The boy next door


10. Fast forward

Niall began recording with One Direction and Emelie plugged into the samples. In the beginning it was nice to be alone, but after a while it was empty in the house. Especially when it was Friday, and Emelie didn't find out what she wanted to do.


"Miss you!" texted Emelie to Niall when the clock was approaching ten in the evening. He replied almost instantly. 
"We have only details left. Come here?" 
She stopped. 
"Go to your studio?" 
"Yes, and be with me and the guys?" 
Emelie smiled and actually sounded like something fun. She didn't want to sit alone and she didn't want to wait on the couch. 
"Okay, give me the address so I will."


When the taxi stopped outside a door and appeared Niall directly from the place. He came out through a door and the first thing he did was to hug her. He paid for the car and then he pulled her inside. Emelie held his hand tightly and greeted on everyone in the room. Louis she had met, but everyone else was new for the day. Emelie felt that it felt odd to see them. She had for many years been angry with them because they took Niall from her, but now she saw that everyone was just normal guys. 
"You should give Niall a photo of yourself." Harry mumbled to her. "He talks more about you than what he's talking about food and it says quite a lot about what he feels for you."
She blushed and smiled at Harry. It seemed as if Niall had said quite a lot to tell everyone about her and it felt as like they knew everything. 
"Okay?" she muttered quietly. "Maybe I should take a photo of him to?" 
Harry laughed a little bit and nodded at her. 
"You fit together and I wonders why Niall has been so blind for so many years? He had the girl in his life in the neighbouring house, and yet it took some time?" 
Emelie didn't know what she would answer. 
"I was quite different when I was a kid, so I understand him."


It was exciting to see how the guys worked. They sat one moment and pressed the buttons, then sang one of them into the microphone and they talked all the time about the sound. Emelie ended up on a sofa and an hour later she was quite tired. She was doodling with her mobile and dreamed away.


"How's it, baby?" Niall got out and sat down beside her. He looked tired. 
"Well It's okay." she replied tired. "You have to do this?" 
Niall took his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against him. He looked at her but kept an eye on the others as well. 
"We're almost finished." 
She smiled and looked at him. Niall sat with his profile to her and she noted how male he really was. She still remembered the little Niall, who scarcely didn't knew what hair on his chin was. Now he had a little stubble and looked generally more old, if you compared to before. 
"You're staring." he got out himself and smiled. He didn't look at her and was looking at the others. 
"Clearly I stare." whispered Emelie directly. "I love to stare at you and I have to memorize you."
Niall laughed quietly and looked at her again. His eyes were so gorgeous and he didn't release her with his arm. 
"We may be free tomorrow." he got out. Emelie just nodded and noticed that he wanted to kiss her. It was as if he was afraid to do it in font of the others. He hesitated, but finally he let their lips meet. Emelie wanted to groan, but she held together the sounds. Niall pressed her against him and he let his tongue slip between her lips. They ended up in a state where no other existed. It was just the two in the room and Emelie loved that feeling. 

"Do you want a hotel room?" Louis said and direct they finished the kiss. Niall blushed and looked away at all the eyes staring at them. 
"No it's cool!" 
Harry grinned wide and generally seemed amused. 
"You can go on with that if you want, but we will keep an eye on you." 
Emelie just wanted to sink into the ground. It felt like they shouldn't be there and it felt like she was today's call.


As soon as they got back to the house threw Niall himself over Emelie. He pushed her up against the wall and he pressed himself against her. Their lips were laid in each other and they groaned aloud. He quickly pulled her up against the wall and held her in a firm grip under her butt. Emelie groaned and took her legs around his waist. It was as if they gone mad and Niall tore her dress away. Then he carried her to the bed, but didn't release her for a single second. Emelie ended up with her back against the mattress and Niall tore off her panties and her bra. She watched as he stripped and he picked out a condom. 
"Damn, I missed you." he mumbled and threw himself over her.


When Niall penetrated exploded almost Emelie. She felt how he took her by storm and it was as if they had been apart for a long time. Niall was fast and he ended up pretty soon in ecstasy. He glanced at her and he groaned aloud. It went fast and he came. He pressed himself into her and she felt him shaking.


