost felt the way he smiled at her cheek. 
"But I might not want you to go yet?" 
"I must just sit on a chair!" 
He kept his arms around her waist but dragged her toward an angle. Emelie landed with her back against the wall and in front of her stood Niall. He was far too close to her. 
"Emelie, can't we hang out now when I'm home?"
Emelie only gapad. Did he seriously wanted to be with her?
"Do you mean you want to do what?"
Niall laughed a little bit and was leaning more toward her. He leaned on his elbows as he plaverade beside her head.
"Come on, can't we get to know each other?"
She just wanted to run home and forget everything. Okay that she wanted to be his friend, but this was just ridiculous? Niall didn't want to know her, according to Emelie herself. Yet he stood there and said that he wanted.
Niall smiled and leaned a few more inches to her. His lips were just a few inches from hers and it was as if he was testing her.
"Tomorrow I will come and pick you up? Then we go to the cinema!"
He hesitated and stood still. She saw how his eyes looked straight into hers. He had a charming smile and he was so close to her body. She could almost feel his skin against hers. 
"Can I be honest?" 
Emelie nodded and swallowed. Niall lit up and lifted an eyebrow. 
"You're one of the few girls that I want to kiss. Problem is that we don't know each other, but your lips are so tempting."
Emelie blushed. She just stood there, her body continued to be affected. 
Niall laughed a little bit and leaned his face closer to hers. 
"May I?" 
She didn't replied. She let him kiss her. She felt his lips met hers and it was like an explotion in her body. She couldn't resist him, and she loved every movement. Niall closed his eyes and he pressed himself lightly against her. He held still his elbow against the wall but moved the body against her. Emelie let her arms hang loosely at her sides. She didn't dare touch him. She didn't want to ruin this moment and she didn't want to go home.


"You know that you can learn a lot about a person by kissing her?"
Emelie opened her eyes and shook her head. She was completely in his power, and he owned her.
"How do you mean?"
Niall smiled and he didn't move an inch away from her.
"Knowing the lips, tasting the skin, you notice about if the girl playing with you or if she means something to you."
Emelie blushed and had no idea what that meant to her. Niall seemed to understand her reaction and he smiled bigger.
"I'm leaving in a week and I can't promise you anything. But I can promise that we become friends?" 
Emelie wanted more but she chose to nod. Mostly because he just wanted to be friends. He certainly went around and kissed girls everywhere and it meant nothing to kiss him.
"And do you know what your lips tells me?" 
Emelie shook her head weakly and felt Niall let his lips slide across her cheek to her ear. 
"Then you'll find it out during this week."


Emelie just lay in the bed and stared at the ceiling. Was Niall flirting with her, or did he played only with her ​​feelings? She couldn't pinpoint what he wanted from her, and maybe he was looking for a toy to have just when he came home?

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