The boy next door


9. Everyday,,,

One evening Louis come over. It was the first time that Emelie met one in the band and directly, he seemed happy to see her. 
"Niall was talking about you so much and it's great to meet you." 
Emelie blushed slightly and sat down at the computer. She began to study and heard how Niall and Louis were talking in the kitchen. 
"How is it to have a girlfriend?" asked Louis. She heard on Niall that he blushed and seemed to have difficulty getting the words out. 
"It's wonderful and I can't believe I haven't seen her before, in that way."
Emelie also blushed. She smiled weakly, feeling the whole body tingled. 
"So you met a princess in the end?" asked Louis and Niall laughed a little bit. 
"Yes, I suppose so." 
Louis seemed amused. 
"So what is it that makes her so special?" 
Niall was silent for a few seconds. 
"I don't know, but I know with hole my body that she's perfect and she makes me feel so damn good."
"Okay, so she's not looking good?" 
Niall laughed before he answered. 
"You saw her with your own eyes? She's so hot at any time and I just love her body. She's like a doll in my hands and I can't get enough of her. She makes me want it all at once."
Emelie enjoyed but at the same time it felt weird to hear Niall talk about her. He praised her, but it got Emelie getting guilt. Think if he loved her more than she loved him? Think if he got tired of her?


When Louis had left then alone, sat Niall down next to Emelie at computers and he looked through twitter. He was quiet and didn't want to disturb her, but eventually he seemed to be forced. 
"Next week we start recording the new album." he whispered. Emelie looked up from the book and met his gaze. 
Niall smiled weakly and looked at her. 
"Maybe we will not have so much time for each other, but I promise to try." 
Emelie smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. 
"You told me that when we were in Ireland. I know that your job requires a lot of your time and I will still studying."
Niall smiled and watched her closely. He seemed so happy and Emelie couldn't stop to look back at him. 
"You're so perfect in every way." Niall whispered. He bent forward and kissed her on the lips. She felt he was testing to see if she answered it. She couldn't resist, and when he let his tongue slip between her lips, he moaned lightly. He ended the kiss and smiled at her. 
"Emelie, I've been thinking about one thing. We often have sex, but I'm not ready for children yet. We should get birth control?"
Emelie blushed directly but she nodded slightly and smiled. 
Niall blushed too, and sat so close to her as he could. 
"I bought condoms today, so we don't have to stop completely." 
She blushed even more. 
Niall laughed direct and buoyed against her the last bit. He kissed her neck and she felt the whole he affected her. 
"I want you." he mumbled between kisses. "All the time!"


In the morning, Niall was up about the same time as Emelie. He should go and have a meeting with Simon and the others. 
"I'm at home before you, I'll guess." he said and quickly ate breakfast. "If I'm not there, you can call me or send a message?" 
Emelie nodded and smiled at him. 
"And the other way around?" 
Niall nodded.  He paused and seemed to dream. 
"I don't want to go out on tour when I have you." he muttered, looking down at the plate. He poked at the food and looked up at her. "I will honestly say that it doesn't attract any more." 
Emelie was cold in the body. 
"You can't give it up just because you have me?" 
Niall smiled weakly. 
"Yes, I can, actually."


Niall wasn't home when Emelie came from school. She still had a lot to study and chose to sit at the computer. She sent off a msm so he knew that she was at home, then she started to go through the books. There were many samples to read. School was almost more important than Niall. 
"Miss you." Niall sent back to the mobile. "I miss you so much it hurts." 
Emelie smiled at the mobile. 
"You're almost home!" 
Niall replied. 
"Don't know when I will, but please be awake when I get home."

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