As soon as he had calmed down, he began to kiss her again. Niall let the kiss wander down to her chest and he almost licked on her breast. He went down and ended up between her legs. Emelie felt his tongue began to play with her ​​clitoris and how he got her to shake with excitement. He grabbed his hands around her hips and forced her to lie still. She felt he went all the way with her, and he had the whole area to scream for more. She pressed her hands over his head and received everything he gave her. Nialls tongue caused her to moan, groan and she ended up in a fog. When he let a finger penetrate, she was as crazy and she felt she was near the end. He needed just to let his finger number two penetrate, then she came. She screamed and pressed against his mouth. Niall smiled and he let her come.


Niall remained with his face between her legs and kissed her all over the area. She relaxed and looked down at him. He looked up at her and smiled big. 
"I do that more times if you want?" 
She smiled slightly and let her head sink into the pillow again. 
"How do you know how to do it?" 
Niall laughed a little bit and sat up on the bed. 
"I might know more than you think?" he got out himself and then disappeared to the toilet. He came back with freshly washed face and with clean teeth. He lay down next to her and watched her closely. 
"You know that you are mine?" 
Emelie laughed and nodded. 
"I thought so!" 
He smiled and moved closer. He let one hand slide over her belly up against one of her breasts. He stroked it and looked at it. 
"I want one thing, but I don't know if you will like it." He met her gaze. "Dare I ask you the question?" 
She frowned. 
"The question?"
Niall nodded and blushed at the same time. 
"I would like to ask you if you wish to marry me?" 
Emelie breath away. 
Niall released her breasts and let his hand instead caress her cheek. He looked straight into her eyes. 
"I love you and I want to prove it to everyone. We can wait a year before we get married, but I want you to have my ring on your finger."
Emelie just gaped. 
"Niall, I have lived here for a month?" 
He nodded. 
"I know, but we have known each other since we were little and our feelings don't lie to us?" 
She swallowed. 
"It's a big step to take and I'm not done with school yet?" 
Niall didn't give up. 
"I earn money to suffice for both. You can read if you want and you can do whatever you want. We have money." 
Emelie had two dreams. One was that Niall would propose to her and the other was to become a lawyer. She realized that there wasn't an opportunity to get the both of them. She had to choose. 
"So you want to marry me?" 
Niall nodded. 
"No one else, just you!"
She swallowed again and she saw at him that he began to lose hope. She didn't want to disappoint him and she didn't want to make him believe that she didn't want him. 
"Okay!" she got out of herself and then a "Yes!" 
It received to say it and she said it for him. Niall cheered and he was like a little boy again. He flew out of bed and out of the bedroom. He ran naked through the house and out to the car. Then he came in and locked the door. He ran back to the bedroom and he was holding a small box. 
"Good, because I have already bought the rings!"
Emelie didn't know what she would say. At first she just stared at Niall, but then she stared at the box. 
"Have you already bought the rings?" 
Niall giggled and he opened the lid. He picked out a ring for her. It was of pure gold and had green stones around it. It was beautiful and Emelie didn't know what she would say. Niall took it on her finger and smiled big. 
"The color green is my favorite color and at the same time shows the ring that we are from Ireland. It's perfect for you." 
Emelie just stared down at her hand. 
"When did you buy it?" 
Niall laughed and kissed her quickly. 
"It's my secret."


Matt wasn't surprised, but he was grateful that Emelie told it in the phone. He didn't want to read anything in the newspapers and find it out that way. 
"Whose idea was it?" he asked, still seemed not to like the idea that Niall married his daughter. 
"Nialls ..." 
"Okay!" Matt muttered. "Soon you will call and say that you are pregnant? You do it too quickly." 
Emelie knew he would say those words, and she agreed. It went too fast and she couldn't even breathe between each thing. 
"That's cool!" she got out and looked down at the ring. "He loves me and he doesn't want another girl." 
Matt seemed still not convinced. 
"Yes, I suppose I should congratulate you?" he got out. "I hope it really is and that you want this."

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